Creative Persuasive Speech Topics to Consider in 2023

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Creative Persuasive Speech Topics to Consider in 2023

Do you wish to be an inspiration to others? Do you want to have a chance to speak up for yourself? Choosing strong persuasive speech topics allows you to make a fantastic speech that will captivate your teacher, colleagues, and anybody else who wants to listen to you. Students are frequently requested to write persuasive essays for a variety of reasons. You may be asked to write one for your graduation celebration, or you may wish to give one to your classmates.

You may be confident that if your speech is well-written, you will be able to persuade your audience of your point of view. A solid persuasive speech will demonstrate to people that you have researched the subject you're speaking about. Just like a special occasion speech, it should present ample evidence that the topic has been well investigated and that your point of view is valid. However, many students find it difficult to come up with the most appropriate idea for the impending task. This post will supply you with engaging persuasive speech ideas on which you may base a fantastic piece of writing.

What Makes a Persuasive Speech Successful?

A successful persuasive speech consists of three components: persuading your audience, providing the appropriate incentive, and stimulating your audience. The readiness of your listeners to accept what you're saying is an external influence. The effectiveness of your persuasive speech will be influenced by your body language as a speaker and the environment in which it is delivered.

While the fundamental goal of a persuasive speech is to persuade the audience to embrace your point of view, minor goals must be met in order to attain the primary goal. If your speech is persuasive, it will persuade your audience to accept and absorb your point of view. As a result, the goal is to get the audience to feel the same way you do about the topic, not only to explain why you believe something.

Incentive motivates your audience to take action, which is easier if they share at least some of your beliefs. Returning to politics, you'll frequently see politicians encouraging their fans to vote. Their fans believe in them, but if there is to be any advantage, the politician must urge the audience to take action. Stimulation is used to persuade a group of people who already agree with you on a particular level to move their belief to the next degree. These approaches are frequently used during religious gatherings. When a preacher speaks to his or her audience, he or she is not attempting to convert them to Christianity. The preacher recognizes that the congregation has already made up its mind. The purpose in this scenario is to increase the level of belief.

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What Makes a Good Topic for a Persuasive Speech?

It's not easy to come up with a good speech topic. When making a decision, there are numerous aspects to consider.


You should be well-versed in the subject you'll be discussing. It will make preparing the speech much easier for you. When speaking to others about the subject, you will also sound more persuasive. It will be more difficult to persuade people of what you don't understand. Nothing will sever an audience's connection to your argument faster than you mispronouncing basic terminology or employing them incorrectly due to a lack of knowledge.


You must be enthusiastic about the subject you will be discussing. You will need to conduct extensive research, which will take more than a few minutes. Taking your time and selecting reliable resources will help you boost your speech's credibility. The procedure will be pleasurable if it is something you enjoy. Your audience will be inspired if you are enthusiastic about anything because they will witness and be encouraged by your enthusiasm.

You must consider the audience's interest in addition to picking things that interest you. Interest, on the other hand, does not imply agreement. An audience may vehemently disagree with you at the start of your speech, yet they may be enthralled with the subject you're talking.


Your target audience is interested in topics that affect them individually, locally, or nationally. These issues pique people's interest.

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Topics for Persuasive Speeches

Picking the correct topic for a persuasive essay is the first step. This implies you'll need to spend some time coming up with a wonderful idea before using all of your talent and talents to writing it well. Because they are unfamiliar with this sort of writing, many students wonder, "What is a persuasive speech topic?" This is the topic you'll be writing about in your paper. It is either assigned by your teacher or professor, or you may be given the option of choose your own topic. Your readers may not be enticed to listen to you until the very end if you are unable to come up with an interesting topic. You will be able to present an amazing assignment if you take the time to choose the correct topic.

There are three types of persuasive speeches: factual persuasive speech (brings factual evidence to show whether something is true or not); value persuasive speech (argues whether something is right or wrong from a moral standpoint); and policy persuasive speech (argues whether something is right or wrong from a political standpoint) (that try to advance policies, electoral programs, laws, etc.).

You can employ a variety of exciting persuasive speech topics in your next academic project, but you must make sure that your essay is related to the subject you are studying. People (personalities), fictional characters, historical, contemporary, and cultural events, conspiracy theories, societal processes, human mind, and so on could all be topics for your speech. There is essentially no limit to the number of themes you can choose from. Here are some of the top ideas and suggestions for your next assignment.

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What Are Some Good Topics for Persuasive Speeches?

There are many persuasive speech topics to choose from. Select a topic that interests you. As a result, your audience will recognize that you have developed credibility as well as an emotional connection to the subject. They will be more interested in your issue if you understand and believe in it.

Topics for Persuasive Speeches about the Arts

In 2022, the arts were a big topic, and they will continue to be so in 2023. The following are some examples of topics that could be discussed:

  • Is graffiti considered art?
  • Should art be a required subject in elementary and secondary school?
  • In the development of contemporary society, arts versus STEM
  • Why should/shouldn't art in museums be returned to its country of origin?
  • Museums should be free or charge a fee for admission.
  • Modern art is not art?

Topics for Persuasive Speeches on the Economy

  • The economy of the United States is fueled by immigration, but it is also hampered by it.
  • Minimum wage should/should not exist.
  • Protesting causes political upheaval, which either stimulates or inhibits economic growth.
  • China has a good and negative impact on global economic growth.
  • The economic elite aids or hinders a country's economic prosperity.
  • Exports either stimulate or stifle economic growth.
  • Free trade is a boon or a barrier to unrestricted labor.

Topics for Persuasive Speeches on Entertainment

  • Entertainment violence influences/does not influence societal behavior
  • The media has a beneficial or negative impact on youth. The media has or does not have political objectives.
  • Human conduct and societal conventions are reflected and influenced by entertainment.
  • Reality television is/is not scripted television.

College Persuasive Speech Topics

  • People's perceptions and how marketing influences them
  • The problems with recycling and possible solutions
  • Why is water conservation such a hot topic these days?
  • Countries can prevent global warming without losing money by using the following strategies.
  • How can television once again become instructive and valuable?
  • How many people are genuinely unaware of their educational choices?
  • What are the present global concerns between countries? Political correctness is actually beneficial if correctly implemented.
  • Why are school costs steadily rising?

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Animals as Persuasive Essay Topics

  • Is it ethical or not to test things on animals?
  • Is keeping animals in zoos ethical?
  • Is it appropriate to use animal-fur products?
  • Is it ethical to euthanize stray animals?
  • Is it possible for a companion or service animal to make a difference in someone's life?
  • Is it reasonable to be afraid of animals that are harmless yet startling or unusual?
  • Keeping exotic and wild pets out of their natural habitat. Is it moral?
  • Should we spay or neuter our pets in order to reduce their population?
  • Having unusual creatures at home. Is it healthy for them?
  • Ten ways in which we can help animals live better

Topics for Persuasive Essays That Aren't Found Anywhere Else

  • Electric automobiles are just as bad for the environment as gasoline cars. Depression is overrated, but we all have to cope with it. We are living better than ever before, but we still whine.
  • The criminal justice system does not produce better people.
  • Being disorganized does not make you creative or unique.
  • Younger politicians, not 70-year-olds, are needed in the world.
  • No matter how hard we try, racism will always persist. Most businesses market in the same way and lack boldness.
  • Bitcoin and other digital currencies will be the currency of the future.
  • Senior citizens should not be allowed to vote.

Persuasive Speech Topics on Mental Health

  • Teens with personality issues. Is it simple to spot them?
  • What makes us special because of our differences
  • Children's, adolescent, and adult phobias. What are the parallels and distinctions?
  • When is it OK to give children drugs to help them cope with mental illnesses?
  • Teenage suicide is on the rise. Is it influenced by the media?
  • Students that study psychology face a lot of pressure.
  • Peer pressure is the source of many mental health issues among teenagers.

Topics for Persuasive Business Speeches

  • The value of people's abilities to your company's success
  • Is it true that introverts make better entrepreneurs?
  • How can a mentor help you succeed as a business owner?
  • Knowing where you stand in the market. What impact will it have on your present and future company strategies?
  • Your marketing strategy will be influenced by social media.
  • Why should you pursue your business passion?
  • With no money, you can start a successful business.
  • The value of unconventional business concepts
  • Using negative feedback from dissatisfied consumers to improve your sales
  • Delegation is essential.
  • Employers are requesting social media profiles from their staff. Is it correct or incorrect?
  • Employers should refrain from inquiring about an employee's personal life.

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Kids' Persuasive Speeches

  • As a teen, you're completely reliant on technology.
  • Teachers provide a greater contribution to society than many other professions.
  • Children and teenagers are more likely to engage in violent behavior as a result of video games.
  • Is it okay for kids and teens to watch music videos?
  • One of the subjects studied in school should be mental health and well-being.
  • Children under the age of 16 should not be allowed to have their own social media accounts.
  • The results of exams should not be used to categorize students.
  • Dealing with bullies is a difficult task. Is it appropriate to punish them?
  • Is the number of responsibilities assigned to students in school reasonable?
  • How to overcome shyness when talking to others
  • Which sport should you participate in if you want to keep healthy?
  • How do you come up with the most effective titles for your speeches?
  • How can you get over your fear of speaking in front of a group?
  • What is the most effective method for solving difficult Math problems?

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Topics for Medical Persuasive Speeches

  • At school or at work, a migraine is frequently neglected.
  • The Truth and Myths About Alternative Medicine
  • Stress and poor lifestyles are linked to infertility in couples.
  • Mental health concerns have an impact on the entire society.
  • Obesity is a result of the food business.
  • At least once a year, everyone should donate blood.
  • How can you get rid of back pain? Various treatment options
  • It is critical to use mouthwash after brushing your teeth to maintain your dental health.
  • Do cell phones have an impact on our brains?
  • Nonsmokers should be prioritized when it comes to organ transplantation.
  • Is biohacking beneficial to one's health?
  • Diet drinks do not cause you to lose weight.
  • The amount of salt you use in your food has an impact on your health.
  • It is critical to maintain a healthy immune system.
  • The best things you can do to improve the way your body and brain work

Topics for Persuasive Public Speeches

  • People's self-image and self-esteem are influenced by social media.
  • We can learn a lot about life from competitive sports.
  • What makes someone a hero? What do you mean by "heroic" qualities?
  • Making errors and learning from them
  • Spending time with your grandparents is a wonderful experience.
  • Ingenious ways to make money in the twenty-first century
  • Is it science fiction or reality to live underwater?
  • Texting and driving should be prohibited.
  • It should be illegal to use single-use plastic containers.
  • Immigration regulations should be more flexible, and school days should start later in the day.
  • Having to live among refugees from different nations is a challenge.
  • Students should have the option of choosing their schools.
  • Should a pupil be permitted to skip school if he or she so desires?
  • Is paying more taxes a good thing or a bad thing?
  • Should humans be able to influence the weather?
  • Stress-relieving techniques that are easy to implement.

Topics for Funny Persuasive Speeches

  • You're blaming your younger sibling for the shambles you've created.
  • When you're in a stressful scenario, what music is playing in the backdrop of your mind?
  • We don't have to value our opinions just because we have them.
  • You are not a photographer just because you use an Instagram filter on your selfie.
  • Why bother doing anything when you can just play video games?
  • "Be a musician," they said, but no one showed up for my performance.
  • Why are men's skinny jeans even a thing?
  • Did you make a mistake? It's your horoscope's fault.
  • I'm looking forward to the weekend! Watch movies and sleep

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Topics for Persuasive Speech on Video Games

  • Video games are a major source of stress.
  • People who spend a lot of time playing video games are more likely to become depressed.
  • People's brain and muscle coordination can be improved by playing video games.
  • Video game players have quicker reaction times.
  • What will gaming be like in ten years?
  • People's perceptions are influenced by virtual reality.
  • It is difficult to live without computers.
  • A video game can be a simple approach to teach children.
  • It's just as entertaining to watch people play video games as it is to watch genuine sports like football matches.
  • Is it true that playing video games might lead to behavioral issues?
  • Every element of our lives is influenced by the gaming business.
  • Children aren't the only ones that enjoy video games.
  • Playing video games with strangers on the internet

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Topics for Scientific Persuasive Speeches

  • Spending money on space exploration will improve human life.
  • It is harmful to our health to consume genetically engineered foods.
  • Taking pain relievers is not good for you.
  • The scientific world is evolving far too quickly for humans to rely on renewable energy sources.
  • Crystal healing has the ability to improve our mental and physical wellness.
  • The most important condition that doctors should investigate right now is cancer.
  • How your food might contribute to the emergence of many health problems
  • Supplements should be used with caution.
  • Developing standards to govern stem cell research
  • How can science be utilized to help physically challenged people live better lives?

Persuasive Speech Topics in Education

  • To produce a brief essay, thorough research is required.
  • Presentation skills should be taught to high school and middle school pupils.
  • Students' presentation skills are being improved.
  • Should school uniforms be required?
  • Should boys and girls have their own classrooms?
  • Boarding schools are both a responsibility and a risk for students.
  • Spending a year as an exchange student could have a good impact.
  • In schools, cell phones should not be permitted.
  • Taking a break from education for a year. Is it able to assist you?
  • In the classroom, amusing activities might assist shy kids in interacting with others.
  • The following is an example of a student's grade: Is this a fair technique of judging?

Topics for Persuasive Speeches on Sports

  • Why should gamers be considered professional athletes?
  • Why do women's sports get so little attention? Why are sports so popular around the world?
  • Why is soccer the world's most popular sport?
  • Everyone like sports; they just haven't discovered their favorite yet.
  • Physical activity is beneficial to everyone.
  • In professional sports, how are performance-enhancing substances used?
  • Why are professional athletes so handsomely compensated?
  • Is it ethical to sell or buy athletes?
  • Is it still true that the Olympics are the most important sporting event?

Topics for Persuasive Speech on the Environment

  • To protect the environment, more political and legal steps should be done.
  • The environment will be harmed if an animal is kept away from its natural habitat.
  • Businesses have a significant responsibility to protect the environment.
  • A strong policy against contaminating the ocean should be implemented.
  • Should the government impose regulations prohibiting the use of disposable diapers?
  • Our earth will be saved by recycling paper.
  • Are we taking the appropriate steps to address the issue of global warming?

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Topics for Persuasive Speeches in the Family

  • Can child abuse and trauma contribute to mental illness later in life?
  • Is it possible that a child's family background makes them more prone to stress and anxiety?
  • What is the best way to operate a business with your family?
  • Is it more important for children and teenagers to be concerned about their privacy or safety?
  • Is it possible to utilize video games to educate youngsters and teenagers?
  • Having a younger or older sibling. The advantages and disadvantages
  • Is it necessary to censor the internet for children?
  • If the books are engaging enough, children will read them.

Topics for Persuasive Government Speeches

  • Is it possible for the government to promote non-college education as a means of increasing income?
  • The issue of biological weapons spending
  • Is the government truly committed to eliminating cultural sensitivity?
  • To vote or not to vote: that is the question. Many people have asked this question.
  • Obesity in children is associated with a fast-paced lifestyle. What is the government's role?
  • Obtaining a driver's license: Is one test enough for a lifetime?
  • Should smokers be subject to a health tax?
  • Is the federal government overspending on the military?
  • Should the government launch a campaign to encourage tolerance and cultural diversity?

Persuasive Speech Topics in the Arts and Culture

  • What are some of the ways that keeping a journal can help you grow as a person?
  • Reality programs have an impact on people's mental health. Song lyrics have an impact on our lives in a variety of ways.
  • Should a working artist follow society's rules when working on a project?
  • Is it possible for a movie to persuade you to believe in something you don't believe in?
  • Is it possible for action movies to make you feel stressed?
  • Reading motivational and hilarious quotations can lift your spirits.
  • Why is it easier to read an informational article in a list format?

Topics for Persuasive Speeches about Music and Fashion

  • Why is guitar music superior to all others?
  • You don't realize it, but metal is modern classical music.
  • Why does music make everything easier for us?
  • Alternative subcultures are increasingly influencing pop fashion.
  • Downloading and listening to digital music should be free.
  • Clothes do not define a person, but they do influence how others perceive you.
  • What are the differences in fashion trends from one culture to the next?
  • You can't buy good taste in fashion, no matter how wealthy you are.
  • Here's how music is growing increasingly repetitive.
  • Why are women the fashion industry's leaders?

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Persuasive Speech Topics on Religion

  • It is energizing to study religion.
  • Amazing myths about ancient gods and goddesses
  • How can individuals of different religions work together to resolve issues and disagreements?
  • Should the existence of God be debated in the classroom?
  • Emotional Bible stories can help people refresh their faith.
  • Is new age spirituality a myth or a reality?
  • Bible interpretations: modern vs. ancient
  • Allowing children to select their faith is a good idea.

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This is just a small selection of persuasive speech topics that could pique an audience's interest. Academics, ethics, motivation, travel, technology, and the environment are among the other topics that will pique people's attention.

How Do You Create a Powerful Persuasive Speech?

You'll be ready to develop an effective persuasive argument to offer in the form of a speech if you have a clear aim, are informed about the issue, and have insights into your audience.

Creating an Outline

  • To collect your essential ideas and format your persuasive speech for maximum impact, build a keyword outline.
  • Let your audience know what your topic is, why it matters, and what you plan to persuade them to do as a result of your presentation in your opening statement.
  • List your main points and go over them completely, making sure to develop an argument for your stance and overcome opposing viewpoints.
  • Finally, ask audience members to behave in a way that demonstrates that you have successfully persuaded them.

Keep it simple.

Because your speech is intended to be delivered to your audience, write it as you speak. This necessitates the use of brief words and sentences. Avoid using clumsy sentences that cause you to stumble over your words. Read your speech out loud while you write it. Make sure it accurately portrays your speech patterns and demeanor.

Tell a Tale

"What tale am I attempting to tell?" ask yourself while you compose your persuasive speech. Your speech, like any excellent story, should have a logical progression. It may begin slowly, deliver vital information in the middle, and then motivate them to take action in the end.

Be succinct

After you've finished writing your speech, look over it again to remove any extraneous details. Is there a paragraph in particular that you adore and can't imagine not having? Remember that some of history's most powerful addresses were brief. The Gettysburg Address was only a few hundred words long. When you've finished writing your speech, see how many words you can eliminate without losing meaning.

Final Thoughts

Your goal should be to make an impression on the person who is listening to you. Get inspired before you sit down to write. Consider how what you'll say will motivate your audience. Some of history's most memorable speeches swayed people based on optimism. Fear and hate will never be more persuasive than hope. It's no coincidence that the Sermon on the Mount is regarded as one of the greatest love speeches ever delivered. It expresses hopeful human values and encourages people to consider what they might become. Your speech has the potential to move others and achieve great outcomes in the same way.

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