200+ Interesting Research Paper Topics

By Editorial Team Last updated: Oct 11, 2023

200+ Interesting Research Paper Topics

When you enroll in college, you will be faced with a number of tasks. Most students are anxious and exhausted when it comes to preparing a research paper.

Some argue that the most difficult aspect of writing a work is getting started. Choosing suitable research topics, on the other hand, comes before the starting point. This activity demands a significant amount of time and imagination. As a result, by thoroughly exploring this comprehensive guide, you will quickly get a plethora of topic ideas.

The list of topics is usually assigned to the pupils by the lecturers. While other times, they allow you the option to choose your own topic. This is where our list of the best research paper themes might help. Eprowriters' essay experts have compiled an excellent list of 200+ interesting research paper topic suggestions for you for 2023. Also, we can assist you in transforming a mediocre research paper into an outstanding one.

Topics for Research Papers in 2023

Here are some amazing and simple research paper themes to help you produce an outstanding paper.

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Marketing and Business Research Paper Topics

  1. Explain the rules and regulations governing the workforce in Texas.
  2. How can we put an end to corporate exploitation?
  3. Small business ideas to help your company expand.
  4. Methods for lowering taxes in small enterprises.
  5. Effective business advice for women.
  6. How has marketing etiquette evolved in recent years?
  7. Why are stock markets gaining popularity?
  8. What are the advantages of relationship marketing?
  9. How does globalization affect brand marketing?
  10. Can women outperform males as marketing experts?

Economics Research Paper Topics

  1. Discuss Growth that is balanced vs. growth that is unbalanced
  2. How can the quality of life in developing countries be improved?
  3. Inflation can be measured and managed in a variety of ways.
  4. A comprehensive guide to demand and supply analysis Income disparity trends in the past.
  5. A straightforward guideline for property rights.
  6. As policy instruments, standards vs. taxes
  7. Describe the distinction between private and governmental finance.
  8. Understanding the economic and cultural influences.
  9. Immigration and its economic consequences

Current Affairs Research Paper Topics

  1. How has feminism evolved over time?
  2. Is the “Black Lives Matter” movement helping to reduce racism in the United States?
  3. Are we on the verge of a third World War?
  4. Has China made a decision to address its pollution problem?
  5. Is India an impoverished country or a superpower?
  6. Is the US economy strengthening or weakening?
  7. How critical is it to cut the federal budget deficit?
  8. How can police forces reduce the threat of shooters to officers?
  9. How can Chicago lessen the city's violence and homicides?
  10. Should it be simpler for people to become citizens of the United States?

Education Research Paper Topics

  1. Should students in the United States take a gap year between high school and college?
  2. Discuss the notion of homeschooling as well as its advantages.
  3. A full summary of education and funding.
  4. Discuss briefly the benefits and drawbacks of standardized tests.
  5. Do college students make more money than non-college students?
  6. Should education be made more affordable?
  7. What impact will current technology have on the future of education?
  8. The development of special learning methods for blind youngsters.
  9. The advantages and disadvantages of social networking in education.
  10. Technology's role in lesson planning.

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English Literature Research Paper Topics

  1. Shakespeare and Charles Dickens have similarities and differences.
  2. Do you think Dickens failed after attempting serious and romantic novels?
  3. Investigate Shakespeare-related controversies.
  4. Literature as a tool of propaganda
  5. The American Dream as depicted in twentieth-century literature.
  6. In a secular age, religion and literature.
  7. Discuss Hemingway's works.
  8. Why is “Harry Potter” so popular?
  9. Classify literary artificial languages.
  10. What part does mythology have in English literature?

Topics for College Research Papers

  1. IELTS vs. TOEFL - Compare and contrast the similarities and differences.
  2. Policies and criteria for college admission in the United States.
  3. How should you budget for college expenses?
  4. Explain the difference between the ACT and the SAT.
  5. The Advantages of Distance Learning
  6. The consequences of China's one-child policy.
  7. Is it true that students learn better in same-sex classrooms?
  8. The No Child Left Behind Act's Impact
  9. Examine the history of the United States' relationship with North Korea.
  10. Should people be able to donate organs in exchange for monetary compensation?

Topics for a High School Research Paper

  1. Discuss strategies for preventing bullying in high schools.
  2. Investigate the various methods for saving for high school tuition.
  3. How do we deal with diseases like AIDS?
  4. Science's Future: Expectations vs. Reality
  5. Discuss Middle Eastern political topics.
  6. Discuss Bill Clinton's political personality.
  7. Analyze the modern world's terrorism revolution critically.
  8. Relationships should not be formed on the internet. Why?
  9. How have natural disasters impacted developing countries?
  10. Examine Barack Obama's life before and after his election to the presidency.

Topics for Research Papers on Health

  1. Effects of Fast-Food Culture on Regional Cuisines
  2. Should models be required to weigh a certain amount?
  3. Children's school lunch ideas that are one-of-a-kind.
  4. Should steroid use be made legal?
  5. Should the government outlaw indoor smoking?
  6. Climate change politics in Canada.
  7. Children with deafness and other communication impairments.
  8. Major symptoms and causes of eye illness, vision health, and blindness
  9. Global health security - Threats and Opportunities is a comprehensive resource.
  10. Human health effects of residential air pollution

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Abortion Research Paper Topics

  1. An examination of the Unborn Victims of Violence Act.
  2. How can abortion clinics and the freedom to protest be protected?
  3. The Facts About Partial-Birth Abortion
  4. Can abortion be considered murder?
  5. Is it permissible for abortion clinics to profit from the termination of pregnancies?
  6. Adverse psychological impact on families that choose abortion.
  7. Abortion as an ethical issue
  8. Religion and abortion have a link.
  9. The amount of abortions may have an impact on the birth rate - what do you think?
  10. Abortion prohibition could have disastrous repercussions.

Ideas for Psychology Research Papers

  1. Causes of adolescent depression.
  2. Define memory and its various types.
  3. Why do we fantasize?
  4. Forensic psychology vs. criminal psychology
  5. Ways to Prevent Child Abuse
  6. Obesity and television viewing are linked.
  7. Examine the psychological causes of mental stress.
  8. Explain the connection between mental health and childhood obesity.
  9. Is there a link between childhood trauma and subsequent mental health issues?
  10. The Effects of Divorce on Children

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Adoption Research Paper Topics

  1. Concerns and Issues Regarding Foster Care
  2. A look at children with exceptional needs.
  3. In what ways does cross-cultural adoption raise difficult issues?
  4. Adopted children experienced psychological challenges.
  5. Standard adoption processes for same-sex couples.
  6. Adult adoption - Discuss the entire process as well as the applicable laws.
  7. Aspects of DNA profiling that are both positive and negative.
  8. Discuss the issues that arise after adopting a child.
  9. The biggest falsehood is open adoption. Discuss. Should adopted children be permitted to communicate with their biological parents?

Information Technology Research Paper Topics

  1. Literacy is influenced by instant messaging. What are the reasons?
  2. Juvenile delinquency is caused by violent video games.
  3. The best Spotify and related apps to test.
  4. Discuss the long-term consequences of living in a technologically advanced planet.
  5. How has social media aided in the resolution of global issues?
  6. Work from home has become the norm because to advances in information technology and the internet. Explain.
  7. The effects of digital learning on education and schools.
  8. What impact does technology have on globalization and the global economy?
  9. How can people use information technology to make a difference in the world?
  10. Control and restriction are required on the Internet. Comment.

Media and Communication Research Paper Topics

  1. Say no to online restrictions/censorships
  2. How can you tell if the news media is biased?
  3. The effects of advertising on youngsters.
  4. How does reality television work?
  5. Why is free speech such a vital right?
  6. Investigate cases of political correctness.
  7. The role of the media in the fight against crime.
  8. Investigate the concept of freedom and the right to express oneself in a democratic state.
  9. Describe the antagonism that exists between the media and religion.
  10. Discuss the film industry's history.

Topics for Sociological Research Papers

  1. A summary of gun laws in the United States.
  2. A quick overview of hate crime.
  3. How can you protect yourself from identity theft?
  4. Discuss the various sorts of poverty.
  5. Interracial marriage trends and patterns.
  6. A Beginner's Guide to Airline Safety
  7. The effects of social media on youth.
  8. Examine the five different types of birth control choices.
  9. A critical examination of young cultures.
  10. Class Conflict in the Twenty-First Century

Religion Research Paper Topics

  1. Examine the most popular new age faiths.
  2. What effect do religions have on morality?
  3. Explain the concept of religious freedom.
  4. Discuss briefly the world's faiths that do not have a god.
  5. Religion's rise to modernism.
  6. The global economic order and Christianity
  7. What was the Church's involvement in social activism in the nineteenth century?
  8. The public's perception of church sex abuse crises in the United States.
  9. Methods for dealing with religion in the workplace.
  10. Examine the connection between world religions and science.

Bullying Research Paper Topics

  1. The most severe consequences for bullying.
  2. Cyberbullying and how to prevent it
  3. Individual bullying types and repercussions
  4. Should laws be enacted to prevent bullying?
  5. Bullying as a motive for murder?
  6. What should school officials do to combat bullying?
  7. How can you spot and deal with workplace bullying?
  8. What is it like to be bullied?
  9. Do bullies target specific students at school?
  10. When students graduate from high school, do they stop engaging in risky behavior?

Culture Research Paper Topics

  1. Investigate the evolution of rap music.
  2. Is it possible to avoid ethnic conflict?
  3. Does religion have an impact on culture, and if so, how much?
  4. How do people in different cultures deal with death?
  5. A detailed summary of my community's culture
  6. Gender roles in many cultures: A cross-cultural perspective
  7. Talk about the history of cultural revolutions.
  8. The ten most significant cultural events of the twentieth century
  9. Interracial Relationship Difficulties
  10. Mentoring minorities in the workplace has a lot of influence.

Topics for Argumentative Research Papers

  1. Who is to blame for the rise in homelessness?
  2. What is the best age for drinking alcohol?
  3. Curfews for young adults - Discuss the reasons for and implications of curfews.
  4. Can a family make ends meet on the US minimum wage?
  5. Money is not the source of evil; rather, it is how you choose to use it.
  6. Every country in the world should have the death penalty implemented.
  7. Smoking in public places must be prohibited.
  8. Should court hearings be shown on television?
  9. Why should the voting age be lowered?
  10. The Benefits and Drawbacks of Globalization

Topics for Persuasive Research Papers

  1. Children should be permitted to have their own pets. Explain your reasoning.
  2. Reasons why junk food should be prohibited in schools.
  3. Examine the most effective ways to spend money.
  4. Parents should be more involved in their children's education. Why?
  5. Vaccines have more detrimental than good effects. Discuss.
  6. Patients suffering from chronic ailments should be admitted to mental hospitals.
  7. Why is it critical to halt the production and sale of weapons?
  8. What are the most important reasons to be truthful in everyday situations?
  9. Hobbies can help people advance in their careers. How?
  10. Why is a good time management plan vital in the workplace?

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Ideas for History Research Papers

  1. The cause of the Mughal dynasty's demise.
  2. What caused the Roman Empire to fall?
  3. Julius Caesar's influence in Rome.
  4. Genghis Khan conquered Persia in what way?
  5. Discuss how weapons were used in ancient civilizations.
  6. Bridal Ceremonies in Ancient Rome - A Synopsis
  7. A Case Study of Medieval European Social Relationships
  8. Understanding the Long-Term Effects of Apartheid
  9. Explain the primary causes of the Thirty Years' War.
  10. Gender prejudice in England has a long history.

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Arts Research Paper Topics

  1. Differences between the Italian and Northern Renaissances
  2. The effects that prominent artists have on the globe.
  3. Explain Ancient Egyptian art.
  4. People are healed through the practice of art therapy. How?
  5. Is photography a form of art?
  6. Discuss the Bauhaus Movement's history.
  7. Discuss the notion of censorship in the context of art.
  8. The rise of digital art
  9. The battle of Hollywood vs. Bollywood.
  10. Folk art vs. fine art

Simple Research Paper Topics

  1. What steps are involved in creating a music video?
  2. Discuss the variables that can be used to prevent sexual harassment.
  3. The harmful effects of feminism on the workplace culture.
  4. What is the best way to deal with personality orders?
  5. Why are white-collar occupations becoming obsolete?
  6. Discuss the implications of homeschooling.
  7. The consequences of using plastic bags.
  8. How might gender discrimination in the workplace be addressed?
  9. Individuals' conduct can be influenced by a variety of factors.
  10. The Influence of Social Networks on Mental Health

Topics for Research Papers on Global Issues

  1. Consider the following examples of human rights breaches.
  2. Natural resource scarcity has ramifications.
  3. What exactly is the distinction between global warming and climate change?
  4. Water contamination and scarcity are becoming a crisis.
  5. Conflict Resolution and Violence in a Changing World Order
  6. World Trade and Tourism - A Global Agenda for Long-Term Development
  7. How can we address the challenge of governance corruption?
  8. Discuss the history of space exploration in brief.
  9. What impact does migration have on the urban population?
  10. Discuss the top endangered species of wild animals.

Crime and Law Research Paper Topics

  1. Should cops wear body cameras?
  2. What exactly is white-collar crime? Examine some examples.
  3. DUI (Drinking Under the Influence) penalties should be strengthened. Why?
  4. Discuss legislation that safeguard the rights of animals. T
  5. he following are ten facts concerning hate crimes.
  6. Causes of Workplace Sexual Harassment
  7. What should the government do to combat police brutality?
  8. Assisted Suicide Ethics
  9. Is it possible to rehabilitate a serial killer?
  10. What can we do to put a stop to domestic violence?

Topics for Humorous Research Papers

  1. How might a company boost its chances of becoming a unicorn?
  2. Lady Gaga vs. Pop Art
  3. The technique of forgetting bad memories and remembering only good ones.
  4. Can the speed of a tornado be predicted using chicken feathers?
  5. Harry Potter and the Wizarding World
  6. Do You Take Pleasure in Using Your Surname?
  7. Why do the majority of people enjoy watching funny animal videos?
  8. Do You Have Any Idea What Your Dog Is Thinking?
  9. All Men Know How To Dress Properly.
  10. School dropouts are the most successful people in our society.

The above-mentioned interesting study topics can assist you in writing an excellent research report.

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