Life-Span Development

By Editorial Team Last updated: Feb 16, 2024

Life-Span Development

Psy Life Span W6D7

Why would a person purposely starve to death?  What are the socioemotional components?  What are the characteristics of individuals who are more likely to develop anorexia nervosa? Are there any successful therapeutic approaches for this disorder? View the YouTube video below for further guidance

Psy Life Span W5D6

Review the definitions of parenting styles.  The parenting styles consist of Authoritarian Parenting, Authoritative Parenting, Neglectful Parenting, Indulgent Parenting

What are the characteristics of the ideal parents?  How does parenting style change as a child develops?

Psy Life Span W4D5

What is sensory processing disorder?  Describe and discuss the symptoms. How does this relate to autism?

There is a great deal of discussion about the cause of autism. post your insights and findings. Along with your textbook, use the following article and video


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