Middle and Late Adulthood – A Research Paper 

By Editorial Team Last updated: Feb 16, 2024

Middle and Late Adulthood – A Research Paper 

Write about middle OR late adulthood. This will be a research paper. Your paper should describe developmental expectations based on course concepts and research during middle OR late adulthood for FIVE of the topics below. You select the five topics you want to address. 

  •         Physical decline, health, and longevity 
  •         Cognitive functioning and memory decline 
  •         Mental disorders and issues 
  •         Personality 
  •         Elder abuse

For each of the five topics you write about, you should explain what a person might expect with respect to the stage of adulthood (middle OR late) that you are addressing. You should use concepts from the course and from your text (especially Chapters 13 to 16. Santrock, J.W., (2019) Essentials of Life-Span Development (6th ed.) New York; McGraw Hill. ). Course concepts include, but are not limited to, terminology, theories, and research. You should also conduct additional research on your chosen topics and use at least two quality resources in addition to your text. Be sure to cite to your text and other resources when necessary by using the authorsnames and the page number(s)—for example, (Crandell et al., 100). Your written paper should be a minimum of four pages double-spaced, but you may exceed the four pages. 

You should set up your paper as follows:  

  • Introduction – Explain the five topics you will write about and whether you will address middle adulthood, late adulthood, or both for each topic.
  • Body – Provide a separate heading for each of the five topics you selected and then provide an in-depth exploration of the topic regarding expectations for the adulthood stage(s) you plan to write about.
  • A brief conclusion of the most important points in the body of your paper
  • End notes or bibliography in accordance with APA format that contains a reference to your text and to two additional quality resources



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