Persuasive Essay Topics and Ideas in 2023

By Editorial Team Last updated: Jan 09, 2023

Persuasive Essay Topics and Ideas in 2023

A student can not create a document of this type without having some good persuasive essay themes in their back pocket. Read this post to learn what a persuasive essay is and to obtain topic ideas for various issues.

What is the Definition of a Persuasive Essay?

Persuasive essays, according to Rasmussen University, are a typical sort of writing assignment given to students in school, college, and university throughout their academic journeys.
A persuasive (also known as argumentative) essay, according to the definition, is a sort of academic work that involves the use of valid facts, clear logic, and reasoning to persuade readers of the validity of an author's stance.

Why do you need to be able to write in this style? From an academic standpoint, learning the art of persuasive writing is essential for handling such duties at school or college while maintaining decent grades. At the same time, this ability has practical application. As a result, knowing how to write a persuasive essay teaches students how to form their own opinions on a given topic and how to support them with evidence. This style of writing also aids in the development of critical thinking, reasoning, logic, and persuasion skills, which are all important life skills.

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What is the Best Way to Write a Persuasive Essay?

While working on such projects, keep the following crucial persuasive writing prompts in mind:

  • Choose a topic that will hold your attention. It can be difficult to come up with a relevant, manageable, and fascinating topic, but it is one of the most important aspects in determining whether your essay will be effective or not (if it is not engaging).
  • Take a firm stance on a certain issue. In order to write a persuasive essay, you must first decide whose side you will support in your paper.
  • Know who you're talking to. Because the major goal of this type of writing is to persuade readers, it's critical to know who you're writing for and what they're thinking in order to write an effective paper.
  • Conduct extensive study to determine which arguments you can use in your essay. Then, rank the arguments in order of their validity and importance.
  • Use the most persuasive and logical evidence possible.
  • Make it interesting. To grab your readers' attention, use a catchy hook in the start, and do your best to keep them intrigued throughout the post.
  • Keep things simple and to the point.

What's the Difference Between a Persuasive Speech and an Argumentative Essay?

Persuasive speech is another popular kind of persuasive writing. This type of writing can also be assigned in a classroom setting. It is, however, extensively utilized in the professional sphere, for example, when pitching a fresh idea to investors in order to persuade them to invest in a project.

Is there a difference between creating a persuasive speech and writing an essay? For starters, preparing an essay and making a speech are two quite different experiences. Even if the end goal is the same, persuade the audience of anything, the author's writing process, style, tone of voice, and strategies might be completely different.

The fundamental distinctions between a persuasive speech and a persuasive essay are as follows:

  • Audience. An essay, on the other hand, is written for a reading audience, but a speech is written for a live audience.
  • Tone. The tone of these two persuasive pieces differs due to the difference in audience. A speech's goal is to elicit a strong emotional response. Authors typically use a specific diction full of somber, hopeful, or uplifting tones to produce it. An essay relies on eliciting emotions as well; but, in this situation, a writer will achieve this purpose by stating the appropriate points.
  • Format. The majority of essays have the same structure: an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. In most cases, a speech follows the same structure. However, to ensure that the listener is on the same page as the speaker, speechwriters frequently draw a separate conclusion from each point presented in the body.
  • Presentation. A speech provides a speaker with a broader set of tools to work with throughout a presentation. As a result, while writing a speech, you can expect a speaker to amplify its impact through eye contact, body language, tone, gestures, and other means. When writing an essay, on the other hand, the overall impact of the article is determined by the words you choose and how you employ them.


A Persuasive Essay's Components

To assist you with your assignment, we have compiled a comprehensive list of good persuasive essay ideas separated into common categories.

A well-organized persuasive essay should have a clear and logical framework. The length of this essay is usually between 5 and 6 paragraphs. What elements make into a compelling essay? This style of work follows the typical essay structure, which comprises a snappy introduction, a major body containing the primary ideas and supporting arguments, and a logical conclusion. Let's take a deeper look at each of the three elements:

The first paragraph of an essay is known as the introduction. It is the first thing that readers see, therefore it must be clear and attention-getting. An introduction should have a hook - an exciting fact, statement, or argument – to grab the reader's attention. In addition, an introductory paragraph must include a powerful thesis statement that expresses the major idea that will be discussed in the following section.

The heart of an essay is its main body. It usually consists of three to four paragraphs. Each paragraph expresses a single idea and backs it up with proof.

Conclusion: The conclusion of your essay summarizes and relates the significant ideas covered in the main body to the thesis statement in the introduction. The conclusion in persuasive writing is intended to enhance the overall persuasive effect of the essay.

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Topics for Persuasive Essays

So, you've been given the task of writing a convincing essay. Where do you begin? The selection of a topic is the first step in writing preparation. This step has a lot riding on it. If you can choose a decent topic, the writing process will be much easier, and you will have a better chance of receiving a high grade. At the same time, if the topic isn't relevant or interesting enough, it might completely derail the presentation.

Although having the option to choose seems to be a good thing, many students are unsure of which persuasive subjects are appropriate. Here are the primary criteria that identify good persuasive subjects if you're wondering how to choose one:

  • The subject is interesting. A superb topic should pique your audience's interest as well as your own. If you find anything that interests you, the research process will become more enjoyable and less stressful.
  • You have an opinion on the subject. You must first clarify your stance in order to persuade readers of something. As a result, it's critical to choose a persuasive issue on which you have an opinion.
  • It's a contentious issue. Obviously, there must be two sides to an argument in order to persuade your audience. As a result, you must choose a topic on which you may explore both perspectives.
  • This is a manageable topic. Finally, a good convincing topic is one that has a lot of supporting evidence. As a result, before you give up on a certain topic, make sure you do enough study to see if you can uncover enough proof to back up your claims.

With these pointers in mind, you may easily come up with amazing persuasive speech ideas for college and school. Do you require any additional prompts to get started? We've categorized some of the most significant and intriguing persuasive speech topics into categories in the list below:

Topics for Persuasive Essays for Children

  1. I Think I Should Be Allowed to Sleep Later
  2. I think I should be allowed to own a pet.
  3. I think I should be able to have dessert every day.
  4. Cats are not as good as dogs as pets.
  5. Superheroes Exist.
  6. Vegetables Should Not Be Consumed on a Regular Basis
  7. I think I should be able to stay at home alone.
  8. I should be able to watch as much television as I want.
  9. I Should Be Able to Play Video Games Whenever I Want
  10. My stipend should be increased.

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Topics for Persuasive Essays for Elementary Students

  1. Dress codes in schools should be abolished.
  2. Homework should be an optional activity.
  3. Allowing elementary students to bring their pets to school is a good idea.
  4. Cellphones should be permitted in the classroom.
  5. The School Day Should Be Cut in Half
  6. Why Should School Breaks Be Extended?
  7. Every classroom should have a television.
  8. Summer vacations should be longer.
  9. In between classes, schools should have recess.
  10. A Pet Should Be in Every Classroom

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Middle School Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. The Best Holiday Locations
  2. Does a student's home environment have an impact on their academic performance?
  3. Should Bullying Be Punished More Strictly?
  4. Is it Really a Good Idea to Have Less Homework?
  5. Summer Schooling's Advantages and Disadvantages
  6. Every week, field trips should be planned.
  7. The Effects of Violent Television on the Public
  8. Social Media's Impact on the Lives of Younger Generations
  9. Are Violent Computer Games Harmful to Children?
  10. Should Students Be Involved in Arrest Procedures?

Topics for Persuasive Essays in High School

  1. Is a College Education Still Required?
  2. Should High School Students Take a Gap Year?
  3. In high school, cyberbullying is a serious problem.
  4. Students should be allowed to dress however they want.
  5. In today's world, the current grading system is obsolete: grades do not reflect students' knowledge.
  6. Is it Time to Lower the Voting Age?
  7. The Benefits of Providing Free Condoms to Students
  8. Couples who are expecting a child should receive parenting lessons.
  9. School-based sex education should be available.
  10. Is It Necessary to Reduce the Drinking Age?

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Topics for Persuasive Speeches for College Students

  1. Standardized Exams Should Be Outlawed
  2. Are Student Loans Beneficial or Harmful?
  3. Is Campus Drug and Alcohol Use an Experiment or a Real Problem?
  4. Is it True That Relationships Formed in College Last a Lifetime?
  5. It should not be permitted for students to bring their children to college classes.
  6. Fraternities' Negative Effects on Student Performance and Behavior
  7. When Is Taking a Gap Year a Good Idea?
  8. Athletes in college should have more benefits in their academic careers.
  9. The majority of university programs are already obsolete and irrelevant in today's world.
  10. On-campus housing should be free of charge.

Topics for Persuasive Speeches that are Simple

  1. Celebrities Should Not Serve as Teenage Role Models
  2. Dieting Obsession Can Lead to a Variety of Eating Disorders and Health Issues
  3. Uniforms in school should be required.
  4. Women's and men's friendships can be just that.
  5. Vegetarianism Isn't a Healthful Way of Life
  6. To date, democracy is the most reasonable form of government.
  7. GMO Foods Aren't as Dangerous as We Thought
  8. Horror Films Have a Negative Impact on Mental Health
  9. School lunch menus should be free of junk food.
  10. Alcohol Consumption Has Negative Effects Not Only on Health, But Also on Other Aspects of Life

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Persuasive Essay Topics in Science

  1. Investing in space exploration has the potential to benefit humanity on the ground.
  2. Cloning and Its Moral Consequences
  3. The Benefits of Genetic Engineering and the Impact It Can Have on the World
  4. Colleges should devote more resources to scientific research.
  5. What Impact Do New Scientific Findings Have on Our Everyday Lives?
  6. Is New Technology Harmful to Our Health?
  7. The use of animals in scientific research should be prohibited.
  8. The Science Behind Medical Marijuana's Curing Effect
  9. Is Genetically Modified Food Beneficial or Harmful to Humans?
  10. Why Should Everyone Study Science?

Topics for Persuasive Speeches That Are Fun

  1. The Best Alternative to Regular Schooling Is Home Schooling
  2. Students should have nine months of vacation and only three months of school each year.
  3. Participating in sports is a great way to make a positive change in your life.
  4. In a healthy relationship, lying is a necessary component.
  5. Aliens Exist.
  6. Keeping a Journal Can Help You Deal with Stress in a Fun Way
  7. Medical rooms should be available on campus to assist students in dealing with stress and depression.
  8. You Can Learn Important Life Skills From Video Games
  9. Having a Pet Can Help You Be Happier
  10. Renting a Home Is More Cost-Effective Than Purchasing One

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The Most Controversial Issues

  1. Abortion: Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice
  2. Is Racial Profiling Still Appropriate in Today's World?
  3. Euthanasia for terminally ill patients should be legalized.
  4. Everyone should have access to higher education.
  5. Was Donald Trump's presidency harmful or beneficial to the United States and the rest of the world?
  6. Couples of the same gender should be able to marry.
  7. Is There a Place for Death Penalties in the Twenty-First Century?
  8. The Advantages of Medical Marijuana Legalization
  9. Without organized religion, the world could be a better place.
  10. Technology Is More Harmful Than It Is Beneficial

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Topics for Environmental Persuasive Essays

  1. Human Encroachment and Habitat Destruction are Not Prevented by Current Environmental Laws
  2. Why Should Countries Make Significant Investments in Environmental Conservation Programs?
  3. Human encroachment has put the lives of plants and animals at jeopardy.
  4. Global Warming Is Unquestionably True
  5. Global Warming is primarily caused by developed countries.
  6. To avoid environmental degradation, current farming methods must be modified.
  7. Vegetarianism Has a Positive Environmental Impact
  8. The most significant polluters of air and water are industrial waste and agricultural chemicals.
  9. Overcrowding is the source of pollution in cities.
  10. We must protect the world's resources.

Topics for Persuasive Speeches and Essays on Music

  1. Music Has the Power to Heal Psychological Issues
  2. Hard rock has a negative impact on adolescent behavior.
  3. If you listen carefully, you can hear music in nature.
  4. Billie Eilish Isn't Your Average Teen Pop Star-Star
  5. Music Has a Beneficial Effect on the Human Brain
  6. Celtic music has a calming effect on the listener.
  7. The majority of music in the twenty-first century is purely commercial, not artistic.
  8. Rap Music Is a Provocateur of Violence
  9. Classical Music Can Help You Have a More Pleasant Pregnancy
  10. Music can assist college students in improving their academic performance.

Topics for Persuasive Essays about Immigration

  1. In wealthy countries, illegal immigration is a serious problem.
  2. Citizenship should always be granted to everyone born within a country's borders.
  3. Illegal immigration policies should be tightened up.
  4. Illegal immigration should be deterred by increased border security.
  5. Illegal immigration is primarily motivated by poverty.
  6. Returning Illegal Immigrants to Their Home Countries is a waste of time most of the time.
  7. Prostitution may be encouraged by high rates of illegal immigration.
  8. Illegal immigration is one of the most significant sources of terrorism.
  9. Improving Immigration Costs Can Help Prevent Illegal Immigration
  10. Refugees should not be thought of as illegal immigrants.

Medicine-Related Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Everyone should have access to health care.
  2. It Is Possible to Find a Universal Cure for AIDS
  3. Many health issues can benefit from the use of art as a therapy.
  4. Alternative Medicine's Benefits and Drawbacks
  5. The Consequences of a Concussion
  6. Is Coronavirus as Dangerous as It Is portrayed in the Media?
  7. Is It True That E-Cigarettes Are Safer Than Tobacco?
  8. Is 3D Printing Good for Medicine?
  9. Nanotechnology Has the Potential to Aid Cancer Treatment
  10. How Can Stem Cells Help Patients With Heart Attacks Live Longer?

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Topics for Persuasive Essays on Sports

  1. Girls should be encouraged to participate in sports while continuing to study just as hard as boys.
  2. College athletes should be compensated for their efforts.
  3. In Sports, Women Should Be Allowed to Compete Against Men
  4. The Economic and Social Impact of Hosting the Olympic Games Benefits Countries
  5. The Media's Treatment of Female Athletes Is Still Sexist
  6. Some sports can encourage violent behavior.
  7. Injuries have a significant impact on an athlete's mental health.
  8. Athletes Have a High Rate of Eating Disorders
  9. Physical Education should be prioritized in colleges and schools.
  10. Sports have the ability to relax and soothe the body and mind.

Topics for Persuasive Speeches in the Arts

  1. Art's Contribution to the Development of Our World
  2. Art Therapy Aids in the Treatment of Mental Illness
  3. Academically, students who participate in the arts perform better.
  4. Unlike traditional art, digital art lacks soul.
  5. Everyone in school should take art classes.
  6. Is It Really Necessary to Have Art?
  7. What Does Art Say About a Child's Inner Fears?
  8. What Is the Purpose of Art?
  9. What Has Changed in the Image of Women in Art Over the Centuries?
  10. The Origins of Most Art Forms Can Be Found in Ancient Greece.

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