Great Ideas for Nursing Research in 2023

By Editorial Team Last updated: Oct 11, 2023

Great Ideas for Nursing Research in 2023

For anyone planning for college, particularly nursing school, means one will have to handle a ton of research papers as a way of demonstrating your competence and grasp of several aspects of the nursing profession. Simply put, your professional competence as a nurse is partly determined by your ability to come up with a great nursing research paper.

But how do you write a magnificent nursing research paper?

We are going to comprehensively guide you to write top-notch papers, followed by a list of more than 100 suggestions or ideas for nursing research topics that can be of great help to you.

But first;

What is nursing research?

According to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, nursing research is research that supports nursing practice by providing evidence. Nursing is fundamentally an evidence-based profession that has been advancing since its formative years during Florence Nightingale’s time to the present, an era marked by many nursing professionals working as researchers in both academia and health care (practice) settings.

Before listing our amazing nursing research topics, describing the nature of a nursing research paper is paramount. Nursing research papers are typically academic papers that require student nurses to incorporate theoretical aspects like healthcare management, physiology or laboratory applications.

Nursing professionals are involved in teaching, organizing community health, and working in business and clinical settings. Given the importance of research in these fields, nurses should therefore be part of such research. For students, scientific inquiry and research are important for improving their problem-solving and analytical thinking skills. Imagine a nurse or student nursing observing a consistent practice, procedural or methodological patterns that help patients. They can choose to pursue such discoveries or propose and conduct studies on them. This does not mean that nurses and student nurses should always be on the lookout for new ways of doing things. Instead, they should approach their jobs or studies with critical eyes.

Therefore, nursing research is key to the advancement of service delivery and the achievement of positive nurse-sensitive patient outcomes. Therefore, student nurses should understand the research process since it enables them to approach practice with critical thinking skills.

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Importance of Research in Nursing

Great Nursing Research Paper Topics for You

You should not worry if faced with the challenge of coming up with a topic for your nursing research paper. You are not alone, since many students face a similar predicament. This is not limited to student nurses, as even the most prolific writers encounter difficulties at one point or the other in their lives. We are going to suggest more than 100 great ideas and topics for nursing research to jump-start your process.

You can choose any that you like as it is or customise it to meet your preferences.

Healthcare management nursing research topics and ideas

  • The roles of human resources management in healthcare environments?
  • Who is responsible for failure in surgeries?
  • Ideal methods for enhancing staff relations in the healthcare sector/industry
  • Advantages and disadvantages of Medicare
  • What are the main rules in marijuana management?
  • Nursing uniform code: Evaluation of the major rules
  • Assessment of gender prejudices in the nursing profession
  • What are the management principles for healthcare experts?
  • Channels that nurses can use to become physicians
  • Analysis of healthcare service quality in asylums in the United States

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Nursing research topics and ideas in nurse-physician relationships

  • Should nurses and physicians have access to equal opportunities?
  • Analysis of the treatment approaches, techniques and methods used by physicians and nurses
  • Physicians and nurses: An in-depth career comparison
  • Importance of good physician-nurse relationships

Nursing research topics and ideas in primary healthcare

  • Analyze the roles of private providers in the mental health services system
  • Assessment of the bias in most healthcare financing methods
  • The effectiveness of assessment methods used in public healthcare facilities
  • Private versus public healthcare systems: an in-depth comparison
  • How can primary health care services be improved?
  • Benefits and shortcomings of vaccination programs and initiatives
  • Role of the school nurse in providing school health services
  • What are the pros and cons of medical services at patients’ homes?
  • The benefits of nursing classification
  • Us of probiotics in diarrhea treatment and management

Pain management nursing research topics

  • Pain management in hemophilia
  • Fetal pain perception by healthcare professionals and experts
  • Pain management during labor and delivery: best practices
  • Alternatives for long-term pain treatment
  • Effectiveness of cognitive hypnotherapy in pain management
  • Pain disorders caused by inappropriate pain management techniques
  • Analysis of Benson’s relaxation therapy in the main management
  • What are the main post-discharge pain-management approaches?
  • Pain management in cancer patients: How effective are they?
  • Effectiveness of non-pharmacological pain management techniques in infants, adolescents, and adults
  • Best pain managing strategies in children with life-limiting diseases
  • Management of acute dental pain in children: An analysis of the United Stated policy

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Great topics for childhood nursing research

  • Ethics of the physician-patient-parent triad in pediatric care
  • Effectiveness of measures for preventing infant injury during delivery
  • Main causes of child obesity
  • Childhood obesity - an insight into the failing preventive strategies
  • Causes and treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  • Antibiotic resistance in children
  • Seizures in children: causes, pathophysiology, and treatment
  • Strategies for treating child malnutrition
  • Neonatal care: an analysis of its evolution in the past 50 years
  • Main causes of child mortality in the United States

Interesting quantitative nursing research topics and ideas

  • Ethics of data collection in adult nursing
  • Evaluating sexual activity and cardiovascular disease
  • Development of telehealth
  • Cardiovascular disease: Types, symptoms, prevention.
  • Nursing homes vs home care: An in-depth comparison
  • Ethics of assisted suicide
  • The balance between costs and healthcare
  • Information overload in healthcare: too much of a good thing?
  • Are information overload and stress medical conditions?
  • Challenges of managing chronic diseases
  • Effectiveness of the current methods of treating eating disorders
  • Critical care nursing: Clinical effectiveness
  • Peculiarities of ambulatory healthcare
  • Effectiveness of massage therapy
  • Benefits of healthy diets
  • Application of pet therapy: How it works and benefits
  • Teaching self-care as a primary role of all nurses
  • Abusive patients: The rights of nurses
  • Nursing around the world: similarities and differences
  • Leading causes of heart attacks in the United States

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Mental health research topics for student nurses

  • Evidence-based dementia treatment and management strategies
  • Effectiveness of mirror therapy in brain rehabilitation
  • Delirium prevention using antipsychotics: harms versus benefits
  • Cancer-related fatigue: How is it related to depression?
  • Are disposable pressure cuffs a safer option? –
  • Reducing residual gastric volumes using abdominal massage among critically ill patients
  • Rehabilitation of motor function after stroke
  • Chest pain in adults: diagnosing the causes
  • Nurse understanding and education related to domestic violence and abuse against women
  • Road traffic accidents: effectiveness of emergency medical assistance

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Research topics and ideas for nursing issues

  • Effectiveness of strategies for addressing nurses’ emotional health
  • Nursing evolution in the 20th century
  • Nursing roles in healthcare services
  • Impact of culture in nursing
  • Strategies for reducing the danger of contracting infectious diseases
  • Inadequate nurse staffing: implications for practice and patient care
  • Benefits of collaborative nursing
  • Legal issues in Nursing
  • Male nurses' experiences of providing intimate care for women
  • What difficulties do you expect to face in your training career as a nurse?
  • Strategies for mitigating staffing challenges in public health facilities
  • Effective human resource management strategy for hospital nursing organizations
  • Reflect on the ethics of recruiting foreign-trained nurses and other human resources for health

Interesting nursing research topics for obstetrics

  • The role of breastfeeding in the mother to child transmission of HIV infections
  • Early pregnancies and the associated risks
  • Importance of education workshops for new mothers
  • Blood sugar during pregnancy: Importance of awareness
  • Causes of miscarriage in the first trimester of pregnancy
  • Labor & delivery: complications of episiotomies
  • Epidurals: meaning and side effects of anesthesia during labor
  • Medical pain relief options for childbirth
  • Partner-aided birth: pros and cons of a husband's presence
  • Caesarean Section: What emergencies necessitate its use for delivery?
  • Evaluation of dietary habits during pregnancy
  • Pregnancy and birth: When do labor need to be induced?
  • Impacts of previous perinatal loss on subsequent pregnancy and parenting
  • Factors that cause infertility in women
  • Evaluation of the current strategies used to increase the chances of conception in women
  • Effectiveness of breast cancer screening procedures
  • Prevention and management of sexually transmitted infections
  • Chlamydia: Recommendations for the prevention and management
  • Causes of osteoporosis
  • Effectiveness of preventive health programs for sexually transmitted diseases in women
  • Premenstrual syndrome (PMS): Emotional and behavioral signs and symptoms
  • Acne: treatment, types, causes & prevention
  • Best methods for treating acne in women

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How to Write a Great Nursing Research Paper

To this end, you have understood what a nursing research paper is and the importance of nursing research. Also, you have been provided with Great topics and ideas for nursing research to get started. What follows is the development of a nursing research paper outline, which is a blueprint for crafting a great paper.

Nurses in the nursing education, clinical practice, nursing administration, nursing methodology, and evaluation areas intending to write a research paper and having selected a preferred topic (typically interesting and has ample resources not older than 5 years after publication) should work on their research paper outline. A research paper outline should be considered as a table of content that tells you where a specific item is discussed.

The nursing research outline below is an excellent example of what should be considered for a great paper.

Here is a complete outline that you should consider for your paper.

1. Title Page

This is the first page of the research paper and should include the following:

  • Paper’s title.
  • Writer’s name.
  • Writer’s affiliations.
  • Author’s contact information for feedback purposes.

2. Abstract

This comes at the beginning of the paper but, it is usually written after the completion of the entire research paper. Its objective is to provide a summary of the rest of the paper.

It contains:

  • Purpose of the paper.
  • The paper’s contents.
  • The results that will be obtained upon performing the research.
  • The conclusion that you will make after your research.

3. Introduction

The introduction is aimed at giving the reader a rough idea of what was done during the entire research process and the reasons behind it. It introduces the paper’s topic and states its significance. The introduction is a few paragraphs in length.

4. Literature Review

Immediately after the introduction is the literature review that references and explains the previous nursing studies related to current topics by other researchers. Its objective is to channel new ideas and concepts in the paper, and shows the reader that the researcher has a broad knowledge base and is conversant with other literary works related to the current topic.

The internet is the most suitable place for you to carry out meaningful research for your literature review. You will be able to find directories related to your topic and access some of the literary works related to the paper that you are writing. Your research should be based on refereed professional nursing or medical journals.

5. Research Methodology

This section includes:

  • Methodology.
  • Exploratory questions.
  • Research procedures.
  • Human participants and ethical precautions and procedures.

6. Results and Discussions

This section is where the results of the nursing research are presented in either tables, graphs or charts or all. Explanations of every result or conclusion presented are provided. Comprehensive explanations should be provided to ensure that readers clearly understand what is presented.

7. Conclusions and Recommendations

The nursing research paper is concluded by writing research conclusions which typically involves making a summary of the information provided throughout the paper. Recommendations should also be made, especially on any new ideas related to the current nursing research topic.

8. References

You should write your references on their own page after the body. Depending on the format, the references typically include information such as authors’ names, publication year, title, page number, and city of publication as well as the publisher.


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Exceptional nursing research topics and ideas on women issues

Great Ideas for Nursing Research – Use Them Today!

This post has given you insights into the crafting of winning nursing research papers. After topic selection and the development of an outline, you can commence with your writing. However, you should remember that the paper has to be referenced and a reference list provided afterwards. This could be in MLA, APA, Chicago or Harvard among others depending on your department’s recommendation.

Are these requirements overwhelming for you?

The best option is to seek help from professional writers if you find writing your nursing research paper overwhelming for one reason or another. Professional writers will come up with a winning outline, body, and conclusion for your nursing research paper. They are the best bet for raking the best grade for your nursing research paper.



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