Interesting Marijuana Research Paper Topics

By Editorial Team Last updated: Oct 11, 2023

Interesting Marijuana Research Paper Topics

Marijuana is a hot topic among students today, and they are writing a lot about it. To accommodate this demand, Eprowriters has compiled a list of themes on medical and recreational cannabis legalization, growing, and distribution. Theoretical works and research on the history of marijuana legalization aid scientific progress by excluding unfounded criticisms on the ban or legalization of this type of psychoactive substance.

Students can convey their unique point of view and write about it through an expanded answer to any controversial question using the list of marijuana essay themes.

Topics for Students to Write a Great Essay About Marijuana

  1. Why isn't marijuana legal in the United States? Should the government's stance on medical and recreational cannabis be changed?
  2. How can we help kids in their first year of college quit smoking marijuana and drinking?
  3. The perspective of marijuana and the social norms that are being broken among young people in the United States.
  4. How is smoking deviance among minors dealt with? What causes certain people to deviate from the norm?
  5. What is the relationship between marijuana use and psychiatric issues?
  6. The way a person's mental patterns change after using marijuana for a long time.
  7. What issues do long-term marijuana smokers face as a result of their behavior patterns?
  8. Long-term marijuana use and its consequences on those around you.
  9. Long-term marijuana use causes psychological alterations. How does it obstruct a person's ability to achieve their objectives?
  10. In the last five years, how has marijuana's legal status altered around the world?
  11. The discrepancy between federal and state marijuana laws in the United States, and what can be done about it.
  12. Tobacco or marijuana: which is more hazardous to one's health and body?
  13. What impact does quantitative and qualitative counseling research have on marijuana legalization?
  14. Why is tobacco legal in the United States, yet marijuana remains banned in the majority of states?
  15. Medical marijuana has a number of health benefits, including the treatment of pain, Alzheimer's illness, and epilepsy.
  16. Marijuana's beneficial and negative effects on the heart, brain, and lungs.
  17. Is there a correlation between marijuana legalization and crime rates in any country?
  18. Marijuana's dangers and the impact it has on students' learning.
  19. Should the Australian government allow medical marijuana to be used across the country?
  20. Why is Texas less likely than Colorado to support marijuana legalization?
  21. Is recreational marijuana use affecting young adults' academic performance and motivation?
  22. Is it necessary to legalize marijuana in Canada, and if so, why?
  23. The socioeconomic consequences of marijuana prohibition proposals in the United States.
  24. Do the advantages of medical marijuana outweigh its legal status?
  25. Should individual states have more or less power than the federal government when it comes to enacting marijuana legalization legislation?
  26. Is there a link between marijuana use and the shift to harder drugs?


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