Interesting Research Topics on Urbanization and Sustainability for 2023

By Editorial Team Last updated: Oct 11, 2023

Interesting Research Topics on Urbanization and Sustainability for 2023

Students today are focused on the issue of merging sustainability with urbanization. Because of today's quick pace of life, many people ignore an eco-friendly lifestyle. Economic growth has an impact on the level of sustainability, and academics are studying how to modify it.

Selecting an interesting topic is the first step in any successful academic research project. Students can clearly understand what problem they wish to explore more completely by reading the urbanization topics in the following list.

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Urbanization Research Topic Suggestions

  1. The link between urbanization and the Industrial Revolution. What effect does it have on the urbanization process?
  2. Is today's urbanization a societal issue? What effect does it have on global inequality?
  3. In China, how does urbanization affect climate change?
  4. What impact does urbanization have on developing countries? Is it a boon or a hindrance to their progress?
  5. In North Carolina, there has been a lot of urbanization and suburbanization. How does this state's migratory process affect the urbanization of nearby areas?
  6. Compare the scenario in Toronto, Canada, and Shenzhen, China, when it comes to urbanization.
  7. What were the reasons for North America's fast suburbanization after the 1920s?
  8. What do foreigners think of China's urbanization and city development phenomenon of "ghost towns"?
  9. Today's urbanization and people's opinions on how to lessen its impact on the world's ecological crisis.
  10. What underlying urbanization mechanisms do you think are linked to environmental degradation trends?
  11. What influence does China's current urbanization have on the land reform process and the household registration system?
  12. Why has Shenzhen, a developing-world city, become one of the world's fastest-growing urbanization centers? Examine and evaluate the primary summary of this article.
  13. The 14 points of Woodrow Wilson, as well as an examination of the evolution of the American empire from 1865 to 1918. What was the relationship between urbanization and US diplomacy at the time?
  14. Global impacts of urbanization on the environment and people.
  15. Istanbul and the city-building process Are they beneficial or harmful to people's level of living?
  16. African urbanization has both opportunities and challenges.
  17. What is the current state of wildlife in China as a result of urbanization?
  18. What impact does urbanization have on American politics?
  19. The difficulties that women and immigrants face as a result of the essay "Immigrant Number One."
  20. What factors influenced the global urbanization trend? Examine the beneficial and bad effects of urbanization on human health, as well as the measures that need be enacted to control urbanization's rise.
  21. What impact does the digital economy have on global urbanization?
  22. Is destruction a "essential" part of the urbanization process? What other options do you have?
  23. Apply micro and macro analytic views to the social challenge of urbanization.
  24. The global historical context of industrialisation and urbanization. How can present conditions be altered to lessen the detrimental effects of urbanization on ecosystems?
  25. The most populous cities in the United States, as well as the factors that have contributed to their urbanization.
  26. In the last 10 years, how has climate change affected urbanization in Canada?
  27. Has India's democratization been hampered by rising urbanization?
  28. The economic impact of urbanization.
  29. In the near future, how will urbanization affect the population?
  30. How does urbanization influence popular culture in the United States? Use your study from Frederick Jackson Turner's frontier thesis to back up your claims.
  31. Causes and effects of Houston's unbridled growth over the last decade.
  32. The impact of Illinois' urbanization on food consumption.
  33. How will urbanization affect chronic poverty and development?
  34. Guwahati's urbanization and population expansion are a result of the city's economic growth.
  35. What is the difference between New Delhi's and Tokyo's approaches to urbanization?
  36. How did urbanization contribute to the current demographic crisis?
  37. What causes contributed to increased urbanization in the United States between 1870 and 1900, and how did they influence Gilded Age trends?
  38. What impact does urbanization and Syrian refugees have on Turkey's crisis?
  39. The amount of happiness in China as a result of urbanization (based on research).
  40. What impact does urbanization have on issues like women's illiteracy, conflict, child labor, child soldiers, human trafficking, corruption, and unemployment?
  41. Shenyang's urbanization migration and its impact on housing.
  42. California has been undergoing suburbanization since World War II.
  43. The significant effects of urbanization growth after the 1950s
  44. A holistic view of urbanization in Khartoum, Sudan.
  45. Rapid urbanization has resulted in deforestation in Brazil.
  46. The impact of urbanization on small-scale farmers' living standards.
  47. What are the health implications of urbanization and water pollution?
  48. The socioeconomic development of Ghana as a result of urbanization.
  49. The problem of the healthcare system and resources in the context of rapidly rising urbanization
  50. Urbanization and international assistance to victims of the detrimental effects of rapidly expanding cities.


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