Criminal Justice Research Topics That Will Astound Your Tutor in 2023

By Editorial Team Last updated: Oct 11, 2023

Criminal Justice Research Topics That Will  Astound Your Tutor in 2023

In terms of assignment difficulty, criminal justice takes honorary second place after general law assignments, according to Walden University. This type of writing, like Nursing and Healthcare in general, necessitates precise accuracy and a sufficient number of sources to back up ideas and arguments. Because the first task is to find credible criminal justice research topics, students are placed in a difficult situation in which most topics are either too broad or too narrow.

At Eprowriters, our expert writers compiled a comprehensive list of criminal justice ideas to assist you in selecting a destination for future assignment papers. Our experts can assist you with any writing task, from a list of basic criminal justice topics to international law, providing plagiarism-free and timely custom papers.


What is the definition of a Criminal Justice Research Paper?

Criminal justice writing assignments, as the name suggests, deal with crime and justice. While your field of study may be limited in terms of options and academic barriers, this does not mean that social or ethical issues are unimportant. In general, criminal justice is a science that teaches people how to prevent, study, and analyze the occurrence of illegal acts. From legislation rules to court studies, it seeks to ensure the civil population's peaceful existence. When selecting good criminal justice research topics, it is critical to keep in mind that legislation varies from state to state, let alone country to country. As a result, it is critical to back up international case studies and conflicts with credible sources.

Most law students are required to write either article reviews or problem solution papers that analyze existing challenges and offer the most efficient solution. College professors expect a 50-50 mix of previously known scientific information and personal contribution in everything, from a good thesis statement for a research paper to formatting structure. This is the primary reason why each argumentative paragraph should be supported by a sufficient number of sources to avoid the risk of plagiarism. Even if you conduct your own investigation or research, you should back up your findings with academic journals that cover a similar subject.

Rules for Choosing a Good Research Topic

Even if your task is to conduct a literature review or to criticize the actions of law enforcement officers, you should always focus on a specific issue. If ideas are strewn across the page, the thesis statement is obscured. Criminology topics are both flexible and limited in that they must provide hypotheses based on well-known legislative acts or case studies. The author should sound confident, so choose a topic in which you are confident, a subject that can be defended with vocal arguments, or a presentation project. If it appears credible, the audience will undoubtedly continue reading.

When coming up with new ideas, consider the following criminal justice research questions:

  • Is the topic of criminal justice research relevant enough?
  • Why is it significant in terms of personal development?
  • What global significance does the research topic idea have?
  • Is it possible to convert a written assignment into a speech?
  • Is it a comparative essay, a review, an analysis, or an argumentative paper?
  • What are the most common opposing viewpoints?
  • Is there any comparable research available?
  • Does the topic cover all of the grading rubric points?
  • Should more information be included?

After selecting a good criminal justice research topic, it is critical to ensure that formatting rules include all additional data, such as in court case studies and law memo reviews, which should include notes and appendix additions. For example, the Chicago format style requires complete information, so it is necessary to check to see if it is available. If you're having trouble finding academic sources, contact our round-the-clock essay writing service, Eprowriters.

Disciplines in Criminology

Before moving ahead with various criminology research topic ideas, it is critical to understand the distinctions between crime research and  theoretical assignments. While theory may turn to legislation and should not include practical cases or historical references, case studies or court hearings analysis must be limited to a specific occurrence (s). When a university professor mentions flaws and changes in the justice system, one can refer to both chronology and famous legal cases, as seen in the ideas listed below. It should be an analysis of what should be included in the legislative government template, followed by a comparison of the case or event to the aforementioned example.

Law and crime disciplines concentrate on illegal acts ranging from Internet fraud to kidnapping and scientific plagiarism. As can be seen, there are many different types of criminal justice research topics. Most students are perplexed by the format differences between legal essay types. It is recommended that when selecting Healthcare, ethical issues be addressed, whereas Cyberstalking should turn to comparison work by comparing classic stalking practices.

Avoid combining multiple criminal justice research topic ideas; instead, try to narrow it down by selecting one strong argument. It will not only adapt to your discipline, but will also make your written assignments unique and well-structured.

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A+ Criminal Justice Research Topics

This section contains ideas for criminal justice research paper topics that focus on how the judicial system operates in practice. It is comparable to an internal investigation in which each mechanism is analyzed and evaluated for pros and cons. It should identify a problem for an interesting thesis statement, ranging from specific crimes of police officer brutality cases to social services work. The following are the most important criminal justice topics, organized by study field:

Topics for Criminal Justice Research That Are Controversial

  1. Ethics of the Death Penalty
  2. Mental Hospitals and the Legal System
  3. Sniffer Dog Training
  4. The Importance of Eyewitness Evidence
  5. Is There a Medical Marijuana Leak?
  6. Police Officer's Restricted Rights
  7. Bias Against African Americans in Investigation
  8. Propaganda for Crimes in Modern Music Culture
  9. Various American States' Legal Codes
  10. Causes of College Violence

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Topics for Basic Criminal Justice Research

  1. History of Criminal Ethics
  2. Advantages of Private Prisons
  3. Civil Crimes vs. War Crimes
  4. Religious Offenses and Cultural Characteristics
  5. Domestic Abuse
  6. Prevention of Substance Abuse
  7. Court Procedure in Criminal Justice
  8. Preventing Crime in Schools and Colleges
  9. Harassment in the Workplace
  10. Gender Bias in Legal Inquiries

Topics for General Criminology Research

  1. Responsibilities of Incarcerated Parents
  2. Changes in Criminal Justice Reform
  3. What Steps Can Be Taken to Reduce Economic Crime?
  4. The Gun-Control Debate
  5. Criminal Procedures for Juvenile Detention
  6. Methods of Combating Human Trafficking
  7. Organized Crime vs. Individual Cases
  8. Analysis of Police Officer Power Abuse
  9. Can Stricter Gun Control Laws Make Gun Ownership Safer?
  10. Arizona Criminal Justice Regulations

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Topics for Criminal Justice Research on Racism and Discrimination

  1. Racial Prejudice Among American Prisoners
  2. Legislative Apartheid Against African Americans
  3. History of Punishment and Slavery
  4. Famous African American Inmates
  5. Discrimination During Negotiations
  6. Eyewitness Gender Bias
  7. Racial Disagreements on College Campuses
  8. Immigrants and crime rates are on the rise.
  9. Police Officers and Fashion Culture
  10. Rap Music and Cause-and-Effect Thinking

Topics for Research in Criminology

  1. Motives of Armed Crime Groups
  2. Methods of Cybercrime Correction
  3. Collaboration on Art Fraud
  4. Ads to Prevent Drunk Driving
  5. Social Media & Identity Theft
  6. Child Abuse and Television Violence
  7. Aggression Against the Homeless
  8. Analysis of Unemployment and the Street Situation
  9. Methods of Identification in Forensic Research
  10. PTSD Rehabilitation for Crime Witnesses

Topics for Criminal Law Research

  1. Analysis of False Confessions
  2. Is it Possible to Remain Neutral in Cases of Mental Disorder?
  3. Alternate Research Methods in Double Jeopardy
  4. Legislation to Combat Cyberstalking
  5. Limitations of Jailhouse Informants
  6. Programs for Witnesses
  7. Security of Sensitive Information
  8. National Security Legislation
  9. Methods of Punishment for Animal Cruelty
  10. Is there a link between employment (or a lack thereof) and a violation of the law?

Topics for International Criminal Law Research

  1. NATO Ethical Standards in Iraq and Afghanistan
  2. Ugandan Human Rights Violations
  3. When Can International Intervention Be Accepted?
  4. Process of Appeal to the International Criminal Court
  5. Analysis by an International Tribunal
  6. XYZ Corporation Commits International Crimes
  7. Cooperation between the police and information accessibility
  8. Methods for Tracking Drug Traffic
  9. Child Soldiers in the Conflict Between Israel and Palestine
  10. International Offenders in the Present

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Topics for Criminal Justice Research on Society and Justice

  1. Theory of Social Control
  2. Methods of Social Learning
  3. Life After Prison & Rehabilitation
  4. Immigration and Social Infractions
  5. Aggression and Feminism
  6. Cases of Child Abduction That Are Similar
  7. Evaluation of Eyewitness Memory
  8. Theme of Music Piracy
  9. Process of Restorative Justice
  10. Precautions for Shoplifting

Criminal Justice System Research

  1. Police Officers' Stress Management
  2. Recording of the Interrogation Process
  3. In Practice of Transitional Justice
  4. Identification of White-Collar Criminals
  5. Abuse of Power in the Criminal Justice System
  6. Challenges to Sentencing Disparities
  7. Punishment vs. Reform
  8. Prison Labor Ethics is a topic covered in this course.
  9. Child Welfare Services
  10. Legal Flaws in Probation and Parole

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Measurement and Research in Criminology

  1. Definitions of Justice Comparison
  2. Causes of Global Crime
  3. The Jury Selection Procedure
  4. Abuse of Judicial Authority
  5. Case Studies on Wrongful Convictions
  6. Policy on Civilian Review Boards
  7. Differences in Internet Piracy
  8. Attorneys' Integrity
  9. The Death Penalty Controversy
  10. The Psychological Impact of Imprisonment

Types of Crime Criminal Justice Research Topics

  1. Recidivism
  2. Asia's Financial Crimes
  3. Healthcare Scams
  4. Corruption in Politics
  5. Culture of Gangs
  6. Political Detainees and Ethical Crimes
  7. Irresponsibility in the Environment (Hurricane Katrina)
  8. Driving Under the Influence
  9. Offenses Against the Media
  10. Crimes Committed by Multinational Corporations

Topics for Criminal Justice Research Concerning Court Cases

  1. Rules for Court Case Notation
  2. The Legacy of Rodney King
  3. Riots in Los Angeles
  4. Susan Wright's Case
  5. Case of Aaron Henandez
  6. Nixon v. United States
  7. Brown v. Board of Education is a landmark case in the history of education.
  8. Justice at the International Court of Justice
  9. Sullivan v. New York Times Co.
  10. Case of Marbury v. Madison

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Without a doubt, these are far from the only criminal justice research topic ideas that our professional writers can suggest, complete with template examples and guides that will meet even the most complex criminological assignment types. Keep in mind that criminal justice research paper topics should adhere to ethical guidelines. Even if you're writing about controversial topics, try to be sensitive and respectful!


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