149 Examples of Good Exploratory Essay Topics for 2023

By Editorial Team Last updated: Jan 07, 2023

149 Examples of Good Exploratory Essay Topics for 2023

Have you ever commenced writing an assignment without considering how it should conclude or what the final outcome should be? If you have, you will have a better understanding of what an exploration essay is. This type of essay is distinct from the other forms of academic writing. While most essay genres require writers to remain impartial and utilize evidence to achieve their goals, you begin an exploratory essay with no specific purpose in mind. You, as an essay writer, may or may not have a picture of the topic or any certain view about the issue while writing such essays. You allow the research and your activities to dictate the outcome of the paper while writing it.

What do exploratory essays entail?

Unlike other essays, which try to demonstrate the student's knowledge, an exploration essay allows the student to investigate the subject in their own unique way. The goal of this writing method is for the essay writer to learn rather than to demonstrate what he or she knows. You begin writing without knowing what conclusions you will reach at the end of the essay. Normally, there is a point at the beginning of an essay that you must prove, but in an exploratory essay, you must write the entire essay to discover the point.

Exploratory essays are typically assigned to students when it is necessary for them to comprehend something on their own rather than learning it from their teachers in a traditional manner. Because it is so different from other types of essays, it might be a little perplexing for students who are writing it for the first time.

When writing an exploratory essay, there are several things to keep in mind.

  • To begin with, exploratory essays are more concerned with the problem or question at hand than than a thesis.
  • Second, it is more rational to assess all alternative solutions to the problem in the essay, highlighting the benefits and downsides of each approach before selecting one.
  • Finally, it is always best to compose the essay without having a specific conclusion in mind. However, there is a retrospective approach to writing an exploratory essay in which the conclusion is chosen first and the rest of the essay is written to fit the ending.

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It may take some time to become acquainted with this essay paper help technique, but once you do, writing an exploration essay can be a fascinating approach to learn new things. However, you must use caution while selecting an essay topic for your exploratory paper. Because you don't have a specific goal in mind, choosing a topic for the essay may appear more difficult than it is. Fortunately, we've compiled a selection of intriguing and disputed subjects that will allow you to put your exploratory essay writing talents to the test.

  1. Is adoption a good approach to start a family?
  2. Can single parents nurture their children as effectively as parent couples?
  3. Should single and childless people be able to adopt?
  4. Should parents be their children's primary caregivers and educators?
  5. What impact does religion have on parenting and family life?
  6. What is the significance of having biological children?
  7. The importance of older relatives in family life
  8. Is running a marathon healthy for your health?
  9. What is the ideal diet to follow in order to maintain a healthy weight?
  10. Should average people be used in TV advertising instead of ultra slim models?
  11. The Consequences of Early Marriage
  12. Is it difficult to be raised by same-sex parents?
  13. What are the difficulties of parenting a child in a war-torn area?
  14. Will replacing teachers with super-intelligent machines be acceptable?
  15. How can divorce effect the psychology of a child?
  16. Terrorism's societal consequences
  17. What is the relationship between financial security and relationship or marriage health?
  18. The Difficulties of an Interracial Marriage
  19. What are the difficulties associated with marrying someone of a different religion?
  20. What difficulties does a youngster face after learning he or she is adopted?
  21. Are dictatorships as horrible as they're made out to be?
  22. Poor upbringing or heredity should be held responsible for a child's undesirable behavior.
  23. In what ways are genetically modified foods safe?
  24. Can mobile phones induce brain cancer?
  25. What is the importance of recycling in today's world?
  26. Which method of learning is superior: traditional or online (or distant) learning?
  27. Is social media making us more disconnected from reality?
  28. Should college education be made available to all?
  29. Should the use of technology on school grounds be restricted?
  30. What is the greatest way to study for a test?
  31. How can “education for all” be realized?
  32. Is it time for pupils to use digital textbooks in school?
  33. Is coffee drinking beneficial to young people's learning?
  34. Should a young couple marry early in order to prevent premarital sex temptation?
  35. What are the consequences of marrying in your adolescence?
  36. Why do arranged marriages have a longer lifespan than love marriages?
  37. Second marriages have a higher chance of ending in divorce – How true is this assertion?
  38. Who is happier: singles or people in relationships?
  39. Should the government limit the amount of sexual content on television?
  40. Can music play an important part in the rehabilitation of prisoners?
  41. Is China poised to become the world's next superpower in the near future?
  42. Should running be recommended as a form of exercise for the obese?
  43. Is it true that coffee causes more harm than good for pregnant women?
  44. Is it fair to blame fast food restaurants for the rise in teen obesity around the world?
  45. How can students manage their time when they have a slew of upcoming homework to complete?
  46. How much influence will the Brexit outcome have on global politics?
  47. Why is Uber struggling to establish itself in China?
  48. Is it beneficial for couples to be different from one another in order to have a happy marriage?
  49. Do e-readers and tablets promote more damage than good?
  50. Is it moral to perform gene screening?
  51. Voting's Importance in Today's World
  52. The social impact of reality television
  53. Should cheerleading be included in the games?
  54. Should steroid users be barred from participating in sports?
  55. Is today's technology too advanced for us?
  56. Are we becoming lazier as technology advances?
  57. Is it feasible to use chips to control the human mind?
  58. Is Facebook to blame for the invasion of privacy?
  59. Is technology robbing its users of their creativity?
  60. Is the increased usage of smart gadgets promoting cancer among users?
  61. Is golf only for the wealthy in the community?
  62. Chess is a sedentary indoor game, therefore why is it regarded as a useful sport?
  63. Should homosexuality be legal in all countries?
  64. How effective is online dating?
  65. Is it possible to have a successful long-distance relationship?
  66. Gender equality: Is it a genuine thing or a pipe dream?
  67. What is the value of art as a profession?
  68. Why is graffiti regarded as an illegal art form?
  69. Who is better in the arts: left-handed people or right-handed people?
  70. Is it possible to utilize music to teach people?
  71. Is there a perfect length for a feature film?
  72. How beneficial is music in the treatment of mental illnesses?
  73. Is there a link between music and human psychology?
  74. Is music suitable for people of all ages?
  75. Can we build genuine friends on the internet?
  76. How can we put an end to cyberbullying?
  77. Should parents keep an eye on their children's social media activities?
  78. What is the value of online privacy?
  79. Should journalists be penalised for presenting erroneous facts and details?
  80. What is the level of security in online transactions?
  81. Has WhatsApp made communication easier?
  82. Is it necessary to govern the content of the internet?
  83. The Benefits and Drawbacks of Globalization
  84. How effective is the UN peacekeeping force in keeping the world at peace?
  85. Should military service be mandatory?
  86. How ethical is it to pass judgment on someone in another country?
  87. Should the minimum legal age for driving a car be lowered?
  88. Is workplace drug testing a violation of individual rights?
  89. Will having the court proceedings televised on TV make people more aware of the importance of law and order?
  90. Is it permissible to market alcohol? If so, how should it be presented?
  91. Is it time to legalize marijuana?
  92. Should the death penalty be abolished?
  93. Is the police force biased against lawbreakers of their own race?
  94. Should poor parenting be punished?
  95. Should kids be rewarded for good behavior?
  96. The difficulties of parenting a child as a single parent
  97. How can parents foster their children's talents?
  98. Why is over-pampering harmful to children?
  99. Which is better for the kids: a small, nuclear family or a large, joint family?
  100. Are we slowly drowning in our own arrogance?
  101. Should parents be held accountable for their children's misbehavior?
  102. Why do schools require pupils to wear uniforms?
  103. Children's reactions to violent video games
  104. Why are the rates of adolescent pregnancy rising year after year? Should schools do more to teach children about sex safety?
  105. Why do the young assume that breaking the rules is a joyful thing to do?
  106. Is atheism a religion in and of itself?
  107. Which is better for you: yoga or fasting?
  108. Is watching pornography harmful to one's health?
  109. How is peer pressure contributing to an increase in mental health concerns among young students?
  110. Is euthanasia a criminal or a noble act?
  111. How can a person improve his or her self-esteem?
  112. Should veterinary medicine on animals be prohibited?
  113. Is it ethical to confine animals (in a zoo or other enclosed environment)?
  114. What impact does hunting have on the world?
  115. Is education becoming more commercialized?
  116. Is academic grading useful in helping pupils improve their performance?
  117. What is the value of a college education in terms of success?
  118. Should sign language be given the same weight as foreign languages?
  119. Is it a good idea to commercialize education?
  120. Should tertiary education institutes make sports mandatory?
  121. Should parents choose a career for their child?
  122. Why is there a discrepancy in wage ranges among professional sectors?
  123. Is it true that taking a nap in the afternoon boosts productivity?
  124. Should the workplace have a rigorous dress code?
  125. Should employees be permitted to use their cell phones at work?
  126. What are the best working hours for the average person?
  127. Should the recruitment committee be concerned about candidates who have tattoos on their bodies?
  128. If every company seeks experienced candidates, where should freshmen get their experience?
  129. Is it true that consuming foods cooked in microwaves raises the risk of cancer?
  130. How rational is it to say that mobile phones cause cancer?
  131. How can vegetarians meet their daily protein requirements?
  132. Is it feasible to stay healthy if you don't eat meat?
  133. Is it a habit to be broke?
  134. Binge shopping: Is it a regular habit or a mental illness?
  135. Understanding Darwinism's basic notion
  136. What was the cause of the continental splits?
  137. The use of science throughout the Stone Age
  138. Is nuclear energy safe?
  139. Is global warming reversible, or is it unavoidable?
  140. Space exploration: a waste of money or a new avenue of possibility?
  141. NASA's moon landing: a watershed moment in human history or the biggest deception ever?
  142. Is it possible to inhabit the moon or any of the other planets in our solar system?
  143. Should extreme sports be prohibited or encouraged?
  144. Should there be a penalty for dressing inappropriately?
  145. Should there be legislation prohibiting the practice of deforestation?
  146. What role does communism play in today's world?
  147. Is it possible for artificial intelligence to recognize human emotions?
  148. Artificial intelligence: a technological marvel or a menace to humanity?
  149. What is the ideal role for a woman in society?

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As you can see, the majority of the topics mentioned in the preceding list do not have a definitive answer. Only through investigation and comprehension can one reach a conclusion in the form of an essay. As previously said, the fundamental goal of an exploration essay paper is to assist the paper writer in learning crucial data about the specified essay topic and gaining a deeper knowledge of the underlying notion. So, if you are assigned to write an exploratory essay in school, college, or university, it is critical that you select a topic that allows you to explore the subject in depth while also teaching you some valuable lessons.

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