A List of Influential Social Issues Essay Ideas and Topics for 2023

By Editorial Team Last updated: Oct 11, 2023

A List of Influential Social Issues Essay Ideas and Topics for 2023

People in modern civilizations go to great lengths to live peacefully. Even so, tensions are inevitable and do occur from time to time. When a specific group of individuals suffers as a result of a social issue, we refer to it as a social issue. Poverty, bigotry, and addiction are only a few instances of such issues. We must challenge them in order to assure fair treatment for everybody.

This article was written by our experienced custom writing experts to assist you in dealing with pressing situations. Furthermore, we have compiled a list of 200+ engaging essay topics on social issues. Let's get this party started!

What Is the Best Way to Write About Social Issues?

Writing about social issues necessitates extensive research, empathy and tact. Following these instructions will help you avoid stepping on your instructor's toes.

  • Determine what your instructor expects you to do:
    • In-depth analysis is required for research publications. Make careful to cite multiple sources to support your claims.
    • Essays center around your point of view. Good arguments are essential in this case.
  • Choose a topic. It might be either current or historical. It is preferable to select something that interests you.
  • Conduct research. Look up encyclopedias and books on the subject. It will assist you in developing ideas and outlining the initial draft.
  • Consider your target audience. What do they know regarding your topic? How much do they care? Understanding your audience will allow you to be more thoughtful.
  • Keep an eye on your attitude. When writing about controversial matters, it is critical to have the appropriate tone.
    • Maintain a neutral tone even if you have strong opinions about your subject. Make a point of not condemning those who hold opposing viewpoints.
    • Highlight what you believe to be correct. Remember that you have no influence over how other people react.
    • Be truthful. Inquire within yourself, "Who am I?" How do my personal experiences relate to my topic? Your candid responses will give distinct perspectives to your paper.
  • Check your work twice. Is everything you wrote rationally organized? Is your reasoning structure clear? Does it lend support to your thesis? Allow your assignment to sit for a day if feasible. You can go back and tweak it later with a fresh set of eyes.

Influential Social Issues Essay Ideas and Topics

These are the fundamentals you'll need to write about social concerns. You can now begin your research! The first step is to choose one of the good social problems topics from the list below.

Topics for Essays on Social Media Issues

Social media has always been an important part of our daily lives. Unfortunately, some people utilize the internet's anonymity to cause harm to others. Social networks, in particular, have become a hotspot for social issues.

  1. Cyberbullying: the victim and abuser in the internet world.
  2. Is it appropriate to enable youngsters to have social media profiles?
  3. Your thoughts on the deceased's memorial pages on social networking sites.
  4. Methods for staying safe online.
  5. How should social media platforms handle hate speech?
  6. Is deleting abusive content censorship a good idea?
  7. Investigate the relationship between social media and psychiatric illnesses.
  8. Does Instagram alter our perception of our lives?
  9. Is modern civilization compelling us to engage in social networking?
  10. What exactly is identity theft?
  11. Personal isolation and communication technologies
  12. Microtransactions pose risks in online gaming.
  13. How does your online presence affect your offline life?
  14. What causes some people to become overly reliant on social media?
  15. Are online social networks encouraging stalking?
  16. In Washington, talk about the digital gap.
  17. Is Twitter's cancellation culture causing more harm than good?
  18. How does social media help underprivileged groups?
  19. How critical is data security?
  20. Is it true that people on social media are more aggressive than they are in real life?
  21. Is the internet reducing our attention span?
  22. The effects of social media on your interactions with others.
  23. Marketing, social networking sites, and you: how do celebrities influence your purchasing decisions?
  24. Investigate the impact of the internet on the lives of pupils.
  25. Is it permissible for Reddit to accept obscene content on the idea of free speech?
  26. Politics and Twitter: The Repercussions of Donald Trump's Tweets
  27. Does prohibiting access to internet social networks in the office boost productivity?
  28. What fundamental ethical values go too far on the internet?
  29. In what ways do social media trends influence the general public?
  30. Is social media making puberty more difficult for young people?
  31. The impact of digital platforms on democracy.
  32. What would happen if we had the ability to rate everyone online? (Think of the episode "App Development and Condiments" from Community.)
  33. Is Instagram a source of inspiration for a healthy lifestyle?
  34. What is the significance of likes?
  35. Discuss the consequences of speaking out in online groups.
  36. Are Facebook's profile photo frames an effective method to demonstrate support?
  37. Disagree on social media regulations and the code of conduct.
  38. Is YouTube disseminating propaganda?
  39. Have you ever done something because you saw it on the internet?
  40. Are Twitter hashtags distorting political debate?
  41. Investigate people's gendered internet experiences.
  42. How do you get your voice heard on social media?
  43. Examine the utility of Facebook's Safety Check tool.
  44. Discuss the benefits and drawbacks of TikTok challenges.
  45. How does taking part in Instagram challenges for social justice benefit you?

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Social Issues Concerning Health Ideas for Writing

Our health is heavily reliant on the social welfare system. We are less likely to get preventable diseases if we have access to quality healthcare. Unfortunately, problems are widespread in the health care industry. These intriguing essay writing ideas will help you investigate social issues concerning health:

  1. Employers, are you paying enough attention to your employees' mental health?
  2. What should an individual do if they are unable to pay for medical treatment?
  3. Why are certain countries' obesity rates higher than others?
  4. Is abortion legal or illegal?
  5. Discuss whether a prohibition on cigarette advertising would aid in the reduction of smoking.
  6. What motivates Americans to experiment with drugs?
  7. Contrast projects that assist people in overcoming addictions.
  8. What is the most dangerous substance to become addicted to?
  9. Who should look after the elderly?
  10. Should hospice care be provided for free?
  11. Investigate why HIV in elderly is so widely overlooked.
  12. Should the drinking age be raised?
  13. Whose health is the most harmed by pollution?
  14. Should parents refrain from immunizing their children?
  15. What exactly does it mean to "die with dignity"?
  16. Should women be granted additional holiday days at work due to their menstrual cycles?
  17. Investigate the beginnings of the pro-life movement.
  18. Should nonsmokers be given more time off?
  19. Ways to make it easier for visually impaired people to navigate.
  20. Discuss the stigmatization of mentally ill people.
  21. The advantages of using over-the-counter contraception.
  22. Is it necessary for women who breastfeed in public to cover up?
  23. Psychoactive medicines are used to treat psychiatric illnesses.
  24. Disabilities and stigma: how can disability impact one's social standing?
  25. Is it true that one's gender has an impact on one's health?
  26. What are the health concerns of Blacks And hispanics?
  27. Being a childless woman in a child-centered society: expectations and motherhood
  28. What long-term effects does malnutrition have on a child's psyche?
  29. Look into the rates of suicide in Pakistan.
  30. Discuss how autism spectrum disorders are perceived in society.
  31. Sociological and psychological diseases: the link between environment and mental health
  32. Write about the effects of fad diets.
  33. How does your society prejudice against older people?
  34. Why is there a disparity in access to high-quality healthcare?
  35. Who should make the decision about when to discontinue life-prolonging treatments?
  36. Is homeopathic treatment suitable for children?
  37. Explain why going to psychotherapy is so stigmatized.
  38. What are the health-related social determinants?
  39. Why is it that access to healthcare is so limited in rural areas?
  40. Is social media's promotion of mindfulness and self-care enhancing our health?
  41. Investigate the relationship between poverty and health issues.
  42. What is the source of our society's overall concern with weight?
  43. Do cultural norms encourage excessive alcohol consumption?
  44. Is coffee a narcotic?
  45. How does the media's portrayal of drug usage influence young people?

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Essay Topics on Environmental and Social Issues

Environmentalism is about more than just rescuing the environment. A harmed ecosystem has negative consequences for humanity and its future. Millions of people are affected by changing weather patterns and natural calamities. Many people have been forced to flee their houses. This topic can be covered in essays about activism or sustainability.

  1. Is Extinction Rebellion's method of protest too extreme?
  2. What to avoid when vacationing in a climate-changed world.
  3. How do we ensure that everyone on the planet has access to safe drinking water?
  4. The environmental impact of bottled water.
  5. Methods of water conservation in Sub-Saharan Africa.
  6. Tourism's impact on cultural heritage sites
  7. How should society adapt in the future to slow climate change?
  8. What has fueled the recent surge in climate activism?
  9. Tradition vs. innovation: persuading traditional farmers to adopt modern sustainable technology.
  10. Explain the significance of trash reduction to our ecosystems.
  11. How can we make responsible use of our natural resources?
  12. Discuss the characteristics of a sustainable diet.
  13. Packaging's importance in marketing, food hygiene, and the environment.
  14. Why do many doubt that climate change is caused by humans?
  15. Why should sociologists be interested in the environment?
  16. What caused us to become so dependant on single-use plastic items?
  17. Discuss green infrastructure in the context of water management.
  18. Discuss how Greenpeace affects political decision-making.
  19. What is the finest environmental group, in your opinion, to donate to?
  20. How effective is PETA in assisting animals?
  21. Should required volunteer labor take the place of mandatory military service?
  22. Food security can be achieved through urban gardening.
  23. The impact of self-driving electric automobiles in urban areas.
  24. In the literature, compare different forms of sustainable futuristic cities.
  25. How does global warming affect South American indigenous peoples?
  26. What are the implications of a deteriorating environment on labor conditions?
  27. Describe what Oxfam does.
  28. What effect does globalization have on sustainable agriculture?
  29. What have been the most notable accomplishments of environmental campaigners in recent years?
  30. What causes politicians to be hesitant to act on climate change?
  31. Look into what happened to the people of Isle de Jean Charles.
  32. Investigate the disasters that force individuals to flee their homes.
  33. What unintended repercussions do climate-related relocation projects have?
  34. Investigate the relationship between nature and religion.
  35. Communities and health: how we manage the environment affects illness spread.
  36. Investigate techniques for consuming responsibly.
  37. What is the significance of sustainable development for societies?
  38. WHO stands for the World Health Organization.
  39. Compare and contrast the approaches of various ecological movements.
  40. The causes and consequences of global overpopulation
  41. Why is it so difficult to persuade older generations to take action to combat climate change?
  42. What are the most effective activities that everyone can do to safeguard the environment?
  43. Zoos' role in wildlife conservation.
  44. What effect do changing weather patterns have on our homes?
  45. What has contributed to the rise in natural disasters over the previous decade?

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Topics on War & Violence in Society

Scientists are still debating whether violence is inherent in human nature. Wars and terrorist strikes are calamitous occurrences that traumatize millions of people. However, it is critical not to overlook more subtle kinds of violence. These include emotional neglect, bullying, and medical cruelty.

  1. What are the primary motivations for nations to go to war?
  2. Mental illnesses and susceptibility to homicidal death
  3. The reconstruction of Germany following World War II.
  4. Domestic violence in Canada in the twentieth century.
  5. Describe the most typical types of adolescent aggression.
  6. What effect does a country's political status have on domestic violence?
  7. Do splatter films encourage aggressive behavior?
  8. Should girls dress modestly in order to avoid abuse?
  9. What are the benefits of war memorials?
  10. In India, there is a problem with girl education.
  11. How does conflict affect children's development?
  12. Examine the historical veracity of the events shown in Sam Mendes' film 1917.
  13. Everything Quiet on the Western Front, as well as the youth's attitude toward combat
  14. The way veterans are treated in your town.
  15. Why do people join the armed forces?
  16. There is a link between school bullying and adult issues.
  17. What are the most common motives for homicide?
  18. How can a family go forward when their child is kidnapped?
  19. Why are veterans more likely to commit suicide than the general population?
  20. Is human trafficking a form of modern slavery?
  21. Investigate how Cape Town residents manage with the city's high crime rate.
  22. What factors can contribute to an increase in crime?
  23. Describe the socioeconomic consequences of the Afghanistan conflict.
  24. Consider the success of Columbia University's DESEPAZ program.
  25. What is the root cause of domestic violence?
  26. Do your country's schools do a good job of discouraging abusive behavior against girls?
  27. Why don't men report domestic violence?
  28. What effects can emotional neglect have on children?
  29. What are the most effective methods of preventing street violence?
  30. Is there a link between stricter gun prohibitions and higher homicide rates?
  31. Why are women hesitant to disclose rapes?
  32. In the military, there has been rape and sexual harassment.
  33. A look at Japanese mafia culture.
  34. The relationship between education and violence.
  35. Who stands to gain from war?
  36. Are the United States' military expenditures justified?
  37. What is the “guns vs. butter” model about?
  38. Provide examples of cultural norms that condone violence.
  39. In what ways has globalization influenced violent behavior?
  40. What causes hostility toward healthcare workers?
  41. Methods for dealing with verbal abuse in social care.
  42. Consider the Yi Nao phenomenon in China.
  43. Investigate Russia's recent legalizing of domestic abuse.
  44. What was the #metoo movement's impact?
  45. Workplace bullying and sexual harassment

Topics to Write About in Police & Criminal Justice

Everyone should feel safe in their neighborhood. That is the purpose of a country's criminal justice system. Humans, on the other hand, can make mistakes and be biased. The current system does not provide adequate protection to everyone. What can we do to remedy this situation? Investigate this question in one of the following creative areas:

  1. What does it mean to “defund the police”?
  2. What makes you feel safe in your neighborhood?
  3. Describe the social position of your country's police officers.
  4. Look for signs of structural racism in the police.
  5. Is true equality a possibility?
  6. Are all criminal justice careers equally prestigious?
  7. Discuss the concept of juvenile delinquency.
  8. Castration as a punishment for sexual offenders is being debated.
  9. The internet's impact on human trafficking.
  10. What may be used in place of the police?
  11. What is the process of racial profiling?
  12. Should drug addicts be imprisoned?
  13. What causes people to become homeless in big cities?
  14. Discuss how prostitution has been legitimized.
  15. What are the reasons for governments' opposition to gay marriage?
  16. The most secure ways to de-escalate riots.
  17. What are the most effective strategies for discouraging people from committing crimes?
  18. Define civil disobedience as well as its objectives.
  19. Alternatives to the established legal system and victimology
  20. What is it about white-collar crime that makes it more socially acceptable than other types of crime?
  21. Obstacles and repercussions of reintegrating inmates into society
  22. Would the removal of prisons benefit society?
  23. What are the benefits of providing community services?
  24. How does crime differ according to socioeconomic class?
  25. Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Legacy of Justice for Women
  26. How do prejudices affect the mechanics of the criminal justice system?
  27. Human services challenges are framed through the lens of income disparity.
  28. Why was the Hong Kong National Security Ordinance enacted?
  29. How has the legalization of all drugs affected Portuguese society?
  30. What are the most pressing civil rights concerns in your country?
  31. The Captain of Köpenick: The Psychological Influence of Uniforms
  32. Why was racial segregation so widespread in America?
  33. What is the operation of witness protection programs?
  34. The right to privacy against the right to safety: an argument for surveillance cameras
  35. How can a person's reputation be restored after committing a crime?
  36. Contrast the four sociological deviance theories.
  37. How well does biology explain criminal behavior?
  38. Do police officers require firearms?
  39. Should law enforcement officers be required to get authorization before deploying firearms?
  40. How did the dissolution of Camden, New Jersey's police department affect crime?
  41. Investigate the relationship between militarization and police violence.
  42. What exactly is the notion of qualified immunity?
  43. Discuss police officers' usage of body cameras.
  44. Subterfuge and police violence
  45. What are the social advantages of serving on a jury?

Social Issues Concerning Gender Topics for Essays

Even now, many people are systematically discriminated against due of their gender. This issue is manifested not just in the well-known gender wage discrepancy. Transgender people, for example, are barred from serving in the military in the United States. In certain nations, women are still denied basic rights. This area is for you if you want to get to the heart of today's contentious issues.

  1. Why are there so few women in positions of power?
  2. Are quotas the only method to ensure fair hiring practices?
  3. The benefits and drawbacks of unisex restrooms.
  4. Why are matriarchal societies uncommon?
  5. Describe how patriarchy oppresses women.
  6. Gay marriage and feminism are diametrically opposed beliefs.
  7. Is radical feminism required?
  8. What effect does gendered marketing have on child development?
  9. Should sex reassignment therapy be covered by insurance?
  10. Reasons why some people have difficulty using they/them pronouns.
  11. What does it mean to be a non-binary person?
  12. Examine how women are treated in Saudi Arabian society.
  13. What distinguishes a traditionally female profession?
  14. Should women be encouraged to join the military in greater numbers?
  15. Why is it more difficult for men to obtain full custody?
  16. Look for historical instances of women who made a difference in their culture.
  17. Should instructors be obligated to incorporate more female authors in their course readings?
  18. Examine how the transgender community is treated in healthcare.
  19. Is gender simply a social construct?
  20. What can a lady do to gain more power?
  21. Is it possible for a patriarchal society to attain full gender equality?
  22. Are the Disney princesses role models?
  23. Examine how gender diversity is represented in popular TV series.
  24. Gender identity: promoting sexual orientation equality.
  25. Discuss the relationship between gendered language and oppression.
  26. Why are sexist marketing tactics still permissible?
  27. Should girls make the most of their good looks?
  28. Define the concept of "gender blindness."
  29. Do school uniforms help to perpetuate gender inequality?
  30. Bibiana Steinhaus is a female umpire.
  31. Discuss the influence of the battle of the sexes on society.
  32. Should males be able to take additional time off for parental leave?
  33. Is religion capable of ensuring equality?
  34. How do gender stereotypes affect women's chances of getting hired?
  35. Why do millions of women continue to have to choose between having a family and pursuing a career?
  36. Explain the role of gender in development.
  37. Should men and women participate in mixed sports teams and compete against each other?
  38. What do beauty pageants educate young women?
  39. Discuss the significance of LGBT studies.
  40. What is the root cause of gender dysphoria?
  41. Is it the role of blockbuster films to push for equality?
  42. Is it necessary for society to have gender roles in order to function properly?
  43. What makes same-sex marriage such a contentious issue in many countries?
  44. Look into the adoption laws for gay couples.
  45. Compare gender-based violence in the United Kingdom with Iran.

Racism Essay Topics to Consider

Slavery has been abolished throughout the world. Nonetheless, it did not put an end to racism. There is a great deal of racial bigotry, which is fostered by insecurity and ignorance. As a result, ethnic minorities rarely have equal prospects. By shedding light on racial injustice, an essay on racism can help to raise awareness of the issue.
How has racism evolved over the last century?

  1. History and theory of queer people of color
  2. What exactly were the Khmer Rouge?
  3. Investigate the evolution of anti-discrimination legislation in your country.
  4. What factors have contributed to the rise in popularity of populist movements in recent years?
  5. Is Donald Trump's administration exacerbating bigotry towards Latinos?
  6. What are the socioeconomic challenges that African American families face?
  7. Is there a link between racism and social advancement?
  8. Would there be racism if colonialism did not exist?
  9. Discuss subtle instances of racism in everyday life.
  10. Should hijabs be permitted to be worn by women in teaching positions?
  11. Nelson Mandela and the anti-apartheid struggle
  12. What causes people to be afraid of minorities?
  13. Who stands to gain from institutional racism?
  14. Discover how racism manifests in your own language.
  15. Contrast the many types of social segmentation.
  16. Is hip hop's use of the n-word empowering?
  17. In Things Fall Apart, how did imperialism affect Okonkwo's life?
  18. In what ways are black Americans institutionally disadvantaged?
  19. Is it OK for white women to wear hoop earrings?
  20. The most effective methods for teaching children about race.
  21. What causes cultural appropriation to be harmful?
  22. In the film industry, there is racial bias.
  23. Quote by Mahatma Gandhi
  24. Your stance on firms renaming well-known brands in order to avoid accusations of racism.
  25. Discuss racism at the institutional and interpersonal levels.
  26. Will racism ever be eradicated?
  27. Is the phrase "All lives matter" racist?
  28. How does environmental racism effect minorities' living conditions?
  29. Investigate the Romani people's past persecution.
  30. What drives individuals to be racist nowadays?
  31. The internet's contribution to the abolition of racism.
  32. Racism is being cultivated in American society.
  33. How big of an issue is reverse discrimination?
  34. Follow the history of lynching and mob violence against black people in the American South.
  35. Who exactly was Leo Frank?
  36. How does discrimination differ between affluent and poor countries?
  37. Racism as an impediment to educational opportunity
  38. Is social media useful in combating racist bias?
  39. How to handle vintage films and literature with racial prejudices appropriately.
  40. What is the definition of a healthy national identity?
  41. How are minorities portrayed on current television?
  42. Is your country's healthcare system discriminatory toward minorities?
  43. Look into what is happening to the Rohingya people in Malaysia.
  44. Is there still antisemitism in your country?
  45. Is it true that nationalism inevitably leads to racism?

Topics of Social Concern Concerning Migration and Refugees

Migration can be advantageous to the economy of a host country. Migrants, for example, can provide critical supplementary labor. However, an influx of newcomers can cause issues. Most notably, it has an impact on a country's cultural and social landscapes. One of today's most difficult political concerns is "How should we deal with refugees?"

  1. How has migration altered in the last two decades?
  2. Mexican immigration is a source of political contention.
  3. Why are Middle Eastern migrants subjected to more hostility than those from Central Europe?
  4. Describe the types of situations that can result in significant forced displacement.
  5. What should countries do to prepare for migration?
  6. Why do so many Europeans have a negative attitude toward refugees?
  7. Why are migrant workers crucial to the economies of all countries?
  8. Methods for effectively integrating displaced individuals.
  9. Arizona's new immigration rules are being criticized.
  10. Have refugee camps ever been used to solve a problem?
  11. What motivates people to enter the country illegally?
  12. Should the sanctuary cities in the United States be abolished?
  13. Explain the concept of ecological migration.
  14. Is it appropriate for Europe to accept more refugees?
  15. Compare and contrast resettlement models in Canada and Australia.
  16. What is the distinction between expats and migrants?
  17. What factors contribute to the desirability of illegal immigration?
  18. Has the public's image of migrants shifted in recent years?
  19. How vital is it for immigrants to speak the language of their host country?
  20. What does perfect social integration entail?
  21. Discuss the patterns of Chinese settlement in America.
  22. The benefits of removing visa restrictions.
  23. What impact did 9/11 have on the public's perception of the worldwide movement?
  24. Is it morally permissible to marry someone solely for the sake of obtaining a passport?
  25. Do illegal immigrants have a negative impact on the society of their host country?
  26. Is migration a source of instability?
  27. What is the meaning of the phrase "no one is illegal"?
  28. How does the Green Card Lottery in the United States work?
  29. Should a child born in a foreign country be granted automatic citizenship?
  30. Without immigration, American society would not exist. Why is it still so unfriendly to outsiders?
  31. Investigate the relationship between global travel and disease spread.
  32. Should the government spend taxpayer money on retraining refugees?
  33. Immigrants in Toronto face social and economic difficulties.
  34. Can expats from a different cultural background ever adapt into a place where their norms are not shared?
  35. Discuss the value of variety in society.
  36. Is there a link between immigration rates and crime rates?
  37. Should expats be eligible for government assistance programs?
  38. Where do you draw the line between cultural appropriation and integration?
  39. Is it possible to have binational relationships?
  40. How can one become stateless?
  41. What are the rights of asylum seekers in your country?
  42. Is immigration from underdeveloped countries a threat to richer countries?
  43. Investigate moral panics related to different ethnicities.
  44. What makes Europe so appealing to expats?
  45. Describe the most prevalent stereotypes that refugees confront in Australia.

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Human Rights Social Justice Essay Topics

You most likely agree that every human being is entitled to fundamental rights. Unfortunately, these are constantly under attack. And it doesn't necessarily happen far away. Every day, women, the LGBT community, and many others battle for their rights.

  1. Are restrictions on human rights justified during a crisis?
  2. Should we aspire for the same rights all across the world?
  3. Is it a violation of human rights to circumcise a guy soon after birth?
  4. How can low-income households keep their children from going to work?
  5. The right to life vs. the death penalty
  6. Are dictatorships capable of ensuring human rights?
  7. Is using sensitive language an affront to our right to free speech?
  8. Describe Amnesty International's accomplishments.
  9. Should Europe refrain from doing business with nations that abuse human rights?
  10. Investigate viable strategies for dealing with food shortages in the Global South.
  11. How can governments protect the right to free speech?
  12. Should internet access be considered a fundamental human right?
  13. Are restrictive rules on hijabs infringing on religious liberty?
  14. Did Charlie Hebdo go too far with its Muhammad cartoons?
  15. When does satire go too far?
  16. Examine how the pornography industry handles human rights.
  17. Why are LGBT people denied the same rights as everyone else around the world?
  18. Human rights in the economy: balancing work conditions and demand
  19. Who is responsible for the protection of stateless people?
  20. What has changed since the first human rights declaration?
  21. What was the rationale for slavery back then?
  22. Why are women still denied the same rights as men in many countries?
  23. How is Gilead society constructed in The Handmaid's Tale?
  24. Discuss how important it is to have the freedom to think and express oneself.
  25. Which rights should inmates be able to exercise?
  26. Discuss whether the utilitarian approach is fair.
  27. What role do NGOs play in ensuring Somalia's human rights?
  28. How does the church get away with abuses of human rights and the Bible?
  29. Define several ideas on what it means to be free.
  30. What are today's most pressing human rights issues?
  31. Personal misfortunes are being exploited by the media for attention.
  32. Guantanamo detainees are people, too: human rights breaches.
  33. Is tackling climate change a matter of human rights?
  34. Is it OK to practice terrible rituals such as honor killings if they are socially accepted?
  35. What is the European Commission of Human Rights' success rate?
  36. Is the death penalty still justified in today's world?
  37. Should dogs and cats have the same rights as people?
  38. Make a distinction between civil and human rights.
  39. Why shouldn't there be heterosexual pride if there's homosexual pride?
  40. Legal, religious, and social reasons all contribute to unequal privilege.
  41. What would happen if education was made free and open to all?
  42. Critical terrorism vs. state terrorism.
  43. Is it true that globalization has made us more free?
  44. Is it more necessary for the majority to be happy than for a minority to be happy?
  45. When should men and women have different rights, if ever?

Current Social Issues in the United States

America suffers numerous societal difficulties as a result of its diverse races and cultures. Its extremely polarized political parties add to the conflagration. Some of the most serious issues in the United States now are African American rights and police brutality.

  1. The ramifications of strengthening the US-Mexico border wall.
  2. Should all illegal immigrants be deported as soon as they are discovered?
  3. Is the American democratic system in need of reform?
  4. What are the social factors that contribute to obesity in the United States?
  5. Negative consequences of the drug war.
  6. What is the significance of bipartisan cooperation?
  7. What does it matter if Russia interfered in the 2020 elections?
  8. Reasons for police brutality and countermeasures
  9. Discuss how important it is to cut medical expenditures.
  10. Is there a link between racism and the police?
  11. What are the most egregious cultural taboos in American culture?
  12. Are there enough women in positions of power in the United States?
  13. Is sexism a major issue in the United States?
  14. Explain the ramifications of voter fraud.
  15. Should pupils be taught to be more patriotic in school?
  16. Discuss the problem of prescription medication misuse in the United States.
  17. Is student loan debt a reasonable price to pay for a good education?
  18. Will the presence of police officers in schools assist to reduce violence?
  19. Which drugs should be legalized and which should be kept illegal?
  20. Discuss the situation of political education in your area.
  21. Is false news a serious issue?
  22. High school students should be required to take a course on financial literacy.
  23. How can taboo topics in society be de-stigmatized?
  24. Why do individuals get tense when they talk about their periods?
  25. Adult eating disorders have social reasons.
  26. Discuss how different religions can coexist harmoniously.
  27. Describe the phenomenon of NIMBYism.
  28. What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of needle exchange programs?
  29. Determine what causes peaceful protests to devolve into violent rioting.
  30. Are today's pupils in the United States under too much pressure?
  31. What are the negative consequences of urban sprawl?
  32. Is it possible for your vote to make a difference?
  33. Is it necessary for American schools to provide better sex education classes?
  34. What leads people to believe that the Earth is a sphere?
  35. Why do conspiracy theories currently propagate so quickly?
  36. California traffic: reasons to invest in public transportation
  37. Is it true that charter schools are superior to public schools?
  38. Compare and contrast the most important social movements in the United States now.
  39. Occupy Wall Street's legacies
  40. Explain the benefits and drawbacks of the Green New Deal.
  41. How effective is special education in the United States?
  42. What are the factors that contribute to gentrification in American cities?
  43. Is immigration putting a pressure on the job market in the United States?
  44. Address the issue of overpopulation in prisons.
  45. Examine the effects of ableism in the United States.

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