180+ Topics and Ideas for Proposal Essays to Get Started in 2023

By Editorial Team Last updated: Oct 11, 2023

180+ Topics and Ideas for Proposal Essays to Get Started in 2023

Do you want to write high-quality proposal essays? Do you want to know what constitutes a good proposal essay?

Answers to this question, as well as 180+ amazing proposal essay ideas provided by Eprowriters, may be found here.

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What Exactly Is a Proposal Argument?

A proposal argument is an excellent form of essay to use if you have a specific problem that needs to be addressed. A paper of this type would concentrate on the solutions provided in answer to an issue.

When it comes to many types of arguments, it appears that this is one of the most popular. The explanation is simple: it works, and it works well. When properly written, your proposal argument can be incredibly persuasive. It has the potential to persuade even the most skeptic readers.

When composing a proposal argument paper, you must keep several points in mind. A standard set is a problem that has been specified and a solution that has been suggested. The suggestion of a course of action is another optional feature. There should also be a description of the audience and the goal.

Unlike other ways, however, this one proposes that all of those pieces remain unchanged. Furthermore, it is critical to investigate the topic from many perspectives. It provides readers with complete information.

What Should Be Included in a Proposal Essay?

The following are the three primary components that your instructors expect to see in a proposal essay:

  • a well-defined issue;
  • the formulation of a viable problem-solving strategy;
  • the debate of why this option should be chosen over all others

As you can see, if your instructor assigns you a topic, this work is relatively simple. If not, you'll have to spend hours studying and thinking, or you may just look through the list of 90 proposal essay ideas below.

Topics for Proposal Essays: Environment

Because of the increasing environmental deterioration and the negative effects of globalization, it is critical to write proposal papers with relevant ideas and answers. Pay special attention to tools and developments that can help the environment.

  • What are environmentally sustainable solutions for pet owners, and how do they contribute to pollution?
  • Small things everybody can do each day to help combat global warming.
  • How can food resources be properly managed in order to combat starvation and food waste surplus at the same time?
  • Water resource management in India during the summer.
  • What is the most energy-efficient type of energy that individuals may use?
  • The action plan for utilizing coal resources wisely.
  • How can Australia's forests be protected from wildfires?
  • What exactly is energy conservation, and what are the advantages?
  • The most successful land degradation remedies.
  • Renewable energy technology is being implemented in poor countries.
  • Floating cleaning devices as a means of combating ocean pollution.
  • Methods for measuring air pollution in remote regions.
  • Forest conservation as a strategy of preventing biodiversity loss.
  • How may dams be made to do less harm to the environment?
  • How can we prevent desertification?
  • Casual vegetarianism as a means of managing food supplies in the face of an increasing population.
  • Educating pupils about ecologically beneficial conduct in order to avoid ecological disasters.
  • What is the potential of untapped energy sources, and how might they benefit us?
  • What are the most efficient methods of preventing deforestation?
  • Biodegradable materials can be used in place of plastic.
  • What is the best answer to the plastic bag problem (should governments prohibit or discourage their use; should people surrender bags to shops for recycling)?
  • How can governments encourage people to ride their bikes for short distances?
  • How can the issue of electronic trash (e-waste) be addressed? (Exporting to poor countries versus recycling.)
  • Wind energy is being used to reduce the effects of global warming.
  • Evaporative coolers as environmentally friendly alternatives to air conditioners
  • What are the advantages of zero-waste living, and what solutions can be applied immediately by communities?

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Topics for Proposal Arguments: Business

Because business is a topic that is important in today's world, this field provides a plethora of essay ideas that you can employ when writing. From enhancing corporate performance to generating successful marketing tactics, you may quickly create a proposal paper that will be valuable in your future job.

  • How can small firms swiftly recover from economic downturns?
  • To assist the development of small companies, local farmers are preferred over foreign grocery chains.
  • How can we stop the erosion of trust in business for good?
  • What are the options for avoiding bankruptcy with the least amount of damage?
  • Internships for pay as a solution to young unemployment
  • Why is it useful to keep private emails accessible at work?
  • Overtime compensation as a means of keeping qualified teachers on the job.
  • Financial education should be provided to children by their parents.
  • How can underemployment be reduced?
  • What should a customer do if they discover the producer is deceiving them?
  • Methods for avoiding customer rights misunderstandings.
  • Healthy food, corporate weekends, and gym memberships are examples of methods to motivate staff.
  • What is the proper procedure for establishing an ethical policy in your company?
  • In circumstances of poor performance, advanced instruction should be used instead of shooting.
  • Volunteering at college can help a graduate's CV.
  • How could businesses modify their policies in order to recruit talented students?
  • What is corporate responsibility, and how can it be improved?
  • Innovative approaches to increasing employment creation through the use of social media.
  • Why should it be easier for students to start a business?
  • Small enterprises can survive nationwide riots in a variety of ways.
  • Outsourcing as a backup business activity solution.
  • Corporate culture reforms are required for successful mergers.
  • Training programs to aid in the efficient integration of new personnel.
  • Feedback on performance is important for retaining valuable personnel.
  • E-commerce marketing tactics for attracting new customers.

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Topics for Proposal Essays: Education

Education issues are constantly at the top of the agenda. There are numerous themes to pick from, ranging from assisting instructors to increasing kids' educational outcomes.

  • The methods for increasing the airtime of instructional shows on television.
  • How can language lessons for foreigners be made more effective?
  • The advantages of including more foreign languages into the educational curriculum
  • Methods for instructors to reduce bullying in the classroom.
  • The most effective methods for improving reading comprehension in preschool.
  • Why is sex education important, and how can schools be convinced to incorporate it?
  • Instead than failing students, allow them to learn from their mistakes.
  • The methods that parents can use to pique their children's interest in science education.
  • What can be done instead of the contentious practice of grading?
  • Teachers provide psychological support to students.
  • What genuine psychological tactics may teachers employ to engage their students?
  • Can pupils be protected from procrastination, and if so, how?
  • As a required practice, kids must be educated about their health.
  • How much time do students spend on physical activity at school, and how might this be increased?
  • Simple methods for discussing taboo topics with children.
  • The best strategies to enjoy and benefit from a subject that you dislike.
  • What are the advantages of segregating courses based on gender?
  • The reasons for and methods for limiting smartphone use in schools.
  • Why should practical classes and dialogues take the place of lectures?
  • Students and teachers might benefit from self-esteem-boosting activities.
  • Programs that encourage pupils to participate in more sports.
  • Exercises that help pupils improve their reading comprehension.
  • Standardized examinations are being modified to meet the needs of ESL students and pupils with learning difficulties.
  • Students' enthusiasm and involvement are increased through class activities.
  • Support for young teachers in rural locations on a social level.

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Topics for Proposal Essays: Social Life and Social Issues

  • Cleaning marathons as a means of involving individuals in the maintenance of clean neighborhoods.
  • As a preventive step, instructional resources on safe driving are available.
  • Is it possible to teach pupils to be more socially responsible?
  • How can a regular person assist orphans without spending money?
  • The methods of promoting subcultures while also controlling their activity.
  • What are the causes of sexism in schools and how can they be addressed?
  • Social programs that educate the public about the disabled.
  • Installing book exchange boxes throughout the city to encourage people to read more.
  • Support groups for teenagers to help them avoid depression caused by problems with their friends at school.
  • How to assist a buddy if you fear they are addicted to alcohol or drugs.
  • Can banning social media be a solution to reducing suicides?
  • Knowing what you're buying or how to avoid being taken in by advertisements?
  • Choosing appropriate idols for teenagers to encourage healthy lifestyle improvements.
  • How can single-parent families be helped when they are in need?
  • Changing your list of social relationships can decrease body shaming.
  • Methods for demonstrating how social media influences people's life and how to change it.
  • How can we avoid being overwhelmed by information on a daily basis?
  • Practical answers to cybercrime's increasing rates.
  • How can people maintain their national identities in this day of globalization?
  • The rationale for tightening limitations on licensed narcotics.
  • An educational film aimed at raising public awareness of the dangers of excessive television viewing.
  • Hate-crime legislation was enacted in reaction to growing violence against minorities.
  • Propagation of good eating habits in order to reduce obesity levels.
  • Cyberbullying warnings are reducing the occurrence of online harassment.
  • To avoid the pitfalls of college drinking, consider healthy alternatives to free beer parties.

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Topics for Proposal Argumentation: Technology

Because technology improvements have significantly altered how people live and communicate, the offered essay topics all center on investigating the influence of progress in current cultures. Think creatively about the role technology plays in your life to provide real-world examples.

  • How to keep up with the growing speed of technical development?
  • Using technological detox days to prevent sadness and apathy.
  • Is it good or harmful to incorporate additional technologies into the educational process? The best solution.
  • Child safety applications for ensuring children's online safety.
  • What are the financial advantages of adopting wireless technologies?
  • The solutions to the problem of online identity theft.
  • Introducing more current technologies into libraries in order to encourage people to use them.
  • How can you safeguard your data as a client online?
  • What are the most effective anti-cyberbullying initiatives in schools?
  • How may virtual reality assist youngsters with learning disabilities?
  • The best techniques to keep your creativity alive while using modern technology.
  • Limiting the age of people who utilize contemporary technology for the sake of healthy child development.
  • Censorship in the media is being implemented in order to prevent the breakdown of moral standards.
  • Do technology aid college students' performance, and if so, how may they be improved?
  • The best answer for the formation of undesirable behavior patterns in youngsters is to prohibit them from watching television.
  • How can we make the most of medical technology for genetic illness testing?
  • Investigating mechanical reproduction issues and determining the most appropriate ethical answers.
  • Technology and the food industry: employing genetically modified organisms (GMOs) to aid in the fight against world hunger.
  • How can technology help to solve some of the world's environmental problems?
  • Recommendations on how to use modern technology while maintaining mental health.
  • Many previously human-performed processes have been supplanted by machines. Is this trend bringing more benefits than drawbacks?
  • Some have criticized technology's impact, claiming that computers and cellphones make younger generations less involved. What evidence exists to support or refute such criticism?
  • What impact has technology had on the way modern firms operate?
  • Create a report containing answers and proposals for bridging the technological divide between the rich and the poor.
  • What issues do parents confront when it comes to stopping their children from using the Internet unsupervised?

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Topics for Other Proposal Essays

Ideas for Proposal Essays: Healthcare

  • Payments based on income for previously uninsured citizens.
  • Training programs aimed at improving physician-patient connections.
  • Pharmaceutical companies should share their results at the pre-competitive stage to save R&D costs and improve outcomes.
  • A initiative aimed at attracting more male nurses.
  • Training to improve the integrity of interprofessional teams.

Topics for Proposal Argumentation: Law and Justice

  • Solutions for reducing jail overpopulation and violence
  • The most critical and contentious concerns that continue to arise in courtrooms are false confessions, evidence mishandling, and witness framing.
  • The duty of care to older citizens: who should be held accountable for maltreatment of nursing home patients and tragic deaths?
  • The “he said – she said” story: In the case of sexual assault allegations, is innocence maintained prior to a guilty verdict?
  • Arguments for and against increased police investment for neighborhood safety
  • Everyone should be aware of the classification of civil litigation matters.
  • Business and law: How to Handle Sexual Harassment Lawsuits at Work
  • How to lessen the bad impact of police violence on law enforcement agencies' reputations

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Ideas for Proposal Essays: Literature

  • The most notable symbols and motifs in The Great Gatsby, as well as their impact on the narrator's narration
  • Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest employs satirical dialogue.
  • How Shakespeare's "To be or not to be?" became today's most popular rhetorical question
  • Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse-Five teaches readers important lessons.
  • Contemporary authors who have had an impact on literary history
  • Programs aimed at encouraging children and adolescents to read classic literature

Topics for Proposal Argumentation: Culture

  • Cultural awareness: when it is and when it is not significant
  • Simple methods for putting an end to the discussion over stereotyping and cultural profiling
  • Racism and reverse racism on college campuses: how students deal with the current racial discussion in the context of contemporary cultural changes
  • The impact of excessive patriotism on the international reputation of Americans
  • Before reverting to cultural stereotypes, ask these questions to a foreigner.
  • The long process of cultural adaptation: things to do and avoid when visiting a foreign culture
  • Explain how the racial profiling topic should be dealt with social justice warriors.

Ideas for Proposal Essays: Writing

  • From the abstract to the list of references: how to write a research proposal.
  • What to include and what to leave out of a 1000-word summary of a book
  • Recommendations for becoming an expert in citation style (the MLA edition)
  • Effective tips for writing an outstanding discursive paper
  • How to Write a Reflective Essay in 5 Paragraphs
  • Technical writing specifics: how to tell the difference between specialized and non-specialized material
  • Creating distinctive titles for articles and research papers: how to attract the audience's attention
  • The simplest techniques to create a draft that will act as the foundation for your future paper

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Ideas for Proposal Essays: World History

  • How did powerful female leaders like Jeanne d'Arc influence the evolution of societies?
  • An overview of the Paleolithic Age, including the evolution of civilizations, fishing, hunting and gathering, and scavenging.
  • A list of the most important historical events that have shaped modern society.
  • Discuss the potential outcomes of WWII if the opposing side had won.

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Religion Proposal Essay Topics

  • A brief assessment of present challenges in the Catholic Church: what has changed and what has not?
  • A factual examination of the Bible involves comparing historical facts to accounts of events found in the holy text.
  • The benefits and drawbacks of religious education, as well as how it affects children's worldviews
  • The most effective method for resolving religious discrimination (exploring the Christianity – Islam conflict)
  • Different perspectives on the significance of religion, including how it benefits and damages individuals (the ethical debate)

Ideas for Proposal Essays: Politics and Government

  • Interesting perspectives on whether governments should make lifestyle decisions for its citizens (for example, the pro-choice versus pro-life debate)
  • Topics to discuss with your local government include its role in the economy, social equality, and neighborhood well-being.
  • Should the government intervene in the regulation of the Internet and other kinds of news media?
  • societal issues exacerbated by government intervention
  • What role should politicians have in formally assisting underserved and underrepresented communities?

Personal Development and Psychology Proposal Essay Topics

  • How damaging are numerous social media networks and the advertising sector to a child's development? Discuss how they affect self-esteem.
  • Create a descriptive essay about the events that impacted your personality and feeling of self-worth. Have you learned more from good or bad experiences?
  • When it comes to working with developmentally impaired people, what structure should training courses and personal development sessions take?
  • To what extent do you agree that people's personalities are determined by their genetic heritage? Is it true that there is nothing that can be done to change one's personality?
  • Discuss current theories regarding anxiety and the impact of this disorder on individual development.
  • Suggestions for coping with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Topics for Proposal Essays: Music and Art

  • Should the government provide financing and awards to aspiring musicians and artists?
  • Separately, discuss the benefits of art to societies and individuals.
  • Which current musicians and artists have had the most influence on you? Describe their significance.
  • Rap music has an impact on the behavior of today's teens. Is there a difference in the messages for society between 1970s rap and present rap?

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Globalization Proposal Essay Topics

  • While globalization has had some good effects on societies, consider the negative consequences of this trend.
  • Is there a relationship between globalization and climate change?
  • Explain the relationship between global wealth and knowledge transmission between countries and cultures.
  • Has globalization had an impact on you personally? What steps have you taken to lessen the impact of this process?
  • Explore the relationship between globalisation and democratization using the example of developing economies.

Topics for Proposal Essays: Economy

  • The shortage of economic resources in relation to poverty, income disparities, and wealth distribution
  • The Economics of Death and Disease: How Industries Impose Extraneous Regulations to Increase Revenue
  • Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: the ownership of private property should be limited?
  • Is the 2008 economic downturn over? What effect has this crisis had on the modern economy?

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