Topics for Ethics Essays and Questions to Consider

By Editorial Team Last updated: Oct 11, 2023

Topics for Ethics Essays and Questions to Consider

According to Santa Clara University’s Markkula Center for Applied Ethics, our code of ethics is based on our perceptions of what is right and wrong. Furthermore, we must accept the moral norms imposed by the culture in which we live. Theft, murder, and harassment are all considered terrible by conventional standards. However, our view of ethics is influenced by a variety of factors. The three sorts of ethics are discussed in this article, as well as a list of interesting ethics paper topics.

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Ethics are divided into several categories.

Ethics is divided into three categories in modern philosophy. These include metaethics, normative ethics, and applied ethics.

  • “What is morality, and where does it come from?” is the central question of metaethics. It's also interested in how human values, motivation, and reasoning emerge.
  • The goal of normative ethics is to provide a solution to the question, "How should I act?" Kant's Categorical Imperative is an example of a normative moral theory: Act only according to that maxim whereby you may, at the same time, will that it become a universal law. To put it another way, be nice.
  • The goal of applied ethics is to apply moral principles to real-life, contentious issues. Its topics can range widely and include both bioethics and criminal justice. It investigates specific actions and procedures from a moral standpoint.

These three sorts of ethics, however, are not the only ones. Philosophers have suggested different ethical ideas over the years. Deontological, utilitarian, right, and virtue ethics are their four main categories.

  • A deontologist is a person who refuses to follow a set of moral obligations. When confronted with an ethical dilemma, they will always act in accordance with their stated commitments.
  • For a utilitarian, a decision must benefit the largest number of people.
  • If an ethical system is based on rights, they are the most important. A person's rights can be established by legislation in a community or granted from one person to another.
  • Considering a person's character rather than their acts when judging them by virtue. The reputation, motivation, and ethics of an individual are all important factors here.

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Now that you understand the fundamentals, you're ready to begin writing your ethics essay.

Topics for Ethics Essays and Questions to Consider in 2023

Essay Topics on Ethical Issues

Ethical dilemmas are circumstances in which a person must decide which course of conduct is morally correct. Essays on this subject shed light on thorny issues. As a result, pupils must be able to persuade others of their point of view.

  1. Discuss the best course of action for addressing climate change.
  2. What are the ethical issues with abortion?
  3. Is it still possible to rationalize eating meat?
  4. Examine how plastic is used in the beauty business.
  5. Is being exceedingly wealthy unethical?
  6. Should you buy Nestlé products despite the company's water privatization?
  7. Is it unethical to distribute riches unequally?
  8. Discuss how sexism should be considered in workplace ethics.
  9. What can we do in the face of racism?
  10. Why do LGBT+ individuals face discrimination?
  11. Is euthanasia a viable option?
  12. Is it possible to have an ethical war?
  13. Should students be punished if they attend Fridays for Future protests?
  14. Would it be unethical to consume drugs if they were legal?
  15. Describe the ethical issues that arise as a result of work automation.
  16. Should businesses be compelled to hire more women in executive positions?
  17. To what extent should everyone's right to privacy be exercised?
  18. Is it ethically to use animals in scientific research?
  19. What is the best way for nations to deal with refugees?
  20. Consider the environmental impact of having children.
  21. Is it possible to hold present society responsible for the actions of their ancestors?
  22. Examine the merits and cons of a universal income system.
  23. How much influence over the press should the government have?
  24. Should religion be taught in schools?
  25. What are the ethical implications of downloading media from the internet?

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Topics for Computer Ethics Essays

Every area of our life has been affected by the introduction of digital technology. Traditional moral ideas are applied to everything that has to do with computers and cyber security in computer ethics. The following is a collection of fascinating ethical topics in the field of computers.

  1. How much of our job should we delegate to computers?
  2. Discuss the risks of storing sensitive data on the internet.
  3. Are computers safe enough to store so much personal information?
  4. Consider whether hacking is morally acceptable.
  5. Investigate computer-related privacy concerns.
  6. Should all software be available for free?
  7. How can you prove that you own a patent on a computer algorithm?
  8. Is there anything that can be done to stop cyberbullying?
  9. Examine the moral implications of anonymity for internet users.
  10. If you want to defend your rights online, which laws apply?
  11. Consider how the requirement to acquire a computer affects poorer countries and people.
  12. What ethical issues can people confront as a result of the internet's capabilities?
  13. When is it OK to sabotage another person's computer?
  14. Examine the social responsibilities associated with the development of new software.
  15. Is it true that computer crimes are less destructive than crimes committed against people?
  16. Who owns the data that is shared on the internet?
  17. Is it more necessary to have easy access or to have privacy?
  18. Examine the ethical issues surrounding artificial intelligence.
  19. Whose fault is it if a computer makes a significant error?
  20. Discuss the significance of internet etiquette.
  21. What are the best practices for dealing with ethical issues in the tech industry?
  22. Is it possible for AI systems to assure ethical behavior?
  23. Why do IT firms require ethics committees?
  24. Which ethical issues arise when drones are used?
  25. Look into the possibility of racial prejudice in facial recognition software.

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Topics for a Paper on Sports Ethics

Integrity, respect, responsibility, and fairness are the foundations of sports morality. Athletes are frequently faced with a choice: do I want to be ethical or do I want to win? It's not always simple to answer these questions. The following is a list of sports subjects for an ethics research paper.

  1. What are the moral ramifications of utilizing performance-enhancing drugs?
  2. Is it unethical to play games?
  3. What role does ethics play in sports?
  4. Discuss athletes' moral duties.
  5. What are the moral justifications for paying collegiate athletes?
  6. Examine the moral ramifications of kneeling during the national anthem.
  7. Is it possible for college athletics and higher education principles to coexist?
  8. Look into the issue of sexist bias in sports.
  9. Was the American women's soccer team being self-serving when they went to court to demand equal pay?
  10. What moral responsibilities do colleges have to their student-athletes?
  11. When is it OK to cheat?
  12. How can professional sports events be ethical in terms of the environment?
  13. What ethical concerns do healthcare workers have about athletes?
  14. What are the moral responsibilities of team coaches?
  15. Are sports pros' astronomically high salaries justified?
  16. The wild card system was eliminated by the Olympics in 2003. Was that reasonable?
  17. Disabled athletes are unable to compete in the real Olympics due to the Paralympics. Is that a racial slur?
  18. Consider how money affects a sport's fairness.
  19. Debate whether or not children are exploited to become top athletes and how they are exploited.
  20. What are the moral obligations of a good athlete?
  21. How involved should parents be in their children's physical education?
  22. Examine if common-sense ethics should be applied to sports.
  23. Discuss how motorsports have ethical concerns.
  24. If a player is wounded, who is to blame?
  25. Is it true that referees are always impartial?

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Topics for an Essay on Bioethics

When we discuss life and health, bioethics comes into play. It includes everything from genetics to neurology to plastic surgery. Researchers frequently find themselves in conflicting positions in the name of the greater good. This makes bioethics a fascinating subject to write about.

  1. Discuss the ethical issues of genetic engineering.
  2. What are the ethical ramifications of using CRISPR technology?
  3. Examine the issues surrounding stem cell research.
  4. When is it appropriate to employ humans in drug testing?
  5. Is it necessary for everyone to get vaccinated?
  6. Examine the ethical standards that apply to medical personnel.
  7. Discuss the negative consequences of plastic surgery.
  8. Should a brain dead individual be kept alive?
  9. Is it just the case that medical care is related to a person's financial ability to pay?
  10. Is it necessary for everyone to be an organ donor by default?
  11. Is a person's right to privacy more important than the information of at-risk relatives?
  12. Is intrusive prenatal testing ethical?
  13. Is it appropriate to make neuroenhancement medications legal?
  14. Discuss the ethical issues surrounding the Disclosure and Barring Service.
  15. Is it ethical to use brain stimulation to increase memory?
  16. Examine the ethical implications of precision medicine.
  17. What are some of the issues with surrogacy?
  18. Should medical staff collect a deceased person's healthy tissues without their permission?
  19. What should be done with a brain-dead pregnant woman's child?
  20. How crucial is anonymity to a subject during research?
  21. Consider the ethical implications of collaborative decision-making.
  22. How much is mentally challenged people's accountability for their actions?
  23. Was it correct for Sweden not to implement strong lockdown measures during the COVID-19 pandemic?
  24. To what extent are enterprises liable for the health of their employees?
  25. Should universal healthcare be provided free of charge?

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Topics to Write About in Criminal Justice Ethics

Law enforcers should always act ethically. Regrettably, this isn't always the case. Officers and attorneys sometimes find themselves in morally dubious circumstances. In many circumstances, they do not act in the public's best interests. Examples of criminal justice ethics themes are listed below.

  1. When does it become acceptable for a police officer to use force?
  2. How can a police officer maintain his or her impartiality?
  3. Should law enforcement officers display their firearms in public?
  4. How much force is excessive?
  5. Examine the potential ethical ramifications of real crime podcasts.
  6. Should prostitution be permitted in the United States?
  7. What is the ethical standard for interrogation?
  8. Is it possible to justify torture?
  9. Discuss the ethical implications of lying in the criminal justice system.
  10. Is it possible to work undercover?
  11. Debate whether it is a moral obligation for an American citizen to serve on a jury.
  12. Should the police have access to everyone's information?
  13. Consider the ethical implications of the phrase "innocent unless proven guilty."
  14. Should pedophiliacs who have been convicted of molesting their children be permitted to see their children?
  15. Is it possible to reduce crime by teaching ethics in schools?
  16. Examine the Stanford Prison Experiment's ethical issues.
  17. Should NATO have gotten involved in the US-led war in Afghanistan?
  18. What are the ethical ramifications of school shooter drills?
  19. Was Edward Snowden in the wrong morally?
  20. What is the best way to deal with child soldiers?
  21. Consider whether Julian Assange's prosecution is justified.
  22. Examine the ethical issues associated with privatized prisons.
  23. When providing inmates the right to work, what moral obligations should they consider?
  24. When is it appropriate to use the death penalty?
  25. Is incarcerating young offenders ethical?

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Topics for Writing on Ethical Dilemmas

When diverse moral standards collide, an ethical issue becomes a quandary. It is impossible to discover a clear road to a morally acceptable answer in this case. The sample themes below are a good place to start a morals debate.

  1. Should parents monitor their children's online activities?
  2. If there are no witnesses to an accident you caused, would you report it?
  3. What should a doctor do if a patient refuses to get life-saving therapy because of religious beliefs?
  4. Should you refuse a client whose political opinions differ from yours?
  5. Would you promote something you don't believe in just to make money?
  6. Should you tell a falsehood to find a job that will help you get out of poverty?
  7. Your boyfriend has been unfaithful to you. You now have the opportunity to exact your vengeance on someone you care about. Would you go through with it?
  8. Should you put a picture of someone who doesn't use social media on the internet?
  9. Your teacher is constantly making fun of one of your classmates. You're a teacher's favorite. Would you be willing to speak up?
  10. Your son enjoys wearing dresses. He asks whether he can wear one to school one day. Will you give him permission?
  11. You are a devout Christian. Your daughter has decided to marry someone else and has invited you to her wedding. What are your plans?
  12. Your unborn child has a handicap, according to prenatal tests. Would you consider terminating a pregnancy?
  13. You've been together for a long time. Your partner is unexpectedly offered a job in another country. What would you do in this situation?
  14. You've been diagnosed with a terminal illness. This places a financial strain on your family. Do you owe it to them to stop your treatment?
  15. You have two candy bars, one red and one blue. Your favorite color is blue, but you also know it's your friend's favorite. Are you going to give it to them?
  16. You were approached by a friend who needed a loan. They haven't given you anything since then. Financially, they are still in a precarious position. Will you demand that they return the funds?
  17. Your grandmother died, and she left you her beloved mink coat. You're a vegetarian. So, what exactly do you do?
  18. You borrowed a rifle from a buddy a few years ago. They are now requesting its return, but their mental state appears to be fast deteriorating. You're afraid they're going to shoot someone or themselves as a result of this. So, what exactly do you do?
  19. You learn that one of your friends is having an affair with their spouse. You and their family are close friends. Will you inform them?
  20. Your friend got you a sweater that she knit herself for your birthday. You believe it's unattractive. Do you inform them?
  21. You're a vegetarian. Should you buy vegan things that are extremely difficult to make?
  22. You've entered a restaurant. Your order was delivered late. The waitress appears to be under duress. Will you force her to return it?
  23. You went to the store and purchased a brand-new, high-priced item. You get too much change from the clerk. Do you intend to return it?
  24. You're out strolling with a pal when you come across $50 on the ground. Would you be willing to share it with them?
  25. Your child has a strong belief in Santa Claus. They begin to suspect he isn't genuine one Christmas. So, what exactly do you do?

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We hope you've found the ethics topic that's right for you in this list. Best of luck with your project!



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