Discrimination Ideas and Topics for Essays and Research  

By Editorial Team Sep 02, 2021

Discrimination Ideas and Topics for Essays and Research  

We live in a society where anyone can be discriminated against. Paying attention to this topic, according to academics, can save humanity from unpleasant scenarios such as social persecution and military confrontations.

Students from prestigious institutions around the world perform important research on issues such as race, age, disability (ableism), sex and sexual orientation, religion, pregnancy and motherhood, marriage and civil partnership, hostile work conditions, and gender discrimination. We hope to provide topic suggestions for each of these categories in our guide so that you may write a superb essay.

General Discrimination Research Topics

  1. What causes are contributing to the rise in discrimination and prejudice in today's society?
  2. Discrimination as it is mirrored in today's social media.
  3. Police brutality and various forms of discrimination.
  4. Discrimination against black victims of violent crime and the death penalty.
  5. Privileged male actors and gender inequality on stage at Shakespeare's Globe Theater.
  6. In the United States, how might sexist attitudes expressed by a person or institution be punished?
  7. Three types of direct discrimination.
  8. Should children's beauty pageants be regarded as legitimate or harmful to them?
  9. Prejudices, both subtle and general, represent basic types of discrimination in modern society.
  10. Nazi Germany had discrimination, violence, and anti-Jewish laws before World War II

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Topics on Gender Discrimination

  1. The human right of feminism and the challenges and changes of women’s inequality.
  2. Why has legislation demanding equal pay and outlawing discrimination in the workplace failed to achieve gender equality?
  3. Sexism in the experiences of women who work for a living.
  4. Why do males with the same professional degree in their fields of study earn more as specialists than women?
  5. The reasons why men are thought to be brighter than women in society. Is this legend still true?
  6. Sex stereotypes in 2020 education vs the twentieth century in the United States
  7. Feminist movements sweeping the globe.
  8. How is sexism linked to a preference for women's domestic tasks, such as cleaning and cooking?
  9. In the 1970s, there were two false forms of feminism: the pornographic business and general sexism.
  10. Why is current feminism regarded as sexist?

Discrimination on the basis of race

  1. Discrimination based on race in educational institutions.
  2. How did colonization influence Canadian aboriginal racism?
  3. Determine the variables that have influenced the evolution of prejudice and racial discrimination in today's world.
  4. The main significance of anti-black racism is white supremacy among sex workers.
  5. Myths about ethnic groupings as a major source of discrimination in most countries.
  6. Racial discrimination has an impact on people's relationships.
  7. How does today's racism manifest itself differently than it did 100 years ago? Describe your point of view.
  8. How does racism affect Latinx children and youth? What are the obstacles they face (educational, social)?
  9. The emergence of racism in American society and how it affects crime rates.
  10. In her essay, Bell Hooks claims that white feminists have failed to fully confront or combat racism.

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Topics for Research on Age Discrimination

  1. Advertisements that discriminate against people of a certain age.
  2. What can people do to avoid employment age discrimination?
  3. In practice, how does the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNICEF) protect children's rights?
  4. Define the terms "young" and "elderly," and explain how these groups can be discriminated against.
  5. Discrimination in early childhood: causes and justifications
  6. The stereotype of older people as the end of a long career path.
  7. The 1967 Age Discrimination in Employment Act.
  8. Discrimination against young and elderly persons in the job.
  9. Should children argue that the employment of child labor is a source of age discrimination?
  10. Juvenile delinquents endure discrimination, which may lead to more criminality.

Discrimination based on sex and sexual orientation are discussed.

  1. Sexual harassment in the United States in 2020 and the victim protection protocol
  2. LGBTQ students have faced discrimination at educational institutions.
  3. How helpful are sports and sports media in combating LGBTQ discrimination?
  4. Discrimination based on sexual orientation and LGBTQ status in the home.
  5. As a devoted Christian, pastry chef Jack Philips refuses to produce wedding cakes for gay couples. Should businesses be allowed to refuse service to customers because of their religious beliefs? Should legislation in the United States prohibit discrimination?
  6. How does the law in the United States protect both parties in an LGBTQ civil partnership?
  7. Discrimination against transgender people in the health-care system.
  8. How does current society's value system alter gender roles and sex discrimination?
  9. The attitude of developing countries toward the LGBTQ community. Which discriminating cases are you able to depict?
  10. Why should businesses adhere to the same set of criteria in order to avoid discrimination against LGBTQ people?

Discrimination Against Ableism Essay Topics

  1. What impact does ableism have on American education?
  2. In the United States, programs that safeguard and assist deaf and mentally challenged people in the workplace.
  3. Discrimination against those who are obese in the job.
  4. Discrimination against those with chronic illnesses in school and the employment.
  5. To the extent that such laws have made participation in elite levels of sports more inclusive, which rules against disability discrimination are relevant to sports without modification?
  6. Discrimination that disabled persons suffer on a daily basis.
  7. Employment discrimination against the deaf in the present and in the past.
  8. Discrimination against those living with HIV/AIDS.
  9. Discrimination against people with mental illnesses in the workplace.
  10. What steps can educators take to prevent bullying and other forms of discrimination against impaired students?

Topics for Religious Discrimination Research

  1. People's attitudes toward various religious views and their place in social debates.
  2. In The Story of the Fall, dispel the religious misconception that the feminine is the primary cause of man's fall.
  3. Discrimination against Muslims in the job and in school.
  4. Discrimination on the basis of religious beliefs.
  5. What are some examples of religious societies that discriminate against people based on their physical appearance?
  6. Should Islamophobia be classified as a kind of religious discrimination?
  7. The importance placed on religious background in areas where Americans face variety, such as privilege, discrimination, the desire for a historical, cultural, or political identity, the immigrant experience, and ideology.
  8. Women's discrimination in Islam.
  9. What are some examples of other religions' discrimination against Christians?
  10. During the 1920s, there was discrimination against Irish Catholic immigrants in the United States.

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Discrimination in Pregnancy and Maternity

  1. Abortion as a convenient option.
  2. How does the legislation in the United States protect pregnant women in terms of social welfare?
  3. Pregnancy and maternity discrimination in the workplace.
  4. Discrimination in society against the image of a single mother.
  5. What role does the legal system play in the discrimination of pregnant women and mothers?
  6. Why do pregnant women and mothers, regardless of social class, encounter more discrimination than childless women?
  7. Discrimination against pregnant women and mothers, as well as inequities in leadership positions. What steps should be taken to make things better?
  8. How are discrimination based on sexual orientation, family, and medical leave defined in pregnancy laws? What recourse do those statutes offer in the event of discrimination?
  9. Prejudices and stereotypes about pregnancy and maternity generate worry, stress, and mental problems in women who are subjected to them.
  10. Pregnant students' discrimination and measures to combat bullying

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Discrimination in Marriage and Civil Partnership Essay Topics

  1. What institutions govern discrimination in marriage and civil partnerships?
  2. Civil partnership discrimination cases and their impact on society's value system in 2020.
  3. Domestic violence as a kind of prejudice in relationships.
  4. In what ways does the community reflect discrimination towards lonely people?
  5. In the United States, anti-discrimination laws prohibit discrimination in marriage and civil partnerships.
  6. With a signed contract, marriage equality is guaranteed.
  7. How can prejudice in civil partnerships affect someone's desire to succeed?
  8. How does the law in the United States control discrimination amongst civil partners?
  9. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) families and child adoption What are the effects of LGBTQ marriage on adopted children?
  10. In marriage and civil partnership relationships, there is a distinction between equality and rights for both parties.

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Discrimination in a hostile work environment essay topics

  1. Is workplace disrespect regarded a sign of a hostile work environment?
  2. Discrimination in the workplace as a manifestation of a lack of social awareness.
  3. Sexual harassment as a kind of job discrimination.
  4. False humility and the proper authority's status in a poisonous workplace
  5. A flawed argument for harassing someone is gossip, intrusive inquiries or comments, and claiming the action was not meant to offend or was "banter."
  6. Lawful discrimination involves excluding someone from meetings or events.
  7. Workplace wage discrimination in the United States in 2020.
  8. Workplace discrimination against immigrants.
  9. In any manner, how do attitudes toward pronunciation or specific syntax work?
  10. Discrimination in the workplace as a hindrance to economic success.

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