150+ Interesting International Relations Topics for Research Papers

By Editorial Team Last updated: Oct 11, 2023

150+ Interesting International Relations Topics for Research Papers

Students who choose to study International Relations will be able to contribute significantly to the management of politics once they complete their studies. Choosing the right topic to address is critical, as it addresses one of the most pressing issues. Professors may occasionally provide international relations essay topics, usually in the form of long lists from which students can choose. All of these assignments necessitate extensive research and reading on the part of the student.

These students must conduct professional research in their local library and online in order to resolve some unresolved issues from the past. As a result, picking the right topic is critical because it can unlock and find solutions to pressing issues from history and apply them to the 21st century.

Students of International Relations, in this way, become politicians in the sense that they address and analyze deeply rooted problems and causes of conflict between nations.

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What exactly is an essay on international relations?

The purpose of an International Relations essay is to broaden the students' knowledge and educate them further. It is an essay in which students express great ideas derived from analyzing past events, and solutions are proposed to be applied to a nation's future.

They are concerned with finding the best solution, not just a solution. If you consider the Iran Nuclear Deal, which you are aware of the significance of, and have a written essay with an in-depth analysis of it, you may gain a better understanding of why it occurred.

In these cases, cause and effect essay topics are ideal. You look at the causes, see what effects they had, and write an essay outlining the main reasons why it happened the way it did.

This type of paper has a standard structure that includes the following sections:

  • Introduction,  which includes some key issues, the topic to be discussed, and an outline of the essay stages.
  • The Main Body, which has subheadings that divide the essay into thematic sections. Included are key definitions, facts, analysis, and additional discussion. All arguments must be supported by sources in this section.
  • Conclusion, which is a summary of the main points (in other words). Include your analytical conclusion as well as your final opinion.

You may also come and gain a better understanding of what can be done to prevent such an event from happening again. Choosing the right International Relations topic isn't always easy, which is why you can read the tips below, followed by a list of 150+ essay topics.

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Tips for Selecting International Relations Essay Topics

The three suggestions below should assist each individual in selecting the best topic for future writing.

  • Convey and combine ideas you've already learned from your teacher, and select a topic you can cover with the knowledge you already have.
  • Choose a topic that is related to a current issue but can also be connected to the past.
  • Choose a topic that necessitates research that can be found online or at your local library.

150+ Topics for International Relations Essays

  1. From a socioeconomic standpoint, rising China globalizations will benefit America and its allies.
  2. Al Qaeda's origins, goals, and evolution
  3. The conflict between the United States and Russia
  4. America's foreign policy
  5. American hegemony and the Cold War
  6. The Iranian Revolution and America's Influence
  7. “Soft Power” is a term used to describe the ability to influence Analysis of Joseph Nye
  8. Analysis of America's foreign policy
  9. The significance of domestic policies in relation to the world's situation
  10. International trade law, with anti-dumping as a necessary component
  11. The examination of foreign policy decision-making
  12. Caribbean international relations, concepts, and research
  13. The United States' involvement in Peru Chile and Tacna-Arica
  14. China's economy, politics, and history
  15. China and Australia's relations
  16. International Relations during the colonial era
  17. Matthew Perry and trade with Japan
  18. Perspectives on the genocide in Darfur and Rwanda from realists and constructivists
  19. The global security concept
  20. Constructionism's theoretical critique
  21. Ukraine and Crimea crises in 2014
  22. Darwin's theory of evolution and international relations
  23. Cross-cultural communication
  24. Conflicts in Cyprus between Turkish and Greek Cypriots
  25. International students and their influence on the global education system
  26. Cooperation among the world's countries and their change dynamics
  27. The Pacific War and early American-Chilean relations
  28. The consequences of Japan's and China's dispute over Senkaku Island
  29. Analysis of the official tourism website of Indonesia
  30. Ethics and international relations
  31. China's Intervention in Africa - Challenges
  32. Analysis of the Youth Movement Protest
  33. The English Language's Future
  34. The United Nations Security Council and disarmament
  35. Gender and International Relations
  36. Relations between the United States and Germany
  37. On a global scale, communication
  38. Globalization and International Relations
  39. Globalization and Regional Institutions
  40. Guyana and the New World Group
  41. Throughout history, bilateral relations have existed.
  42. The effects of American foreign policy on the destabilization of South Sudan
  43. How can we bring about global peace?
  44. Why do people choose to study international relations?
  45. The Influence of World Organizations on the United States
  46. Human Nature and International Relations
  47. Human rights in the global context
  48. An in-depth examination of the humanitarian intervention
  49. Relationships between countries, realism, and idealism
  50. What is the impact of globalization on people?
  51. International Relations in the 1930s and the impact of the Great Depression on them
  52. Public relations is the study of current events around the world.
  53. A comprehensive examination of global businesses
  54. Everything about international communication
  55. The United Nations and its global governance
  56. International Journal of Intercultural Relations
  57. A comprehensive examination of global corporations and their impact on the global economy.
  58. International Relations and Global Politics
  59. The three International Relations Theories
  60. World politics and their impact on the average citizen
  61. Is International Relations a type of moral compass?
  62. Realist and liberal perspectives on international relations
  63. Joseph S. Nye and Robert O. Keohane and their world politics theory
  64. International Relations in the Midterms
  65. The Asian business model and its global market impact
  66. International Relations in Djibouti
  67. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict and global affairs
  68. Will there be more global corporations in the next 100 years?
  69. Questions and answers about global politics and business.
  70. Humanitarian intervention and the state of the world
  71. International Relations Theories and Liberalism
  72. The major International Relations theorists
  73. The September 11 terrorist attacks and their impact on the world
  74. Changes in international politics and hierarchies
  75. How people perceive politics in the past and in the present
  76. The impact of America, Lebanon, and Beirut on the rest of the world
  77. Japan's Engagement with China: What to Expect in the Future
  78. Why have populists become a reality in the political arena of the twenty-first century?
  79. Examples of international security from various countries
  80. Globalization and global trade
  81. Investigation and analysis of Arabic and Chinese international relations
  82. Everything you need to know about the Iran-Contra scandal.
  83. Foreign direct investment and the attractiveness of Ireland
  84. Was the desire for oil the driving force behind US foreign policy in the Middle East?
  85. Is India a rising power or not?
  86. The United Nations and an examination of whether Turkey is prepared to be a member of it?
  87. An examination of China and America's future relations
  88. Everything you need to know about Latin America's foreign policy.
  89. Did mainstream global businesses exclude a wide range of issues and perspectives?
  90. We must put an end to the war before it puts an end to us.
  91. Using foreign policies to boost national security
  92. Afghanistan vs. Turkey
  93. International Relations and the related negotiations
  94. International Relations as a lens through which to contrast Liberalism and Neo-Realism
  95. Everything you need to know about the migrant flow from Nepal to Qatar.
  96. A realistic assessment of Korea's global politics
  97. An overview of geopolitics
  98. Misconceptions and perceptions of America and Russia during the Early Cold War
  99. The South African government and the intervention policy brief addressed to it
  100. Is political power overestimated?
  101. The Sea Region and its Influence
  102. Overseas military bases and the problems they cause
  103. An examination of Public Diplomacy
  104. Offensive, structuralist, and classical realism are the three types of realism.
  105. Realism and constructivism
  106. The Cold War: Realism versus Liberalism
  107. The Rwandan Genocide of 1994 and realism
  108. Relations between the United States and Iran
  109. What challenges will global politics face in the coming years?
  110. Feminism and its impact on global politics and peace perception
  111. A detailed examination of the Korean War
  112. Saudi Arabia and its oil - advantages for the country
  113. An investigation into the Scottish Separatist Movement
  114. Will British citizens be remorseful about Brexit in the next 50 years?
  115. The Russia-Ukraine conflict and whether the US should intervene
  116. Should the United States lift its embargo on Cuba?
  117. The UN Security Council and whether or not veto power should be abolished
  118. South Africa's participation in global politics
  119. The diminishing importance of sovereignty and why such cases continue to occur
  120. Is it possible to avoid war through diplomatic means?
  121. Summary of the Mathias Risse and Thomas Pogge debate
  122. Why is naming the island so important to the Communist Party of China?
  123. Terrorism and its worldwide spread
  124. The United Nations and Ayatollah Ali Khamenei
  125. The cases of Haiti, Bosnia, and Somalia, and their implications for American foreign policy
  126. Islam and its ever-changing character
  127. The Sudanese Civil War's Historical Background
  128. Analysis of the Soviet Union and its demise
  129. Is the Columbian Exchange a significant step toward globalization?
  130. What would the world be like if only one country existed?
  131. The contrasting development of authoritarian and democratic states
  132. Why are nuclear weapons both dangerous and necessary?
  133. Everything you need to know about Democratic Peace Theory
  134. Human trafficking and its devastation in South Africa
  135. American foreign and economic policies in relation to Nafta, the World Trade Organization, the Balance of Trade, and the European Union
  136. Imperialism and its consequences
  137. A Via Media - everything about the English School
  138. Matteo Legranzi on the Changing Middle East - Economic cohesion, security, and diplomacy
  139. What impact does Brexit have on other countries and their politics?
  140. An examination of the Good Neighbor Policy
  141. What are the most important reasons for war?
  142. The Philippines' response to international relations and climate change
  143. Globalization and its impact on Zambia and China
  144. The main characteristics of modern liberalism
  145. How important is military ethics in war?
  146. Saudi Arabia and the significance of its oil
  147. The significance of the United Nations Security Council
  148. Everything you need to know about the development of intergovernmental authority.
  149. The International System's order and disorder
  150. Thomas Massaro and his Just War Theory description
  151. Did feminist approaches to International Relations Theory arrive late?
  152. Hong Kong's Economic Future
  153. What is the process by which a war matures?
  154. The negative impact of realism on global politics
  155. The New Sovereignty and the International System
  156. Global politics and the Nixon Doctrine's impact on them
  157. How can humanity use historical facts to prevent future losses?
  158. How serious are the issues with Overseas Military Bases?
  159. The United Nations and its reformation process
  160. Globalization and how we approach it
  161. The concept of gender and its impact on global cooperation
  162. Analysis of Indian and Chinese raises
  163. The United States' Iraq Policy
  164. A realistic approach to international relations
  165. Relationships between the United Kingdom and the United Nations
  166. The role of diplomacy and global politics in the nineteenth century
  167. How important are the Carnegie and Rockefeller foundations' functions?
  168. The Second Industrial Revolution and world politics at the time
  169. Skeptical moral theory and the time period in which it was most influential
  170. Relations between the United States and the United Nations
  171. A structural theory of international relations
  172. Past-event theories that occurred in modern politics
  173. The United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates
  174. The United States Agency for International Development
  175. Is there a distinction between theory and foreign policy?
  176. The three traditions of international theory
  177. The Zimmerman Telegram's Influence on America During WWI
  178. Truman's creation of Israel
  179. Turkey is caught between Islam and the West.
  180. South Africa's labor relations, unemployment, and labor unions
  181. Why does global politics affect each country differently?
  182. America's Defense Policies
  183. Foreign policies of the United States, both past and present
  184. Chile and Peru, as well as America's participation
  185. How important is energy independence to the United States?
  186. China and the United States: adversaries or partners?
  187. The upcoming meeting between China and the United States
  188. Vladimir Putin and the Ukraine Crisis
  189. Prospects for collaboration and violence in the Middle East regarding water
  190. Djibouti - a path to a stronger foothold
  191. The Strengths and Weaknesses of International Political Administration
  192. Concerns about security and Western states
  193. Which is a greater threat to American national security, China or Russia?
  194. Why should I pursue a degree in International Relations?
  195. Why is power central to realist perspectives?
  196. Why did the Soviet Union sign the Non-Aggression Pact in 1939?
  197. What are the advantages of having a good neighbor policy?
  198. The impact of imperialism on global politics and trade
  199. The Gulf's Internal Relationships


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In a nutshell; 

Knowing whatever this type of paper is all about and its value can allow individuals to recognize why it is crucial to choose the proper essay themes in international relations. The aforementioned ideas and a comprehensive list of themes should support everyone in their hunt for the best international relations topics. 

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