What are the best topics for an American history research paper?

By Editorial Team Last updated: Oct 11, 2023

What are the best topics for an American history research paper?

Writing a research paper on US history necessitates a good topic as well as extensive research skills. When you write about this topic, you will come up with several ideas, but it is up to you to choose the one that you can easily present in your paper.

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The following excisitng 34 topics are ideal for your American History research paper.

  1. What American politicians and generals could have learned from General George Washington about their chances of winning the Vietnam War.
  2. The enormous advantage gained by the United States over Germany and Japan during WWII by employing women in its factories.
  3. Why has the northern part of the United States surpassed the southern part of the United States in higher education?
  4. Did the construction of the Erie Canal provide New York City with the means to become America's largest and most commercially important city?
  5. Why has the United States experienced numerous banking system crashes while Canada has not?
  6. Would the United States have cleared all of its forests for railroad ties if creosote had not been invented?
  7. Could the United States have avoided WWI? Would the world be a better place as a result?
  8. Would the North have been forced to sign a peace treaty if the South had won the Battle of Gettysburg?
  9. Would the Panama Canal have taken decades longer if the United States had a less aggressive president than Teddy Roosevelt?
  10. How many riverboats sank in the Mississippi during its first four decades of operation?
  11. Would there have been a civil war if Eli Whitney had not invented the cotton gin?
  12. What percentage of American soldiers and civilians were killed by other Americans rather than the British? (Hint: I'm sure it was a lot more)
  13. How many Americans were killed in the Revolutionary War following the Battle of Yorktown?
  14. How peaceful was the British occupation of New York City after Yorktown until the Treaty of Paris was signed and they finally left?
  15. Did the Continental Congress ever pay off the country's debts after the Revolution? How?
  16. Would a more draconian British policy during the Revolutionary War have changed the outcome?
  17. During the American Revolution, how effective were American pirates in pillaging the British trade with the West Indies?
  18. The late-nineteenth-century agrarian protest movement.
  19. Farming on plantations in 17th and 18th century Virginia.
  20. The evolution of radio in America from the early twentieth century to World War II.
  21. Following World War II, the United States engaged in diplomacy.
  22. Andrew Jackson's presidency.
  23. The American Socialist Party's history.
  24. From the days of the wobblies to the 1960s, the American labor movement.
  25. The civil rights struggle.
  26. The history of the automobile industry in the United States.
  27. The railroads played an important role in the development of the American West in the nineteenth century.
  28. The history of Texas in the nineteenth century.
  29. The initial great awakening.
  30. The abolitionist movement's history.
  31. Higher education in the United States has a long history.
  32. The African Methodist Episcopal Church has a long history.
  33. Eisenhower's presidency.
  34. The history of the advertising industry in the United States.

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