Recommendations & Implementation for the Technology Business Analysis Project

By Editorial Team Last updated: Feb 08, 2023

Recommendations & Implementation for the Technology Business Analysis Project

The deliverable for this week is an initial draft of your recommendations. Note that this is a working document and may be modified based upon insights gained. (1000) words

The report should be organized as follows:

  1. Develop: A list of possible alternatives strategies for addressing the problem or opportunity:
    In this section you are not at the point of suggesting the best set of recommendations, but you are trying to be creative and explore all the different ways the problem or opportunity might best be addressed. This is suggested as it will foster greater creativity in your process. The end result here will be a list of alternatives from which you will choose your final recommendations. These can be relatively brief descriptions via bullet points.
  2. Recommend Chosen Actions: Based upon your review of the various alternatives, select one general approach you believe represents the best plan of action.
    Describe the specific components that are key components in the overall recommended approach. These might be seen as the delineation of specific tactics to realize the ends that you seek via the given approach.
  3. Fully support your reasoning for why you are choosing this particular plan of action.
  4. Define Metrics for Success: Describe some of the kinds of metrics that would demonstrate success.
  5. Include an updated draft of the refence page listing the researched items and literature associated with the proposed project
  6. Revise the last 2 papers as needed based on the findings of this paper.


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