Military Contract Management

By Editorial Team Jan 14, 2022

Military Contract Management

Instructions: Write a 300-600 word substantive journal entry in APA format with a minimum of two cited sources. Analyze the concepts and theories you read about in F401, F402, F403, F405; utilizing key language and terms from these concepts and theories, describe the contracting structure of an organization (F402) and how the SGM can influence the commander to leverage money as a weapon system through the use of CERP or fiscal appropriations processes (F403) to gain contracting support to the organization during unified land operations (F405).

As part of your description ensure that you either address operational contract support principles or the contractor management process based upon your readings associated with F401

Reading Requirements:

  1. JP 4-10, Operational Contract Support, Para 4c, Types of Contracted Support, pp. I-8 to I-9.  (2 pages):
  2. Gansler Report:  Army Accepts Gansler Commission Report on Contracting; Commits to Action, US Army News Releases, 1 November 2007.  (2 pages)
  3. JP 4-10, Operational Contract Support (2019), Ch. 1, para 4b, Key Contracting-Related Terms, pp. I-6 to I-8; para 4d, Key Contractor Personnel Related terms, pp. I-10 to I-11; para 5, Principles, pp. I-11 to I-12; and para 6, Contracting and Command Authorities, pp. I-12 to I-13 (6 pp.), and Ch. 5, Contractor Management pp. V-5 to V-25 (20 pp.).


  • What are the characteristics of a theater support contract?
  • What are the most common problems that disrupt or delay theater support contracts? 

Reading Requirements:

  1. ATP 1-06.2 (2017), The Commanders’ Emergency Response Program (CERP), Chapter 1 pp 1-1 to 1-10 and Chapter 2 pp 2-1to 2-6 (16 pages)
  2. FM 1-06 (2014), Fiscal Appropriations, Authorities, and Agreements, Chapter 2 Sec IV pp 2-21 to 2-34 (13 pages)



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