How to Write an Argumentative Police Brutality Paper

By Editorial Team Last updated: Oct 11, 2023

How to Write an Argumentative Police Brutality Paper

According to Frank Edwards, Hedwig Lee and Michael Esposito, police brutality describes an act of misconduct perpetrated by a law enforcement officer who utilizes physical, mental, or emotional force to assault a specific individual. Argumentative essays, like informative articles, are intended to expose common misbehavior. Police brutality essay is an important academic assignment created to demonstrate and prevent any unlawful conduct perpetrated by law enforcement personnel or other persons who attain public officer positions in the future.

The article highlights the issue of police violence in society. This is a picture of the investigation section of an argumentative essay in which the author investigates incidents of improper use of power. This crucial issue is well-known in both New York City and other states, cities and counties. The article necessitates extensive study from each system and department. The outcomes of all police departments' officers and their excessive training must be calculated in order to identify the root cause of the problem and deal with its unpleasant repercussions.

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Importance of Police Brutality Essay

Police brutality is a serious evil and a major social issue. The media is continually reporting on the violations and mistreatments. Officers of the law perform acts of abuse or violence against unprotected members of society, regular civilians. People in law enforcement who are tasked with protecting citizens abuse their personal rights and liberties. These infractions have been established as facts. For many years, individuals have been subjected to circumstances and instances in which police officers violate their rights and mistreat suspects. Many cops believe significant suspects are guilty. They examine a few pieces of evidence, investigative results, and information related to the reported case before pressuring a person to make a confession.

Essay on police violence enables communities and their people to:

  • Expose the truth about policing forces' abuses, injuries, and infractions;
  • iInvestigate the causes of cruelty and violations of human rights;
  • Obtain a complete picture of the reported scenario;
  • Define the duties and responsibilities of both parties;
  • Make recommendations and come up with solutions

It can help to put an end to a disrespectful treatment. The police brutality essay examines a number of criminal cases involving police officers' illegal acts. Many community members want to disclose actions in order to restore legal order in society and prevent any wrongdoing. Minority representatives are frequently victims. In the United States, a racial issue still exists.

America has fought for justice for all public members without a discriminatory segregation into black and white at all times and in all cultures. Today, Americans are attempting to solve problems that are all too familiar. They ensure that people follow the law. The uncomfortable condition of police misbehavior occurs in all American states and cities, including Los Angeles and New York. It does a decent job of attempting to prevent violations. It's time to start writing papers regarding human rights and policy.

Essay on 'What Is Police Brutality?'

A police brutality argumentation essay is a sort of argumentative report written to expose misconduct by officials of police departments. The Rodney King case was the most heinous and well-known example of police brutality. King's history aided individuals in organizing groups to combat injustice. This tragic episode, as well as many others that have occurred since, have demonstrated that every public member is unprotected in the face of representatives of illegal law systems. Ordinary individuals may suffer as a result of their actions. There have been numerous reports of police personnel engaging in forbidden activity against ordinary civilians, not criminals. Physical, emotional, and mental abuse are all taken into account. One method for obtaining a confession is to beat convicts or suspects with various weapons and mental anger. It is the reason why people have doubts about a cop's honesty.

A wealth of information and related issues available on the Internet allows for the identification of a slew of local and international police brutality occurrences. The Washington Post and BJS data present the most recent information and news about police brutality in the United States. This is a gloomy set of negative figures. The main causes of such police officers' wrongdoing include poor management and a lack of system oversight. Individuals' moral traumas and problems continue to be a factor. Every researcher must undertake the following studies in order to profile the root causes of police brutality behavior:

  • Find information on the amount of police brutality cases in a specific region, city, or district.
  • Obtain additional information from free web resources or other databases.
  • Examine the trend of police brutality acts, historical periods, and dates;
  • Analyze the role of each engaged individual, department, and civil representation;
  • Make an effort to distinguish the primary causes of police misconduct activities.
  • Make recommendations to avoid future instances of illegal behavior.
  • Recommendations must be included in the work product. They will be used to tinker with an already existing world.

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Social Reality and Violence Prevention

Every essay about police brutality aims to discourage officers from becoming nasty. It makes no difference whether people are subjected to internal kinds of police violence or on a larger scale; it must be stopped. Police officers must preserve the rule of law. Every year, law enforcement's reputation suffers as a result of racist, sexual, physical, or other forms of abuse. Numerous complaints continue to be published in the media.

The examples of suspects killed by officers that have been revealed have instilled fear in society and prompted people to march. Every familiar scenario bears responsibility. The responsibility is shared by all members of the legal departments. Thousands of words will not suffice to express how important it is for the legal process and countless police processes to be adjusted in order for people to feel safe and protected. People must have faith in the police department to deal with criminals, save people, maintain peace, and prevent any type of violation or abuse.

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