Gradual Release Model for teaching

By Editorial Team Last updated: Feb 08, 2023

Gradual Release Model for teaching

The Gradual Release Model for teaching provides a framework for teachers when planning. This form of teaching helps teachers move from taking all of the responsibility for learning to sharing the responsibility with students. You will need to use this model in your lesson plans for this course. 


After reading chapter 5 in your textbook (specifically pgs. 122-123), and watching the Gradual Release video in this module, summarize this model using an 8-bullet format. In other words, provide 8 bulleted statements that precisely describe the model based on the video and the chapter information. Lastly, provide an image/chart that helps YOU understand this framework better. 


Take another look at the sample lesson plan we used for the Lesson Plan Dissection assignment. After watching the video above, write a few sentences (5-6) about any connection you can now make between the gradual release model and the sample Valentine's Day lesson plan. 


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