Action Learning Project

By Editorial Team Last updated: Jun 20, 2022

Action Learning Project

Students work in groups on an Action-Learning Project as the climax of their learning experience. Applying classroom concepts to real-world organizational problems provides an instant return on investment—and a payout in improved business and clinical performance for the customer.

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Action learning also supports the creation of a shared internal language around quality, strategy, efficiency, and leadership, as well as unleashing a team's creative thinking.

These hands-on projects allow participants to do the following:

  • Integrate and apply their primary academic knowledge to a real-world challenge
  • get hands-on experience with project planning and execution
  • personalize the curriculum to their needs and the needs of their organizations

To create and complete a project, participants work in groups. An external customer, usually a sponsoring organization, provides project impetus as well as access to data and people within the client organization. When possible, the teams will include members from the same company so that they can swiftly apply what they've learned in the classroom. One of the most valuable program outcomes is the foundation for a stronger, more team-focused organization.

Each team also has a faculty advisor who authorizes the project and guides them through the planning and implementation process. A significant focus of this course is learning how to properly manage a project. Participants will learn how to scope a project, construct a work plan, perform primary and secondary research, implement the project, assess its outcomes, and produce and deliver an effective presentation.

Teams will present their findings to teachers, peers, and administration from the sponsoring institutions during the final residential period.

Example of an action learning project

Prepare an 8-10 page report summarizing your action learning project, including the following components:

  • A description of the organization *INCLUDED*
  • The process you used for your diversity needs analysis *INCLUDED*
  • A summary and analysis of the information/metrics you examined and data you collected
  • A summary of the organization's diversity and inclusion goals
  • Conclusions about the diversity paradigm(s) the organization is operating in and its strengths and challenges related to diversity and inclusion
  • A set of recommendations for the organization about actions it can take to move toward its diversity and inclusion goals, including recommendations for reducing potential resistance.
  • The high-level design for at least two interventions you would recommend to support the organization's goal
  • Recommendations for metrics to measure the effectiveness and ROI of the proposed diversity initiatives
  • A proposed plan for moving forward on your recommendations and the suggested interventions laying out short-term, mid-term, and long-term steps

A reference page in APA style with at least 8 references from peer-review journals




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