Water Pollution in Southeast Florida

By Editorial Team Jan 07, 2022

Water Pollution in Southeast Florida

Southeast Florida, including the urban agglomeration of Palm Beach, Broward, and Dade Counties, the Greater Everglades Ecosystem, and the Florida Keys encompass a large, interconnected land area fraught with various environmental and societal issues.  As a state, and our local area in particular, we are surrounded and inundated with water when considering our proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico (and directly connected bays and waterways), and the Greater Everglades Ecosystem.  As such, because of our interconnectedness with all this water, water pollution is a major concern for us all.  Regarding water pollution as the topic of Chapter 21, complete the following for your discussion forum on this topic.

A. Of the eight categories of water pollutants discussed within Chapter 21, choose one and discuss the following (this is worth 6 points (1.5pts each):

a) Describe an example(s) of this type pollutant that may be an issue in and around Miami Dade County.

b) What are the effects this pollution may have on the natural environment in and around Miami Dade County?; effects on our society (the people, infrastructure, and other societal aspects in and around Miami Dade County?; has this type water pollutant personally affected you?

c) What is the source(s) of this type water pollutant?  Describe, and also include if this water pollutant is a point source or nonpoint source pollutant.

d) Briefly describe how this water pollutant may be eliminated or better controlled (depending on the necessity of why this pollutant is produced).   





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