Unique Health Essay Topics for 2023

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Unique Health Essay Topics for 2023

Assignment/essay/ research topics are plenty, and picking one on which to write is not an easy decision. One can write on topics ranging from a healthy lifestyle, childcare, rehabilitation after traumas, rare and/or common diseases, advances in healthcare, and environmental health problems among others.

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How do you tackle health essays?

Your paper on health is likely to be excellent if you select a topic that you are most conversant with or has had experience with in the past. Your arguments will be not only strong but also convincing if you pick a topic that is familiar to you. Also, choosing an interesting topic is key to coming up with an excellent essay, especially if you view it as an opportunity to expand your knowledge base.

If the topic that you have selected is interesting but too broad to be expounded in your paper, additional keyword research to look for specific components of the topic (thus narrowing it) will suffice. Caution should be taken to pick a topic that is not too broad and has sufficient resources for research purposes.

Ensure that you have enough resources and examples to support your arguments before commencing your essay writing process. Ideally, you should create an appropriate mind map or working outline for your paper that will not only guide your essay writing but also enable you to stick to your keypoints. The first step is to develop a strong thesis statement that is specific and supported by several main points.

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If you intend to write an essay on health and are unsure about the topic on which to write, we have compiled a broad range of health topics best suited for both high school and university students. Do not hesitate to use them as inspiration to develop your topic ideas or for your essays.

General health topics to write on

  1. How can children be assisted to maintain healthy body weight?
  2. What are the legal and ethical dilemmas of surrogate pregnancy?
  3. The long-term and risky consequences of anorexia?
  4. How can we reduce and/prevent medical errors in hospitals?
  5. Roles of doctors/physicians and nurses in promoting a healthy lifestyle
  6. Is homeopathy a pseudo-science?
  7. Ethics in Human Experimentation
  8. Adverse Effects of Blood Transfusion
  9. What are the common types of eating disorders?
  10. Is a vegetarian or vegan diet healthy?
  11. Strategies for maintaining a healthy body weight
  12. What are the psychological issues of breast cancer?
  13. Ethical and legal implications of organ donation after death
  14. Biological, ethical, and social considerations of cloning humans
  15. What are the symptoms of heart attacks in women?
  16. Can diabetes be cured? Will diabetes be cured in the future?

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Interesting health essay topics

  1. What are the differences between Western and Alternative Medicine?
  2. The health impacts of eating disorders
  3. Is bioprinting the future of organ transplants?
  4. Stem cell transplants for cancer treatment
  5. Cosmetic surgery: ethical and social implications
  6. Impacts of advertising on healthy food choices
  7. Is nutrition education effective in promoting healthy diets?
  8. Role of fast-food consumption in the onset of obesity
  9. Physical activity and improved strength and balance among the elderly
  10. What are the benefits/advantages and shortcomings/disadvantages of weight loss (bariatric) surgery?
  11. Is obesity both a social and medical problem?
  12. Approaches for preventing heart disease
  13. What is the maximum age that humans can live?
  14. What are the pros and cons of clinical trials?
  15. Is there a cure for HIV and AIDS?
  16. What are the alternative or non-pharmacological approaches to treating/managing depression?

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Controversial health topics to write on

  1. Are sugary drinks implicated in cancer incidences?
  2. What are the health consequences of caffeine?
  3. Picky eating or little kid food habits and autism
  4. Legalization of euthanasia or assisted suicide debate
  5. Medical Marijuana: Pros and Cons
  6. The truth about alternative medical treatments: are they dangerous?
  7. Are sports really good for us?
  8. Which diet is better: low-carb or low-fat?
  9. Effective measures for the prevention of communicable diseases.
  10. Social determinants of health and well-being.
  11. The opioid epidemic: What is the physician's responsibility?
  12. Is religion a mental disorder?
  13. Is nuclear waste dangerous to humans?
  14. Are we excessively dependent on antibiotics?
  15. Low-carb diet: Can it help you lose weight?
  16. What is the importance of traditional herbal medicines?

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Mental health argumentative essay topics

  1. The impacts of environmental factors on mental health.
  2. Mental health effects of drug abuse
  3. Social impacts of mental health disorders.
  4. Psychiatric disorders: the role of alcohol addiction
  5. Teen depression: symptoms, causes, and treatment
  6. Safeguarding your mental wellbeing from social media harm
  7. Severe mental disorders: effects of social isolation and loneliness
  8. Total isolation: negative effects on physical and mental health.
  9. How physical activity benefits mental health
  10. Relationship between mood and exercise
  11. What are the most common mental health disorders in the United States?
  12. Mental health issues of homeless people
  13. The intricate link between violence and mental disorders
  14. Prevalence of stress, anxiety, depression among the American adults.
  15. Is stress a risk factor for mental health disorders?
  16. Economic burden of depression and anxiety disorders
  17. Impacts of anxiety disorders on the quality of life
  18. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for anxiety disorders.

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Health care essay topics

  1. Advantages and disadvantages of e-health and telemedicine
  2. Applications of big data in healthcare
  3. Telemedicine and other disruptive innovations in the healthcare industry
  4. Risks associated with untested alternative medicine techniques
  5. What are the major issues facing the US healthcare system?
  6. How can health equity be achieved?
  7. The effects of racism on the health and well-being of the nation
  8. The role of school-based health care in reducing and/or preventing dropout.
  9. Is the educational success of children influenced by school-based health care
  10. What measures can be taken to reduce the increasing suicide rates?
  11. Do adults and the elderly still need vaccines?
  12. Impacts of human rights issues on public health
  13. Measures to prevent heat-related morbidity and mortality
  14. Strategies for preventing chronic diseases
  15. Discuss healthy housing standards.

Health essay topics for high school students

  1. Ways of becoming a healthy person
  2. Importance of healthy lifestyle for adolescents
  3. Can people become immortal?
  4. Can computers displace doctors?
  5. Importance of balanced diet for teenagers
  6. How to develop healthy eating habits
  7. Does being healthy make you happy?
  8. Can happiness cure diseases?
  9. Why is obesity becoming an epidemic?
  10. Why is exercise important to teenagers?
  11. How to prevent teen pregnancy
  12. The most significant health challenges facing the adolescents
  13. The negative impact of smoking on adolescents
  14. How are teenagers affected by smoking?
  15. Why do adolescents, and youth in general, experiment with drugs?

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