Topics for Social Media Research Papers in 2023

By Editorial Team Last updated: Jan 05, 2023

Topics for Social Media Research Papers in 2023

Social media are websites that let people with similar interests share information, photos, and videos with each other. We use social media to keep in touch with friends, find out about news, and look for jobs. Students often pick this area to write about in different types of papers. Check out the following social media paper topics if you need to write about it for a project.

Research Paper Topics on Social Media

Here are the most interesting topics for a research paper on social media. Finding good topics for a research paper on social media is not easy. But this list is a group of great topics to write about.

  • How social media affects events that happen on a large scale.
  • Social media vs. real life communication.
  • Social media has an effect on culture.
  • How social media can affect eating disorders.
  • As a drug, social media needs to be limited.
  • The Internet and social media are a threat to democracy and citizenship.
  • There is both earned and unearned media coverage of politics on social media.
  • Social media and the right to say what you want.
  • Why social media should be banned.
  • How social media affects how policies are made.
  • How social media changes kids' lives.
  • Social media as a way for people to talk to each other and how it affects how people think.

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Social Media Argumentative Essay Topics

You can get people's attention with these argumentative essay topics about social media. If you choose one of the following argumentative essay topics about social media, keep in mind that your paper needs to have strong arguments.

  • Do we think more about ourselves because of social media?
  • What role does social media play in the fight against racism?
  • How does social media do more harm than good? Is it worse than good?
  • How does humor on social media affect mental health?
  • What is the use of social media as a weapon?
  • What is wrong with social media?
  • Do you agree with the statement that "social media influencers (SMIs) have more negative than positive effects on their audiences?"
  • What are some bad things that social media do to people's minds?
  • Are Twitter and other social media sites a good way to learn about politics?
  • Why shouldn't kids have access to social media?
  • Does social media fame impact a person's life?
  • How do social media talk about immigration?
  • How much has social media changed the president's job?
  • Should the government pass laws to make sure that more can be done to censor both content and people on social media, especially when it comes to cyberbullying or inciting any kind of discrimination?
  • What is the link between using social media and how you feel about your body?

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Social Media Explanatory Essay Topics

Here you can find essay topics about social media and technology, organizations, health, and a lot more. If you choose one, you will have to explain how social media affects different areas.

  • Give examples of how social media has hurt the mental, physical, and social health of people of all ages.
  • How does social media affect how women feel about themselves?
  • Talk about whether or not you think kids should be able to use social media.
  • Based on how social media has changed over time, describe how it will change in the future.
  • Give examples of how teens' mental health is hurt by social media.
  • Tell me how kids' mental health is affected by social media.
  • Explain what role social media plays in the economy today.
  • Explain why social media is one of the worst things to happen to the world in recent years.
  • Tell me why Instagram is a big deal in the world of social media.
  • Explain why teens should use social media.
  • Explain how social media addiction can hurt your mental health.
  • Explain why it's important for organizations to use social media.
  • How do social media affect online journalism?

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Topics for a persuasive essay about social media

Choose one of these topics for an interesting essay on how to persuade people to change their minds about social media. Remember that your paper should have a convincing point of view on the problem.

  • Does social media have cons?
  • Does being famous on social media change your life?
  • Is social media making us more connected or more lonely?
  • Is social media bad for democracy?
  • Social media: a way to connect or to be alone?
  • Does social media affect delinquency?
  • Is social media becoming more important to teens than talking to them in person?
  • How does social media affect relationships, friends, etc., and how does it make it harder for people to make real, long-lasting connections?
  • How is social media making young adults in America feel lonely during the Covid-19 lockdown/pandemic?
  • What role do social media play in the classroom?
  • Should a person's social media be considered when hiring them for a job?
  • What does privacy have to do with social media?
  • How does social media affect how we see ourselves?
  • What does anxiety, depression, and social media have to do with each other?
  • Why does using social media make you feel unsafe?
  • Should students get in trouble for what they post on social media when they're not at school?
  • What is the problem with censorship and how does it affect politics on social media?
  • Do the benefits of sharing personal information on social media outweigh the costs?
  • What do people who speak more than one language bring to the conversation on social media?

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Social Media Essay Topics for Discussion

These are all good ideas for essays about social media. If you choose one, you have to talk about it in depth and explain your point of view.

  • How has the Black Lives Matter movement used social media to organize and bring people together? Talk about putting the spotlight on one social media site or one practice used by the movement.
  • Talk about how the presence of social media affects the political situation right now. Based on our first amendment rights, does it help or hurt how information gets out to the public?
  • Talk about how young adults, parents, or teens are affected by social media, for better or for worse.
  • Talk about social media while the pandemic is going on.
  • Talk about how brands use people with a lot of followers on social media to spread their brand.
  • Talk about how being addicted to social media affects your academic performance in college.
  • Talk about why no one should start using social media before they are 15 or 16 years old.
  • Talk about how social media has changed marketing in the past 5 years.
  • Talk about how military people can use social media at work.
  • Talk about how social media has affected the growth of ecotourism.
  • Talk about how social media platforms have made it easier for PR pros to market their services.
  • Text messages will go away from social networks, and photos and videos will take their place. Discuss.
  • Talk about how marketing has changed because of social media.
  • Talk about why TikTok is one of the ten most-used social networks.
  • Talk about how many people use social media compared to how many people use the internet around the world.

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Cause-and-effect essay topics about social media

If you have to write a cause and effect essay, you can choose from the following ideas. They each have something to do with social media.

  • How do eating disorders in young adults come about because of social media?
  • The bad things that can happen because of social media, especially cyberbullying.
  • How social media affects the social and mental health of people who have eating disorders.
  • What effect does social media have on marketing?
  • How does social media change the way a person lives?
  • Alice Walton wrote a book called Six Ways Social Media Affects Our Mental Health.
  • How have elections been changed by social media?
  • What and how you do on social media can affect whether or not you get a job.
  • How much does social media marketing change the way millennials buy things online?
  • How have people's shopping habits changed because of social media?
  • Does social media influence depend on gender?
  • How does social media change the world of fashion?
  • How has social media changed the way the makeup business has grown?
  • How social media affects how people think about being honest.
  • How social media affects what people in the US think about the COVID-19 conference in China.
  • How have social media filters changed the beauty trend for cosmetics?
  • How did social media help spread false information about power outages in Texas?

Topics for an analytical essay on social media

You can write a great analytical essay if you choose one of the following topics. Keep in mind that you will need to get enough information for this kind of writing.

  • An ethical look at technology addiction: Should social media companies be held responsible?
  • Analysis of the role of social media in helping Africa become more democratic.
  • An analysis of the strategies used by NFL teams to talk about sports on social media.
  • Look into social media and how it affects artists.
  • Look at how a company can use social media to grow their marketing.
  • Look at how texting and social media have changed the way people talk.
  • Look at the pros and cons of social media marketing.
  • Look at the effect that social media has on going green.
  • Think about how social media has helped or hurt society.
  • Think about why it's important for businesses to use social media.
  • Look at how teens' bodies are made fun of on social media.
  • Look at how social media has helped people in the U.S. solve problems.
  • Look at how editing on social media and other forms of media affects how we see reality, how successful we are, and how we feel about ourselves.
  • Look at how technology and social media have changed how the millennial generation leads.
  • Look at how using social media can lead to signs of depression.
  • Think about how social media affects revenue management in the hotel business.

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Sociology paper topics on social media

The main focus of the following topics is on the social side of using social media. If you need to write a sociology paper, choose one of these.

  • Is social media important in the world we live in now?
  • Explain how businesses use social media to meet their goals. Learn about the different ways people use social media and how it affects them, their groups, and society as a whole.
  • How could "relatability" be making social media more like a "surveillance society"?
  • Is it good for society to use social media?
  • Does social media make our world better or worse?
  • Should we use the Internet and social media to promote social justice?
  • How has social media changed the way fashion consumers make decisions?
  • Should teachers be on social media with their students?
  • How much do you agree with the idea that social media makes it hard for celebrities to be private?
  • Are kids who start using social media too young more likely to have problems with their sense of self, mental illness, or depression?
  • Should people be charged for what they say on social media?
  • Does social media have an effect on how people form their identities?
  • Should parents keep an eye on how their teen uses social media?
  • When posts on social media about JUUL are aimed at teens, how does the public react to the posts?

Social media informational paper topics

Here are some topics for argumentative essays about social media. You can use them if you are writing an informative paper.

  • How does social media help build a company's online reputation and reputation in the public eye?
  • How does social media make it harder to be faithful in a marriage or other relationship?
  • How has information technology helped Facebook and other social media sites grow and develop? Should there be rules for social media sites?
  • How much can social media contribute to teens killing themselves?
  • How do you think you can make a friend? How do you keep your friends? Does social media hurt your friendships or make them stronger?
  • Would you want to write an opinion piece about whether or not social media is a good place to get news, most likely criticizing how much people rely on it for news but also pointing out how it's changing the way people think about media?
  • How social media and personal devices are used in healthcare.
  • Is social media becoming the most important thing in politics around the world?
  • How a business can show that it is acting ethically on social media.
  • During the coronavirus pandemic, there was false information on social media.
  • How does learning through social media help?
  • We have less access to useful news and information because of how much news is on social media and how easy it is to find. Is it true?

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As a student, you will have to write about social media for a research paper. As you work on getting your degree, you will have to deal with it. Your grade point average is based on the quality of each paper you turn in. So, if you have never written a paper before, it might not be easy. When grading papers, professors first look at what they are about. Creative topics show that you know how to do the job. Also, good topics give you the drive to work on your research projects.

How to Choose a Good Topic for a Research Paper on Social Media

Most students have trouble deciding what to research for school. It's because some people don't know what steps to take. Others have never written before.

How should you choose the right subjects for your research papers?

  1. First, read all of the directions to find out what the teacher wants.
  2. After that, make a list of possible subjects.
  3. Examine them carefully and choose the one that will help you write a top-notch paper.

Other interesting topics for research papers on social media

In the 21st century, social media have become an important way to get information. So, when students do a research paper in this area, they should show how knowledgeable they are. One way to do that is to make sure you write about different things.

Here are some examples from real life:

  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, social media grew in popularity.
  • The role of social media in making teenagers rebellious today
  • How Facebook has changed the way marketing is done
  • Using social networking sites as tools in political campaigns
  • Why social networking sites should be held responsible for the rise in suicides
  • Facebook addiction among teens and how to deal with it
  • What social networking sites like Twitter do during emergencies
  • Ways that social networking sites can help people find jobs. The best ways to protect personal information when using social networking sites.
  • How important it is for the government to set a minimum age for using social networking sites
  • Why companies are now choosing to advertise their products on Facebook
  • The rise of Instagram's popularity in developing countries
  • In the past 10 years, social media have grown a lot.
  • How Facebook helps young people in the U.S.
  • The link between the rise of mental health problems and social media
  • How Twitter has changed since it started until now
  • Effective ways to keep track of what kids do on social networking sites
  • Because of social media, communication habits are changing.
  • Advantages of the government keeping an eye on what people do on social networking sites
  • Strategies for making a strong presence on social media

More Social Media Research Topics That Are Easy to Handle

You can't forget how important media is in life. Because the benefits are different, you can choose from a wide range of research topics.

Here are some ideas for topics that will help you write a research paper without stress.

  • A complete history of the mass media that everyone should know about. Includes important innovations and inventions for the media industry.
  • How the media affects the moral development of teens
  • Unethical advertising to children and how to stop it
  • What media outlets did during the war
  • How to make a commercial appealing to people of all ages
  • How important advertisements are to TV and radio stations
  • Gender biases in advertising
  • How TV shows influence fashion How important it is for TV stations to stick to the facts when reporting news
  • The rules of conduct that journalists should follow to be successful at what they do
  • Journalism, and how it helps people live together peacefully
  • How technological progress affects mainstream journalism
  • How the growth of social media has affected traditional journalism
  • Investigative journalism and the risks those who do it face are among the top reasons why TV shows are becoming more popular.
  • Strategies that big companies use to keep going without TV ads
  • A reporter's look at poverty in developing countries
  • The biggest problems that journalists face when doing their jobs
  • There are ways that TV stations can deal with the tough competition from other media outlets.

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