Sports Essay and Speech Topics for Persuasive and Argumentative Writing

By Editorial Team Jul 06, 2022

Sports Essay and Speech Topics for Persuasive and Argumentative Writing

Speaking persuasively is unquestionably a valuable ability that will benefit you in both your studies and your career. College is the finest place to study the art of persuasion because not everyone is born with the capacity to articulate their ideas eloquently. You must choose an engaging and debatable topic if you want to deliver a powerful persuasive speech. Contrarily, argumentative essays focus on two opposing viewpoints. You can balance them out or support one while refuting the other. Sports argumentative essay themes are available if you're not sure which viewpoint to take.

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Here is a selection of sports-related argumentative and persuasive essay themes as well as speech topics you can use. Every category has a particular theme:

  1. College athletics
  2. Sexism, racism, and homophobia
  3. Olympic events
  4. Sports coverage in the media
  5. Sports injuries and health
  6. Sports issues of interest
  7. Controversies surrounding sports

All sports-related argumentative and persuasive essay themes and speech topics created by our essay writing service adopt a specific stance. Simply discuss the subject from your own point of view if you disagree. Leading questions or explanations that aid take a particular view of the issue are used to support each topic. Let's investigate them!

College sports: Argumentative and persuasive sports essays and speeches

  1. Why are college athletes not compensated? You may argue that because collegiate players are interested in sports and invest a lot of time and effort in them, it makes sense for them to be rewarded for their labor.
  2. Too much money is being made by college coaches. Many coaches have contracts that include bonuses and opportunities if their team wins a specific game or competition.
  3. In schools and colleges, girls should be encouraged to participate in sports. Six times more girls quit athletics than boys do. What impact can the university have on this propensity?
  4. The pay of women's collegiate sports coaches should be equal to that of men's teams. Colleges work around the statistics even though the pay for men's and women's coaches is almost equal.
  5. College athletes require more vacation time. After graduating from college, many athletes alter their life plans. They require extra time for internships, doctor visits, taking classes, and other activities.
  6. Every college athlete should have access to basic sporting injury insurance through their schools. Since not all colleges offer insurance, if a student gets hurt they might not have the money to recover right away or the process might take longer.
  7. College sports should not come at the expense of academic values. Every collegiate athlete needs time for rest and study. Many college athletes find it difficult to balance training and studying.
  8. College athletes should be compensated in the event of an accident. College athletes who sustain an injury occasionally cannot return to their sport. They consequently lose their scholarships.
  9. Professional coaches should prepare college sports teams. College administration should appoint a qualified coach if they want their team to be more successful in a particular sport.
  10. Every college athlete should be drug-free prior to every game or match.

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Ideas for Sports Argumentative and Persuasive Essays and Speeches: Homophobia, Racism, and Sexism

  1. Is it appropriate for women to compete against men? Women athletes can compete against males in sports like tennis. What other sports allow male and female competitors?
  2. Why do women's sports receive less media attention? What impact does media coverage have on women’s sports? Women's sports are no longer widely viewed. Analyze the scenario and provide evidence for the appeal of women's sports.
  3. Cheerleaders are used for sexist purposes. Cheerleader outfits and routines are merely a kind of entertainment that denigrates women's sports and paints them in a negative light. The claim that cheerleaders don't participate in women's sports is another one you may make.
  4. a match between male and female wrestlers. Compared to female wrestlers, men have greater fame and notoriety. Additionally, there is a bigger audience there. What steps can be taken to alter that?
  5. In athletics, homophobia is not taken seriously enough. There aren't any well-known football players who are openly gay, for instance. What can be done to ensure the safety of LGBT athletes in sports?
  6. In sporting events, the amount of prize money awarded to men and women should be equal. In the same competitions, men win more money than women.
  7. Female athletes are only featured on covers for their sexual appeal. According to study, women athletes are not respected since the media uses them in their advertising as sexual objects.
  8. Women should coach women's sports teams. More than 60% of women's sports teams are led by male coaches. Why is it required?
  9. The number of black head coaches needs to increase. More possibilities ought to be offered to coaches.
  10. Women are capable of more speed and skill than men. Even when discussing a female athlete, people frequently assume that all women are weak and incapable. What steps may be taken to alter this viewpoint? You can utilize the film "She's the Man" as an illustration to show that women can play soccer just as well as men.

Topics for Sports Argumentative and Persuasive Essays and Speeches: Olympic Games

  1. What part does the national lottery play in the Olympics? Should the United States offer it?
  2. Does the nation hosting the Olympics benefit in any way? What effects does it have on society and the economy?
  3. Should the quantity of gold medals be used to define greatness? What advantages come with having more gold medals? How can sportsmen win more medals at the Olympics? What variables affect this? What should athletes and sports managers do?
  4. Can one approach the Olympics as a philosophy? Describe the Olympics. What principal principles and ideas underlie Olympicism?
  5. What advantages do the Paralympics offer? What distinguishes the Paralympics from the Olympics?
  6. The Olympics' principal objective is to maintain peace. Can the Olympics be viewed as a force for peace-keeping? How do countries and organizations use the Olympic Games to make political statements?
  7. Are the Winter Games superior to the Summer Games? Specify the justifications.
  8. Discuss the benefits of including cricket in the Summer Olympics. A number of sports are wrongfully left off the list of Olympic competitions. Choose one sport, describe it, and offer justifications for why it should be included.
  9. Did the Olympics make more sense and have greater worth in the past? Compare the attitudes and customs of ancient Greece to those of today.
  10. Who of the athletes over the last 100 years is the best? Consider an athlete whose accomplishments or willpower have impressed you. Describe this athlete's personality attributes, career path, and accomplishments.

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Sports and media coverage: Topics for persuasive and argumentative essays and speeches

  1. Is sexism increasing in media portrayals of female athletes? How is the perception of women in sports affecting female athletes? Describe how being treated as a sexual object makes female athletes less confident.
  2. Body image is significantly impacted by sports marketing. Does advertising affect both men and women equally? What impact does sports marketing have on one's sense of self?
  3. Talk about the game's manipulation by managers to draw more spectators. Can the mood of the audience be controlled and maintained throughout a losing game?
  4. Is there a link between violent behavior and sports? Do violent sports like soccer, rugby, and hockey cause a rise in crime?
  5. Does a focus on one athlete in particular suggest a lack of respect for their abilities as a whole?
  6. The media ought to cover hockey more frequently. More than two billion people around the world are lovers of hockey. How would more media attention to this type of sport be beneficial?
  7. Women's sports receive less publicity in electronic and print media than do men's sports. How can increased attendance at women's athletic events be aided by improved media coverage?
  8. There should be more media coverage of college sports. The development of athletics within the college, an improved material base, an increase in potential students, more money, etc. will all be aided by broadcasting and marketing the college athletic department.
  9. Everyone who plays sports should have their own blog. Athletes who use their phones to stream live videos draw more people to their persona.
  10. The media in the US should pay more attention to the Paralympics. The media ought to feature more motivational images that will improve the spirits of persons with disabilities and demonstrate to the world that they are just as deserving of support as regular athletes.

Sports and health: Topics for persuasive and argumentative essays and speeches

  1. The effects of rapid weight loss on an athlete's physique. Which variables put female athletes at risk? How does performance change after losing weight?
  2. Are eating disorders (bulimia or anorexia) in athletes a serious issue? Which sportspeople are more prone to eating disorders? Describe long-term weight loss, weight cycling, and chronic dieting. What actions can coaches do to stop eating disorders?
  3. Does consuming the appropriate foods make an athlete more effective? What function does a pre-game meal serve? Describe why it is crucial for athletes to eat the correct foods.
  4. Share the importance of daily exercise. From the standpoint of a sound mind in a sound body, you may support your argument. Additionally, you can discuss various sports and their advantages. Show your audience how participating in sports will improve their physical and emotional wellbeing.
  5. Physical education and a healthy diet should be emphasized in classes at schools and colleges. Since America has one of the highest obesity rates in the world, the government should encourage kids to develop healthy behaviors.
  6. Children who are physically active grow up to be more likely to be physically active adults. How can parents encourage their kids to play sports? Why is it essential?
  7. Children today have fewer opportunities to play and grow physically. Not all households can afford sports center activities or have other access issues. The government ought to designate more open spaces with grass coverings where kids can play sports like cricket, football, and soccer. Given that they permit the construction of homes on athletic fields, how can governments lower the rate of obesity?
  8. Why is muscle endurance crucial for all people? Both athletes and non-athletes require endurance in order to maintain their level of activity throughout the day. Describe the additional advantages of muscle endurance as well as how to train it.
  9. Swimming has a beneficial effect on health. Give reasons why swimming is a wise decision while taking into account situations where it is not. Mention how regular swimming might reduce any symptoms of diereses as well.
  10. Testing should be done on a young athlete before they begin strength training. When a young athlete is prepared to take part in training, explain what a strength program is and what advantages it offers.

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Ideas for Sports Argumentative and Persuasive Essay and Speech Topics: Injuries

  1. The most potentially harmful sport is BMX. Describe the most frequent BMX sports injuries and discuss whether or not they may be avoided.
  2. Athletes' mental health is impacted by injuries. How can parents and coaches lessen the likelihood of depression while accelerating the healing process?
  3. the effect of injuries on a young body's growth. Overuse injuries, which are frequent during the adolescent growth spurt and may affect subsequent development, are one example.
  4. Why are college athletes injured so frequently? Which injuries occur most frequently? What can be done to stop it? Which long-term conditions do former college athletes have?
  5. Why is stretching essential for avoiding injuries? Exercises that involve stretching help the body stay in tune by preserving regular joint motion and muscular balance. Additionally, stretching after activities reduces muscle tension.
  6. Head injuries are a problem for skiers and snowboarders. Which injuries occur most frequently in these sports? How are they to be avoided? Do athletic helmets genuinely shield wearers from harm? What are the benefits and drawbacks of wearing a helmet?
  7. Overtraining and burnout are two factors that significantly raise the risk of injury. Compared to professional athletes, many high school and college players put in more time and effort. As a result, individuals get unmotivated or simply run out of time for a difficult recovery, increasing their risk of getting hurt.
  8. basketball injury avoidance. What basketball injuries occur most frequently? What elements affect the likelihood of injury?
  9. Why does sleep affect how people heal and recover? Can a lack of sleep increase the risk of harm? What other advantages can a good night's sleep provide?
  10. The US should establish a database for sports injuries. Describe this problem from the perspective of a child's safety.

Interesting Sports Topics for Argumentative and Persuasive Sports Essays and Speeches

  1. Why is the athlete's coach such a crucial figure in their lives? An athlete's future potential is influenced by more than just their physical and mental make-up. The athlete's potential will be unlocked by the coach by means of the development of specific skills and methods.
  2. Should athletes be recognized for their participation? Inform the position that each athlete should receive a participation prize even if they don't win. How would such accolades assist athletes in maintaining their motivation? What benefits and drawbacks might there be to such a reward system?
  3. Better than American football is soccer. The most played team sport worldwide is soccer. List the benefits and drawbacks of participating in these two sports. The claim that soccer is less prone to injuries than rugby and football can be applied to young players.
  4. A fantastic alternative to the gym is Zumba exercise. Describe Zumba. What kind of audience is it intended for? Describe the benefits and drawbacks of Zumba and the gym for getting fit and healthy. What helps you lose weight more effectively?
  5. Physical activity is influenced by circadian cycles. Studies show that physiological reactions and metabolism change over time. Therefore, an effective athlete's training and performance can be facilitated by the appropriate biological rhythm.
  6. Who has been the finest player in FIFA history? Why has he risen to the top? What do you believe a player needs in order to excel?
  7. One type of sport is collecting sports cards. For many people, collecting sports cards is a fun hobby. Describe the development of sports cards.
  8. Curling shouldn't be considered a competitive sport. You can tell from the viewpoint that this sport is easygoing and doesn't require any special abilities. Identify a winter sport to contrast this one with.
  9. Who is now the top coach? Describe your own viewpoint on this matter. Give supporting details for your beliefs.
  10. Who has ever had the best team? Choose any sport you enjoy, then explain to the audience why you selected this team. You can discuss its background, accomplishments, and viewpoints.

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Sports Essay and Speech Topic Ideas for Argumentative and Persuasive Speaking: Controversial Sports Topics

  1. Baseball traditional scouting vs. advanced statistics. What advantages and disadvantages do sophisticated statistics have? Describe why baseball statistics shouldn't be impacted by the eye test.
  2. Should the draft lottery still be kept? Describe the history of the draft lottery and why it was implemented. Is it still functional? The system may it be changed?
  3. Should hockey fights take place? Describe the development of fighting in hockey throughout its history. Take into account the fact that fighting in hockey is forbidden in the Olympics and European league. Do fights have an impact on attendance? Are there any genuine advantages to fighting in hockey?
  4. More than a sport, bullfighting is an art. Describe the history of bullfighting in Spain with brevity. What risks do bullfights pose? Why is it that bullfighting is a sport?
  5. An organized sport is only a business. Even college sports are often regarded as commercial. Why did this occur?
  6. What justifies the classification of e-sports as professional sports? What exactly constitutes an e-sport? What characteristics of a true sport does it possess? What challenges exist?
  7. WWE need to be outlawed. WWE is frequently perceived as merely athletic entertainment. Despite being scripted, this is a harsh sport with many injuries. Additionally, spectator anger increases as a result of this sport.
  8. It is appropriate to classify paintball as a sport. Compared to football, this sport is less violent and destructive. It's a team game with a competitive element as well.
  9. the consumption of drugs that improve an athlete's performance. Is it necessary to enhance drug testing? Should these drugs be made legal? What impact do performance-enhancing drugs have on sportsmanship? Does using performance-enhancing drugs go against the spirit of the game?
  10. Should our taxes be used to pay for private stadiums? What benefits and drawbacks do private stadiums offer?

Additional Sports Essay and Speech Topics for Argumentative and Persuasive Writing

Coaching: Topics for an argumentative and persuasive sports essay or speech

  1. Not all talented athletes make successful coaches.
  2. Sports are not fair, but love and war are. Coaches are responsible for the athletes' health.
  3. The natural abilities of an athlete are more significant than their coach's expertise.
  4. Even successful coaches occasionally lapse in composure.
  5. Women athletes should be coached by women.

Women's rights: Good topics for persuasive essays and speeches on sports

  1. For women, bodybuilding is unacceptable.
  2. Due to preconceptions, women's boxing is less well-liked than men's boxing.
  3. Tennis players that are women may participate in the men's league.
  4. In the same sport, men and female athletes shouldn't make the same amount of money.
  5. Compared to male athletes, female athletes are more prone to injuries.

Sports Essay and Speech Topics for Argumentative and Persuasive Speaking: Mind Sports

  1. Only a strong player in chess can benefit from the first move advantage.
  2. Chess is not a time- or intelligence-waster.
  3. During live events, poker players should be permitted to wear headphones.
  4. A sport is not chess.
  5. The World Memory Championship champions ought to serve on international councils.

Ideas for Sports Argumentative and Persuasive Essay and Speech Topics: The Value of Games

  1. Benefits of regular exercise and participation in sports for teenagers with physical or emotional difficulties. Discuss the effects of various forms of exercise (fitness, swimming, running, etc.) on adolescents' moods.
  2. How can exercise impact cognitive abilities in people, and can it stave off neurodegenerative conditions like Alzheimer's? To establish your thesis, concentrate on using evidence from the research. Also, think of a novel speech topic.
  3. Regular exercise at a gym has a favorable impact on social skills in addition to one's health. You could wish to include examples from your own experience and your research in addition to concentrating on the lives of sports stars.
  4. Children's fine and gross motor skills can be enhanced through games. You should concentrate on common games played in kindergarten and primary school in your speech on this topic (for example, sketching and coloring).
  5. Games and sports can be effective tools for forging and maintaining close bonds within communities. You can talk about how yearly local championships benefit communities in your speech.

Ideas for Sports Argumentative and Persuasive Essay and Speech Topics: Injuries

  1. Injuries are more likely to happen to young athletes whose bodies are still growing. Discuss preventative techniques that parents and coaches can employ.
  2. How can a pro athlete avoid the most typical sports injuries? Review the most popular preventative measures mentioned in the news and academic studies.
  3. Exercise-related injuries are more likely when a person is dealing with psychological problems like despair and anxiety. Both personal and expert perspectives are permitted in the speech.
  4. Following an injury, both men and women require psychological rehabilitation. Use current research on mental health issues in professional athletes as evidence.
  5. Young athletes who experience trauma may experience serious long-term effects. You can concentrate on how sports affect teenage skeletal growth in this speech.
  6. Athletes' ability to control their stress can suffer as a result of sports injury. The topic of stress reduction techniques used by athletes in both their professional and personal lives can be discussed.

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Student life: Good topics for an argumentative and persuasive sports essay or speech

  1. Are essays for sports admittance required? Describe how and why entrance essays like this show the student's knowledge of the subject.
  2. Colleges should encourage the inclusion of less well-liked sports like fencing, handball, swimming, etc. You might start a lively debate with your classmates about the advantages and disadvantages of less well-known sporting disciplines.
  3. The impact of sports on a student's confidence and sense of self is favorable. This talk ought to be supported by current research and surveys that were conducted independently (if possible)
  4. Sports can cause students to perform poorly in class. Discuss the myth that collegiate athletes perform worse academically than their counterparts.
  5. High school sports fans' attitudes toward drug and alcohol use. Use current examples from the media to demonstrate the impact that drugs and alcohol have on college students and fans as a whole.

Ideas for Sports Argumentative and Persuasive Essay and Speech Topics: Health

  1. Professional athletes should be aware of overtraining syndrome. Describe the harm that perfectionism causes to professionals.
  2. Getting fit can help people with mental problems feel better psychologically. Cite examples from the studies to demonstrate how exercise controls anxiety and mood swings.
  3. Green training and the environment are crucial components of good training. The current trend of green activity and the value of the outdoors and nature for good exercise must be the main points of the speech.
  4. Sports are about participation and teamwork, not about competition. Discuss the effects of cooperative games on people's social bonds.
  5. A change in lifestyle can halt the progression of both physical and mental illnesses. Give some examples of how exercise can be utilized to prevent and treat conditions including type II diabetes, obesity, and more.

This is an incomplete collection of sports-related persuasive speech topics. Did you realize that there are currently over 8000 different sports and athletic events? This implies that there are countless topics for discussion. You are welcome to look into additional sports-related subjects to use in persuasive essays or to construct excellent instructive speeches. Stand apart from the pack if overused topics for persuasive speeches, such as the use of steroids in sports, are driving you crazy.

A collection of sports-related ideas for Argumentative and Persuasive Essay, Speech and research will help you be more productive. Choose only those subjects that you are passionate in and that help you gain a deeper grasp of a problem. A compelling subject will inspire you to create a persuasive speech that you can successfully present to your audience. Make sure your audience will find the issue intriguing before choosing it, and that you will have adequate time to conduct in-depth study.

Pick one of these novel sports Argumentative and Persuasive Essay, Speech and research ideas to persuade your audience and get great marks.

And what if you have to write an essay rather than a speech?


Simply choose one of the aforementioned questions to employ for your sports Argumentative and Persuasive Essay, Speech and research topic.

Remember that you are not alone in the writing process; our seasoned writers are always there and prepared to assist you at any point, from idea generation through editing.

It is now time to begin! Simply decide on the subject of your dreams, then begin influencing people's opinions.



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