Reading Assignment Questions: Week 3 and Week 6

By Editorial Team May 09, 2022

Reading Assignment Questions: Week 3 and Week 6

Week 3 Reading Assignment Questions

Provide substantive answers in your own words (as best as you can) to the following questions. Youmust provide page number references for where you got your answers from the texts. Remember to lookover the Reading Assignment Rubric before answering the questions:

  1. In Alasdair MacIntyre’s piece, what are the four problems in the way modern society is structured?
  2. In light of these problems, how does MacIntyre suggest that his example of a community planning tobuild a school is revolutionary?
  3. Briefly list the main problems Martha Nussbaum gives for each of the three different approaches to distribution—the resource-based approaches, the preference-based approaches, and rights-basedapproaches.
  4. In the piece by Carolyn Merchant, what was the “organic worldview” prior to our modern times andwhat kinds of ethical relations to the earth did it foster?
  5. According to Merchant, describe the energy sources and ultimate purpose of production in the organic worldview of premodern economies and then describe what kind of production replaced it—according to its differing energy sources and ultimate purpose—as trade expanded throughoutmodern Western Europe?
  6. In Julia Ott’s piece what was the importance of the category of “chattel” that allowed for capitalaccumulation to expand at an unprecedented rate?
  7. Prior to racialized ideologies on the basis of skin color how does Ott characterize social relationsbetween African slaves and poor European wage workers and why did this relationship become aproblem for the ruling class? What does she suggest as to when, how, and why racial ideologieswere constructed and implemented within capitalist colonization?


Week 6 Reading Assignment Questions

Provide substantive answers to all 7 of the following questions regarding the three readings by Shaw,Desmond, and Hanauer. Some questions will require you to provide further evaluations based on yourknowledge so far of the three ethical theories:

  1. At the very beginning of chapter 4 what does William Shaw say is the defining nature of capitalism (bespecific—it’s also in the Launchpad and Lecture notes)?
  2. What is it about the “profit motive” that Shaw suggests is so unique to capitalism, and why do you think it is such a recent historical phenomenon? Which of the three ethical frameworks naturally acceptsthe profit motive?
  3. What are some of the dominant presuppositions about human nature within capitalism that Shaw indicates? Do you think these presuppositions leave out other key aspects that define our humanity, andwhat might they be?
  4. List some of the key ways that slavery, according to the article by Desmond, played a central definingrole in the emergence of capitalism and the modernization of industry, business practices, andmanagement in the West?
  5. Why does Desmond claim that slavery was not merely an outdated holdover from a previous era butan essential ingredient to our modern capitalist system?
  6. What does Desmond say is the significance of W. E. B. Du Bois's notion of slavery's "public andpsychological wage" on how American's defined freedom?
  7. In the article on the racial wealth gap Angela Hanks and Danyelle Solomon refer to the need for a“targeted universalism” (as formulated by john a. powell ( rather than an abstract universalism in order to do justice to the issues of racial inequality.What do they mean by this qualifier of “targeted”? And out of the three ethical paradigms which one doyou think would address this need the best? (Be sure to consult the brief summary of the different viewson justice from the Week 5 launchpad page as well as the quick summary at the bottom of this Week'slaunchpad)



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