Professional Dispositions Statement

By Editorial Team Last updated: Jan 20, 2022

Professional Dispositions Statement

Complete the “Professional Dispositions Assessment” below to inform your “Professional Dispositions Statement.”



Professional Dispositions Assessment

Indicate your level of agreement with each statement listed below using the response scale of 1-5. Use this assessment to inform your Professional Dispositions Statement.

1 = Strongly Disagree    2 = Disagree    3 = Undecided    4 = Agree    5 = Strongly Agree

Professional Dispositions Criteria






I believe a teacher must use a variety of instructional strategies to optimize student learning.






I understand that students learn in many different ways.






I demonstrate qualities of humor, empathy, and warmth.






I am a thoughtful and responsive listener.






I assume responsibility when working with others.






I believe that all students can learn.






I believe it is important to involve all students in learning.






I believe the classroom environment a teacher creates greatly affects students' learning and development.






I view teaching as an important profession.






I understand that teachers’ expectations affect student learning.






I view teaching as a collaborative effort among educators.






I understand that students have certain needs that must be met before learning can take place.






I am sensitive to student differences.






I communicate caring, concern, and a willingness to become involved with others.






I am punctual and reliable in my attendance.






I maintain a professional appearance.






I believe it is my job to create a learning environment conducive to the development of students’ self-confidence and competence.






I respect the cultures of all students and am sensitive to cultural norms.






I honor my commitments.






I treat students with dignity and respect at all times.






I am willing to receive feedback and assessment of my teaching.






I am patient when working with students.






I am open to adjusting and revising my plans to meet student needs.






I communicate in ways that demonstrate respect for the feelings, ideas, and contributions of others.






I believe it is important to learn about students and their communities.







In 250-500 words, write a reflection that addresses the following:

  • Your personal professional disposition statement.
  • How your self-assessment supports your professional dispositions statement.
  • Reflects on how you have grown in your professional dispositions throughout your program of study, supported by specific examples.
  • Discuss the connection between professional dispositions and the Model Code of Ethics.
  • Steps you will take to improve where necessary.

This assignment uses a rubric. Review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

Submit both the professional dispositions statement and assessment.



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