How important is it for a Texas governor to possess charisma?

By Editorial Team Last updated: Nov 05, 2022

How important is it for a Texas governor to possess charisma?


How important is it for a Texas governor to possess charisma? Do you believe charisma is more or less useful in a state with a plural executive versus one a stronger, more centralized executive office and what is your reasoning? How has the current governor of Texas used charisma to push and their agenda and provide specific examples. Was the governor successful?


Charisma is someone’s capability to engage, influence, or inspire devotion in others. Firstly, the Texas governor needs to be charismatic since one of the primary goals of a leader is to inspire others to attain their objectives by instilling significant levels of self-discipline, trust, and satisfaction. Secondly, a charismatic leader is effective, a requirement the Texas governor should satisfy to allocate resources to the state’s residents equally. Lastly, charisma enables the governor to communicate effectively, ensuring that statements are clear and understandable by the public. Charisma is helpful in a state with a plural executive like Texas. In such a government, the governor’s powers are limited. One of the benefits of charisma is the ability to influence and inspire others and communicate the state’s vision. Hence, since power is distributed amongst other government officials, its essential for the government to have the charisma to share, inspire and influence the team to achieve the milestones and goals or uphold the manifesto. The current Texas governor, Greg Abbott, has applied charisma to ensure that the state’s economy improves continuously. For instance, it is through charisma that he has engaged stakeholders to create about 500,000 new employment opportunities. Besides, he has waived $250 million in professional fees hindering many citizens from joining the workforce (Issues). The governor has successfully used charisma to create a path for the prosperity of Texas.

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