H400A1 Outline and Annotated Bibliography

By Editorial Team Jan 27, 2022

H400A1 Outline and Annotated Bibliography

H400A1 Outline and Annotated Bibliography

Write a double-spaced, one to two-page outline covering your approach and answer to the argumentative essay topic question, including the thesis, major points, and supporting points of evidence. You must also submit a one-page annotated bibliography of sources that you plan to consult for the paper. The outline is due by COB on 7 February 2022.

Paragraph “c” below lists the topic for this essay. The graded requirement will be a sentence outline of no more than two double-spaced pages in length. The outline will include an attention step, thesis statement, major points of evidence, and conclusion. This requirement is pass/fail. See Annex E for instructions on creating a sentence outline and annotated bibliography. Your instructor will return your outline with comments on how to improve your argument and evaluate the sources. You must attach this to your argumentative essay when you turn in that requirement. Failure to complete a passing outline will result in the essay grade being reduced ten (10) points (a full letter grade).

H400A2 Argumentative Essay

  • Write a double spaced, 10-12 page argumentative essay on the topic in section “c” below. For those officers that have applied for and been granted authorization to opt-out of the CGSOC MOS program, and with SGA and team leader approval, the requirement is a double spaced-3-5 page argumentative essay on the topic in section “c” below. Regardless of page length, all essays are due by COB 7 March 2022.
  • The essay will include documentation in the form of endnotes or footnotes (but not in-text citations). See Annex A for endnote and footnote formats.
  • You are expected to research and develop your topic throughout the length of the H400 block. The expectation is graduate level work and developing an argument supported by evidence. Use of the library to research your topic is encouraged.
  • Attach the graded outline with your instructor’s comments to your submitted essay. Keep in mind that while you may discuss the implications of the essay topic for today’s military, this is a history paper, not just an opinion piece. You will be assessed on your ability to analyze and use history as a tool for informing professional judgment.
  • The argumentative essay will conform to the writing standards found in the annexes of the H400 Syllabus and Book of Readings.

If you fail to turn in your H400 essay on the due date assigned, you will lose ten (10) points (a full letter grade) for each day the assignment is late.

Argumentative Essay Topic Question:


  1. How well suited was the American Way of War for fighting the limited wars that the nation has fought since 1945? What are the implications of your answer for today’s military professionals?
  2. Despite the United States’ economic, technological and military advantages, why did it have an uneven record of victory since 1941? What are the implications of your answer for today’s military professionals?
  3. How successful has the US military been at learning from history since 1945?




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