Examples of Women’s Rights Topics and Ideas for Essays and Discussions

By Editorial Team Sep 02, 2021

Examples of Women’s Rights Topics and Ideas for Essays and Discussions

Human rights include women's rights! Says Amnesty International

We are all entitled to human rights. These rights include the freedom from violence and discrimination; the right to the best possible physical and mental health; the right to an education; the right to own property; the right to vote; and the right to an equal salary.

The following list of women's rights topics is intended to help students choose the ideal topic for their paper. Simply look through the following lists and pick the one that interests you the most!

Women's Rights Controversial Issues

  • Women’s rights in the 1950s and 1960s.
  • Should laws in Saudi Arabia be amended to enhance women's rights in terms of driving freedom, clothing code, and interactions with men?
  • Women's rights during the Iranian Revolution (1978-1979).
  • 1865 was a watershed moment for women's rights.
  • Should women's rights be adopted due of the salary disparity between men and women, as well as violence against women and the lack of rights for women?
  • Women's rights in the Victorian era and today
  • Men who campaigned for the rights of women.
  • Women’s rights throughout history.
  • Muslim women’s rights in the Islamic world.
  • What impact has the passage of women's rights had on Canada?
  • Why is it that adherence to the ideal of gender equality enshrined in the EU member states' constitutions continues to be a problem?
  • The relationship between women's rights and child rearing and household management.
  • What is the reason behind the income disparity between men and women?
  • Why is the proportion of women in European company and institution leadership lower than that of men, and why is it small on a worldwide scale? Only 3% of the Fortune 500 firms are led by women.
  • Why is physical violence against women, especially domestic violence, still a global issue?
  • Existence of stereotypes, as well as traditional cultural and religious conventions and ideologies that minimize women's role.
  • In practically every aspect of life, how do women and girls suffer discrimination and violations of their rights?
  • The relationship between women's rights and domestic violence and workplace harassment.
  • The relationship between women's rights and sexism, gender stereotypes, and advertising objectification.
  • The relationship between female circumcision and early marriage and women's rights.
  • Why is it so difficult to protect women's rights in all countries?
  • Why do so few individuals see the necessity of advancing women's rights?

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Topics for Women's Rights Speeches

  • Women's rights for Aboriginal women in Canada
  • During the French Revolution, men's and women's rights were fought for.
  • Hillary Clinton delivers a speech on women's rights.
  • Iran's women's rights
  • Women's rights are being violated.
  • Egypt's women's rights
  • Did Iran's women's rights suffer as a result of the Islamic Revolution?
  • Kuwaiti women's rights
  • In the French Revolutionary Declaration, women's rights are pitted against men's rights.
  • A century of fighting for women's rights.
  • As a day of women's unity in the battle for equal rights and independence, International Women's Day is observed on March 8th.
  • What can activists do to help women gain better access to their rights?
  • Why should we fight for the rights of women?
  • In which countries has gender equality been achieved?
  • Why are so many barriers to women's rights still in place in areas such as law and culture?
  • Why is violence against women and girls one of the most common and difficult to eliminate human rights violations in the modern world?
  • The relationship between a woman's rights and her partner's violence (beating, killing women, psychological abuse).
  • The relationship between women's rights and sexual harassment (rape, cyberbullying, street harassment).
  • The relationship between human trafficking and women's rights.
  • The relationship between female genital mutilation and women's rights.


Women's Rights Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Women's rights in the modern Middle East
  • To what extent were the suffragettes responsible for the most significant achievements in women's rights in England between 1903 and 1980?
  • You must watch the film "Suffragette" and then write an essay in response to the following question: "How are working-class people marginalized, excluded, or silenced in the film?"
  • Was it appropriate for the suffragettes to employ violence?
  • Confronting all types of discrimination against women and girls.
  • How to raise awareness and increase activities in favour of gender equality and women's empowerment.
  • Why is it that respect for women's rights continues to be a problem that is viewed and addressed differently in different countries?
  • Gender equality is enshrined in Germany's Basic Law. But why is it that the problem persists?
  • Why are women's rights still being abused in many nations around the world, and why is gender equality a problem that is ignored?
  • What are the differences in the degree to which women's rights and freedoms are violated from country to country?
  • Why are women and girls still marginalized, why do they work longer hours, make less money, and have less options, and why do they face violence in public and at home?
  • Why is there a genuine threat of a reversal of feminists' hard-won victories?
  • Why are women discriminated against in almost all cultures and sectors of work, both legally and practically?
  • The relationship between women's rights and discrimination in the home, society, and the workplace.
  • Discrimination against women's causes and repercussions.
  • Women's rights have an impact on child marriages.
  • How does International Women's Day allow us to reflect on our achievements, ask for major reforms, and honor the bravery of ordinary women who have made significant contributions to their countries' histories?
  • What are some of the world's most significant achievements in the field of women's rights?
  • Why is it that one in every three women is still a victim of gender-based violence?
  • To attain full equality, what modifications in women's rights need be implemented?


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