Effective Communication 6.1 & 6.2

By Editorial Team Last updated: Feb 15, 2022

Effective Communication 6.1 & 6.2

Effective Communication 6.1


You have been a correctional officer for the past ten years and are fond of tattoos. You have several different tattoos that you have acquired over the past few years. Recently, there is a new warden in the facility. He is old school and dislikes tattoos. Next week, he is coming out with a new tattoo policy banning tattoos from being visible outside the sleeves of your uniform. Those that have them already are ineligible for promotion because the warden thinks it sets a bad example. As the minority group of correctional officers (those with tattoos), you all find this unfair. 


Effective Communication 6.2

Groupthink "is an internal group control phenomenon that results when groups are extremely cohesive."

  • Think of a time at work or research an example of groupthink.
  • What happened during this time, and what were the results?
  • What was learned from the closed-minded actions of those in the group?




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