Benjamin Franklin Essay Topics

By Editorial Team Sep 02, 2021

Benjamin Franklin Essay Topics

Significant personalities have had an incalculable impact on history, as their brilliant brains and boundless energy shaped some of its most pivotal moments. Benjamin Franklin was a prominent patriot, statesman, writer, journalist, and brave innovator, and he is an excellent example of such a figure. His contribution to scientific progress is unquestionable. This article is a list of the best Benjamin Franklin topics. Each of these will assist you in writing a fantastic essay.

Essay Topics on Benjamin Franklin's Autobiography

  1. The publication history of "Benjamin Franklin's Autobiography."
  2. Franklin's personal biography and America's history have parallels.
  3. In "The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin," the author discusses balancing ego and humility.
  4. Benjamin Franklin's autobiography recounts major events from his youth.
  5. Franklin's religious beliefs, according to his memoirs.
  6. The characteristics of the American colony's middle class are depicted in "Benjamin Franklin's Autobiography."
  7. Benjamin Franklin's writings reflect the concepts of the Enlightenment.
  8. Franklin's autobiography depicts the lessons he learnt throughout his life.
  9. In his autobiography, Franklin recounts his childhood escapades.
  10. In “The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin,” the issue of error and correction is explored.
  11. In the autobiography, the term "Errata" has a specific significance.
  12. Definition of the American Dream in Benjamin Franklin's autobiography.


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Topics for an Argumentative Benjamin Franklin Essay

  1. Was Franklin's contribution to the drafting of the Declaration of Independence significant?
  2. The role of Benjamin Franklin in the early American Revolutionary War discussions with France.
  3. In what Enlightenment ideals did Franklin believe?
  4. Which of Franklin's inventions had the greatest impact on society?
  5. What notable scientists had the most influence on Franklin's thinking, and why?
  6. Which of Franklin's decisions during the American Revolution influenced the most people?
  7. Why is Benjamin Franklin's "The Way to Wealth" one of his most widely published works?
  8. What about “The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin” appeals to me the most?
  9. Would Franklin have gotten the Nobel Prize if it had been awarded during his lifetime?
  10. What would Franklin's policies have been if he had been elected President of the United States?
  11. The position of Benjamin Franklin on slavery.
  12. Benjamin Franklin's political ideas, in my opinion.
  13. What can we take out from Franklin's blunders?


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Benjamin Franklin Research Paper Topics

  1. Franklin's childhood and adolescence.
  2. The most well-known innovations of Benjamin Franklin.
  3. Franklin's first few years as a business owner.
  4. The Pennsylvania Chronicle's criticisms of the British monarchy
  5. The role of Benjamin Franklin as a founding father.
  6. Franklin's role in the military.
  7. Franklin's civic leadership role.
  8. The family and personal life of Benjamin Franklin.
  9. Franklin's contribution to the American Revolutionary War.
  10. Benjamin Franklin's contribution to science is well-known.
  11. Franklin's latter years
  12. The legacy of Benjamin Franklin.
  13. As an emblem of American civilisation, Benjamin Franklin is revered.
  14. Benjamin Franklin's portrayal in modern films.
  15. Franklin's contribution to the advancement of education.


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