Assignment 1 and 2

By Editorial Team May 09, 2022

Assignment 1 and 2

Assignment 1

Write the ONE big idea you get from each unit resource in a minimum of half a page for EACH idea using the provided compendium template, ensuring the following:

1)  In-text citation with brackets for each resource.

2)  Alphabetically ordered complete References listings.


Marquardt et al. (2018). Chapter 2.File 

Marquardt et al. (2018). Chapter 3.File 


Assignment 2

Assignment 2: Servant Leadership

For this assignment, you will write a reflection paper on Northouse’s Chapter 10, Servant Leadership.

1) Define Servant Leadership in your own words and give 3 examples of leaders that you feel demonstrate Servant Leadership principles. Justify your examples with evidence.

 2) Describe a moment in your life where you have experienced Servant Leadership. You could be the leader or the follower in the example. How did servant leadership principles affect your motivations and your effort?

3) You have become manager of the TWU collegium. You have 12 volunteer staff and 3 pay stipend staff that you manage. How would you use servant leadership principles to encourage those staff members to provide caring service to the customers?


FILE NAME: YourNames_Assignment#.docx

600 Words, double-spaced.

Please include a Title Page and References page.

Must be APA 7.

Make sure to use correct APA in-text citations for paraphrased ideas and quoted text.



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