99 Exemplary Topic Ideas for Proposal Essays in 2023

By Editorial Team Last updated: Oct 11, 2023

99 Exemplary Topic Ideas for Proposal Essays in 2023

The objective of proposal essay is to suggest an idea and to present evidence or arguments to persuade readers that the concept is either excellent or terrible. Consider yourself a salesperson; your objective is to persuade the consumer to purchase a car, jewelry, or other item. The product in this situation is your concept, and the client is the professor. If you've never written a proposal essay before, you may feel insecure, believing that you'll never be able to pull it off. Not so quickly! With a few easy ideas and approach advice, you can successfully finish this task. Additionally, you can get college essay examples on our website! Therefore, let us begin!

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Your proposal essay should include the following:

To consistently write a high-quality proposal essay, simply follow this basic outline:

  • Introduction - gives background information and critical elements that the reader should be aware of before proceeding to the subsequent sections. The introduction must grab the reader's interest and entice him or her to continue reading the article. Not to be forgotten, the final sentence of the introduction serves as a thesis statement.
  • A proposal, or statement of intent. In general, this is a brief part in which you enlighten the reader about your proposal, i.e. the idea you want them to adopt. Ensure that this part does not contain information on how you intend to implement the idea.
  • Action plan - in this section, you must explain how you intend to carry out the proposal. What will you undertake to demonstrate to the reader the validity of your proposal? This is the portion in which you must persuade the reader to accept your beliefs. Use a distinct paragraph for each plan of action or piece of proof.
  • Conclusion — summarize the main ideas in a conclusion and, if applicable, include a call to action. Ensure that you do not incorporate new information in the conclusion, as this would require extensive elaboration, which is not possible in a paragraph-length part.

Guidelines for writing a proposal essay

Conduct extensive investigation to elicit as many details as feasible.

  • All of your assertions, i.e. ideas, should be backed up with evidence.
  • Utilize only trusted sources; avoid blog postings and unreliable websites.
  • Cite all sources that you consult in order to avoid plagiarism.
  • Demonstrate your linguistic abilities and avoid using certain words excessively.
  • Avoid slang and colloquial language.
  • Rather of adding a slew of inadequately articulated concepts, limit yourself to about 4 that you will thoroughly develop.

However, what if your professor permits you to determine the title of your proposal essay? What are your options then?

Not to worry; you'll discover some fantastic suggestions below.

99 Exemplary Topic Ideas for Proposal Essays

Regardless of how your lecturer or instructor describes it, writing a proposal essay is not as difficult as it may appear. The primary objective of essay writing is to conduct research and select an engaging topic. You're sure to discover something that's right for you in the list of topics below, which has been organized for our readers by category.


Education is a complex subject with several issues and answers; old views clash with new ones. Someone may want to increase kids' opportunities and prospects, while another may place a premium on treating instructors properly. You are free to take a position and investigate these issues.

  1. How can we increase funding and airtime for educational television series about science?
  2. Why is it necessary to study foreign languages in school?
  3. What can be done to increase students' reading comprehension other than shouting out terms that they do not understand?
  4. At school, the most successful inventors were labeled as erroneous thinkers. They were later recognized as risk-taking pioneers. Therefore, should a teacher allow students to fail and learn from their mistakes?
  5. While the existing student grading system is faulty, it can be improved through the use of these strategies.
  6. What grading system should be used for students?
  7. How can parents, teachers, and the larger society encourage more youngsters to seek a science education?
  8. How can teachers enhance their sexual education classes?
  9. How can teachers detect bullying in their classrooms?
  10. How might foreign language instruction be improved?


It is not a coincidence that we often hear the old adage “a healthy mind in a healthy body.” Despiet itbeing the greatest phrases of all time, the growth of chain restaurants and youngsters beginning to consume alcohol and tobacco at a younger age, writing an essay about health is a significant move.

  1. How can we combat childhood obesity?
  2. How can parents ensure that their children develop sound life values?
  3. How can we reduce teenage smoking rates?
  4. How can the country achieve universal access to adequate health care for all citizens?
  5. How can children be convinced to abstain from drug experimentation?
  6. Can the use of antidepressants exacerbate suicidal behavior? Should it be restricted or prohibited?
  7. What should be done to enhance cancer research funding?
  8. What is the most effective approach to avoid drunk driving fatalities?
  9. Birth abnormalities are considerably more likely to occur in test-tube newborns. Should couples consider adoption over in-vitro fertilization?
  10. What would constitute an effective program aimed at reducing illegal drug use?

Student way of life

As a student, these things may become the most relevant. They will be the simplest to write, and you may even draw on personal experience. Raising concerns that your peers can connect to will ensure the success of your proposal.

  1. What can be done to ensure that middle and high school pupils receive a more balanced education?
  2. What are the strategies for reducing teenage alcohol use?
  3. How can parents motivate their children to participate in more extracurricular activities?
  4. How can children of divorced parents be coached on how to succeed academically, develop successful lives and marriages, and maintain healthy relationships?
  5. How can parents assist their children in avoiding or dealing with school bullying?
  6. What can parents do to safeguard their children against peer pressure?
  7. What is the most effective method for teaching youngsters responsibility?
  8. What is the most effective method of kid discipline?
  9. What can teachers do to strike a balance between engaging students and ceding control and influence to them?
  10. What is the most effective method for enforcing and improving parental involvement in child education?

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Environmental issues are discussed everywhere nowadays, making this list particularly relevant to today's readership. You can incorporate a substantial quantity of recent research into your essay, resulting in a well-thought-out piece.

  1. What can an ordinary citizen do to help battle global climate change? What can be done by the government?
  2. To change the world, one must first change oneself. What can you do to contribute to the environment's well-being?
  3. Should the dairy and meat sectors be prohibited from exploitation of animals? Is veganism the only way to ensure animal rights are protected?
  4. What can be done about outmoded ways of life?
  5. What can we do to help prevent teen pregnancy?
  6. What changes should be made to sex education courses to help reduce teen pregnancy?
  7. While vegans demand that others respect their choices, why are they unable to appreciate another's? What tactics might be effective in resolving this issue?
  8. Should laws prohibiting dog bites be more specific? For instance, should pit bulls be prohibited or should more emphasis be placed on dog owner education?
  9. What is the best answer to the plastic bag problem?
  10. How can countries promote the use of bicycles for short distance travel?


The widespread use of technology and the Internet has had a profound effect on society and the present generation, transforming it into the most progressive in history. This subject has a variety of possible topics, providing a student with a variety of options.

  1. How can people wean themselves off technology?
  2. How should children be taught to use the Internet responsibly?
  3. How to safeguard yourself and your identity online.
  4. How can businesses and individuals increase the security of critical information online?
  5. How can parents and educators effectively assist in the elimination of cyberbullying?
  6. Cybercrime issues and how they might be prevented.
  7. Are library technological upgrades beneficial to student research?
  8. Is wireless technology more cost-effective than wired technology?
  9. Do you believe that instructors in the United States rely excessively on technology?
  10. Is technology advancing at a breakneck pace at the expense of society?


We're getting near to a health-related subject. Sport has a significant role in modern life, and disputes and drama give a topic of conversation for every fan.

  1. Should college athletes receive compensation? How can schools manage the interplay of education, athletics, and business more effectively?
  2. How can coaches take athlete encouraging to a whole new level?
  3. How can coaches and players communicate with the media following a loss?
  4. Should steroid use be permitted and monetized rather than prohibited?
  5. Is it possible for the media to do a better job covering sports on television? Which sports, if any, should be shared?
  6. Should it be obligatory for players selected for a team to prepare for future injuries and inability to play? How about pensions?
  7. Should all forms of hunting be forbidden by law?
  8. Should extreme recreational activities be prohibited?
  9. The benefits of everyday exercise and sports for adolescents who have physical or emotional difficulties. How do various activities (fitness, swimming, and jogging, for example) affect adolescents' moods?
  10. Can experienced gamers be called professional athletes in cybersport?


Culture encompasses more than modern lives and traditions. It is reasonable to include bullying, prejudice, intolerance, and more serious issues such as racism or fascism. You must exercise caution, as all of these subjects are highly delicate.

  1. Contrast the culture of bread and circus with traditional family values.
  2. There are numerous ways for parents to ensure their child treats others with respect.
  3. How can parents instill in their children a sense of humility rather than entitlement?
  4. How can the government or the broader society address homelessness in the United States?
  5. How can the government decrease the incidence of discrimination against ethnic minorities?
  6. How can we foster a more tolerant culture in the United States of America?
  7. Intolerant behavior results in unstable, racist, and fascist behavior. Diverse efforts are being taken to put an end to those actions.
  8. Risky actions are lauded, while morality is deemed obsolete and intolerable. How to alter the course of events?
  9. These days, there are so many experts and so much poor conduct among children. Measures to be taken to rectify the situation
  10. What can be done about the media's moral decline?


Without a doubt, business culture is consuming the world today, introducing numerous challenges and concerns into daily life and establishing false expectations. Everyone is already active in business, whether as a business owner with a large factory or as a customer at your neighborhood grocery store.

  1. What policies should be enacted to safeguard small enterprises against economic hardship?
  2. What are the remedies to the erosion of trust that has contributed to the American corporate sector's decline?
  3. How to assist independent businesses and keep them from being annihilated by large chains.
  4. Should the customer have the right to denounce corporations that deceive consumers?
  5. What can be done to alleviate unemployment?
  6. How can parents most effectively teach their children about money?
  7. What efforts should be taken to keep qualified teachers in the classroom?
  8. Employees should be allowed to use their personal email accounts at work. Should emails be kept private?
  9. What is the solution to youth unemployment?
  10. Is bankruptcy a necessary option?

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Your unique perspective on historical events is worth sharing. You can choose an intriguing topic from the list below or personalize it to your liking by making it about your country or city.

  1. How did strong female leaders such as Jeanne d'Arc contribute to society's development?
  2. A primer on the Paleolithic Period, including the evolution of society, fishing, hunting and gathering, and scavenging.
  3. A chronology of the major historical events that shaped modern society.
  4. Would the outcome of WWII have been better if the opposing side had won?
  5. How did the end of slavery impact the United States? How did its influence compare to that of other countries?
  6. What effect did Karl Marx have on society? How were his writings misappropriated by a variety of ostensibly communist parties, movements, uprisings, and nations?
  7. What circumstances precipitated the Roman Empire's demise?
  8. Did the 1960s hippie culture mainstream drug use throughout the world?
  9. The impact of Roman society's gender roles.


Choose themes that are pertinent to the country in which you are presently residing. You can investigate ways to improve your city's political status; you can also attempt to generate interest in a new revolutionary notion.

  1. What policies should be implemented to avert the next economic crisis?
  2. What changes could be made to improve the voting system's effectiveness?
  3. What can be done to deter foreign governments and political parties from interfering with US elections?
  4. Is espionage law an infringement on free speech? Should it be prohibited or strengthened?
  5. How can the government handle illegal immigration more effectively?
  6. How can the government improve the effectiveness of poverty, Medicaid, and Social Security?
  7. Measures to be taken to improve the lives of US veterans.
  8. Should all convicts have voting rights, or should only those on probation and those who have completed their sentences have voting privileges?
  9. What measures should be taken to reduce the national debt?
  10. Should people be able to purchase so many items on credit? What can be done to combat the debt culture?

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Visual arts and music

This list comprises the most wide and diversified topics that are mostly focused on hobbies that are simple and enjoyable to write about. If you're looking for an easy topic, consider writing an essay about art and music.

  1. Should the government invest in developing musicians and artists through money and grants?
  2. Separately, discuss the benefits of art to society and to individuals.
  3. Which contemporary artists and musicians have had the most influence on your life? Justify their significance.
  4. Does rap music have an effect on the behavior of contemporary teenagers? Is there a difference between 90s rap and modern rap in terms of social messages?
  5. What impact did the emergence of 1980s music have on American history?
  6. The post-1945 evolution of the film industry that shaped the modern era.
  7. Was cinema's New Wave movement revolutionary?
  8. The invasion of the US market by British music has had an effect on American music.
  9. The fashion transition from the 1950s to the 1960s.
  10. Is Patrick Hughes's "Darkness Falls" artwork unique?

In conclusion ...

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When writing a proposal essay, your objective is to suggest a few ideas about a certain subject, develop them, and persuade readers to embrace them. Consider yourself as a salesperson attempting to persuade a consumer to make a purchase. To practice, use the title suggestions above. Additionally, you can read an essay that discusses connecting ideas!


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